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Robison, John, 1739-1805 (professor of natural philosophy, University of Edinburgh)


Found in 54 Collections and/or Records:

Outlines of Mechanical Philosophy (notes taken at lectures given by John Robison)

Identifier: Coll-1370
Scope and Contents Heavily annotated Outlines of Mechanical Philosophy with inserts, bearing extensive manual revisions from as late as 1803.
Dates: 1780-1803

Papers of Joseph Black and family

Identifier: Coll-16
Scope and Contents 5 boxes of correspondence between himself and a variety of individuals (including James Watt, Prince Paul Dashkov, John Robison) and on a variety of subjects: linen bleaching, use of lime water, assays of ores, civic water supply, mineralogical specimens, absorption of heat etc 1 box of family letters between Black, his father and his brothers Samuel, George and Thomas ...
Dates: 1746-1799

Pendulums,, c1780-c1803

Identifier: Coll-204/27
Scope and Contents Volume contains manuscript notes on pendulums and related machinery in clocks. Numerous diagrams intersperse, some of them quite grand. At the rear of the volume are several essays on projectiles.
Dates: c1780-c1803

Physical Astronomy, c1804

Identifier: Coll-204/30
Scope and Contents Volume consists of lecture notes in astronomy.
Dates: c1804

Physical Astronomy, c1780-c1803

Identifier: Coll-204/34
Scope and Contents Volume contains manuscript notes on physical astronomy, which is to say, the governing laws of planetary motion, with numerous diagrams and tables.
Dates: c1780-c1803

Pneumatics, c1780-c1803

Identifier: Coll-204/37
Scope and Contents Volume contains manuscript notes on pneumatics, much space devoted to pumps in particular. Numerous good diagrams intersperse.
Dates: c1780-c1803

Pneumatics, Gunpowder, c1780-c1802

Identifier: Coll-204/8
Scope and Contents Notes, in English and occasional Russian, on the physics of air, principally pressure differentials and sound propagation. Topics include a lengthy discussion of the function and gross anatomy of the ear, barometrical measurement of height; published chart of comparative altitudes of famous mountain peaks, and the overall constitution of the atmosphere. The second half of the volume covers ballistics, mostly: diagrams, calculations, and records of artillery trials. A short, unrelated section at...
Dates: c1780-c1802

Rotation, Philosphy, c1780-c1803

Identifier: Coll-204/12
Scope and Contents Volume contains lecture notes, with only one or two diagrams, of the physics of rotating bodies, and of the nature of physics itself.
Dates: c1780-c1803

Sounds, c1780-c1803

Identifier: Coll-204/15
Scope and Contents Volume contains manuscript notes on the science of acoustics. Special topics include ear trumpets and the tuning of instruments. Two or three diagrams attend.
Dates: c1780-c1803

Space, Time, Motion, Stability, c1780-c1803

Identifier: Coll-204/16
Scope and Contents Volume contains manuscript notes on the geometry of motion and stasis; numerous diagrams attend.
Dates: c1780-c1803