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Persian manuscript on medicine, entitled 'Kitab al-'ilal wa al-amrad'

Identifier: SC-Acc-2018-0034

Content Description

Persian manuscript on Russian wove paper (218 x 170 mm; text area 145 x 85 mm); ff. vii, 331 (with contemporary pagination to 663), v; 15 lines of black naskhī per page; section headings in purple, page headings in black; occasional light spotting; dated colophons at ff. 130v and 249v; ff. 253v, 260v, 265v, 289v and 307v with brief annotations in a Latinate script, most likely in the hand of the copyist; contemporary leather binding; somewhat stained and worn, but sound, remains of paper label on spine. An unusual Qajar period medical manuscript with undeciphered scribal annotations. The text is an anonymous, apparently unrecorded example of the medical formularies for which medieval Persia was renowned, organised conventionally in a sequence of diseases, diagnoses, and cures. It is a distinctive example of relatively modern Persianate manuscript production, copied as it is on mass-produced paper from the mills of imperial Russia. The text comprises three books from an ostensible set of ten, together constituting the titular work Kitāb al‐‘ilal wa al‐āmrād. We have been unable to identify the alphabet and language employed in the scribal marginalia. The three books are entitled as follows: 1. Al‐kitāb al‐sādis min kutub al‐‘ashara min kitāb al‐‘ilal wa al‐āmrād (ff. 1v–130v). 2. Al‐kitāb al‐sābi’ min kutub al‐‘ashara min kitāb al‐‘ilal wa al‐āmrād (ff. 131r–249v). 3. Al‐kitāb al‐thāmin min kutub al‐‘ashara min kitāb al‐‘ilal wa al‐āmrād (ff. 250r–331).

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Purchased in January 2018

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  • 1294 AH (1877 AD)


1 bound MS volume