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Thomson, Godfrey Hilton, Sir, 1881-1955 (psychologist and Bell Professor of Education, University of Edinburgh)


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7 (38), Thomson to Ledermann, 10 Feb 1938

Identifier: Coll-1064/40
Scope and Contents

Thomson asks Ledermann to investigate a matter regarding the centering of a matrix of marks which he reproduces in the letter.

Dates: 10 Feb 1938

7 (39), Ledermann to Thomson, 24 Aug 1939

Identifier: Coll-1064/87
Scope and Contents

Thomson tells Ledermann he is glad Dr Comrie [?] is interested in the work referred to in his previous letters regarding children born in Scotland on the 1st of Feb, May, Aug, and Nov of 1926, but mentions again that errors in the original calculations mean the further calculations to be undertaken will have to be postponed.

Dates: 24 Aug 1939

8 (37), Thomson to Ledermann, 8 Jul 1937

Identifier: Coll-1064/6
Scope and Contents

Thomson asks Ledermann to meet him at the Thackeray Hotel in London. He suggests further publications for Ledermann to read, particularly in relation to matrix methods, including publications by G Udny Yule, R A Fisher, and T L Kelley.

Dates: 8 Jul 1937

8 (38) Thomson to Ledermann, 15 Jan 1938-12 Feb 1938

Identifier: Coll-1064/41
Scope and Contents Contains three letters, largely unrelated. In the first letter, dated 15 Jan 1938 and numbered 8a (38), Thomson informs Ledermann that his [Thomson's] manuscript regarding univariate selection has been sent back to him by F C Bartlett, as the publisher requires it typed, and advises him that his own manuscript has likely been sent back for the same reason. In the second letter, dated 17 Jan 1938 and numbered 8b (38), Thomson asks...
Dates: 15 Jan 1938-12 Feb 1938

8 (39), Thomson to Ledermann, 21 Sept 1939

Identifier: Coll-1064/88
Scope and Contents Thomson thanks Ledermann for the sheets, though concludes they were not of great value. He refers to trying times, sending Ledermann good wishes and stating that they will pass. He informs Ledermann that he almost has the calculations accurate, which will allow for the further analysis discussed in previous letters. He tells Ledermann about Hector's travels in Cyprus studying Byzantine buildings, confiding that he isn't sure where...
Dates: 21 Sept 1939

9 (37), Thomson to Ledermann, 17 Jul 1937

Identifier: Coll-1064/7
Scope and Contents Thomson discusses the difficulties of calculating correlations between persons, referring to Burt's article, Correlations Between Persons, from the British Journal of Psychology, Jul 1937; his own paper, On Complete Families, from the British Journal of Psychology, Jul 1935, in which he states he was the first person to suggest the idea of correlations between persons, as well as the...
Dates: 17 Jul 1937

9 (38), Ledermann to Thomson, 18 Feb 1938

Identifier: Coll-1064/42
Scope and Contents

Thomson informs Ledermann he has received proofs from the British Journal of Psychology, and expresses regret that he and Ledermann's Univariate articles are to be separated in different volumes.

He also informs Ledermann that he will send his cheque on the first of the month, since this will give them some interest in the account, and gives him the address of James Fitzjames Duff in Durham, where he will be staying.

Dates: 18 Feb 1938

10 (37), Thomson to Ledermann, 19 Jul 1937

Identifier: Coll-1064/8
Scope and Contents

Thomson continues to discuss Burt's paper, The Correlation between Persons, from the British Journal of Psychology, Jul 1937, providing an alternative to Burt's formula, which he criticises as being unnecessarily complex.

Dates: 19 Jul 1937

10 (38), Thomson to Ledermann, 21 Feb 1938

Identifier: Coll-1064/43
Scope and Contents

Thomson asks Ledermann to discuss an example given by Burt in his article on correlations between persons which Thomson is having difficulty with, at their next meeting. He expounds upon the point in great detail, with most of the letter taken up with his working.

Dates: 21 Feb 1938

10 (39), Thomson to Ledermann, 11 Oct 1939

Identifier: Coll-1064/89
Scope and Contents

Thomson discusses his difficulties in retrieving offprints from Customs House at Leith.

Dates: 11 Oct 1939

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