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Notebook No.35, 4 August 1830-17 August 1830

 Item — Box: Lyell-temp-box 2
Identifier: Coll-203/A1/35

Scope and Contents

This brown leather notebook contains Lyell's geological notes on the Pyrenees, including pencil sketches and descriptions, mostly of cliff faces and volcanic landscapes. The front cover is blank, and the index is a page adhered to the back cover.
The following table of contents is Lyell's own words, copied from Lyell's own "Index", found at the beginning and end of the notebook, transcribed from digital surrogates using the platform Transkribus. When known, Lyell's abbreviations and contractions have been expanded using brackets []. When writing is unclear, and transcription is not possible, this is denoted using [...]. Quotation marks are Lyell's own notation for ditto, as is the abbreviation "d'o". The inclusion of [sic] indicates the misspelling of a word is deliberate and taken from the notebook.
Lyell's Own Index
p. 1, Olot, M. Bolos on buried house + Monastery
p. 4, Castell Follet prisons falling
p. 6, [Castell Follet] to Olot, 2 sections
p. 8, Teronel river, section
p. 11, Teronel apple marks
p. 13, View from E[ast] of the castle
p. 15, Alluv[ium] beneath basalt with pebbles but no volc[ani]c ashes
p. 17, Spheroids 6 f[ee]t decim[ated] in the curr[ent] of Castell Follet
p. 18, River cut thro' basalt
p. 20, Fluvia section
p. 20, Besaler beds highly inclined
p. 22, Olot, on the point of erupt[ion]
p. 24, Section from Cas[tle] Follet to Besaler
p. 26, D[itt]o Beslaer to Maya
p. 28, D[itt]o Maya to La Estela
p. 30, Ripple marks like Horsham
p. 30, Veins of Carb[...] of Lune
p. 32, Tarrades to Capella de la Salud, section
p. 34, S[outh] side of Pyrenees
p. 36, San Lorezo section
p. 38, Massanet sect[ion] separ[ation] of Spain + France
p. 41, Maclure probably in error as to lower curt. near,
p. 42, Section in Valley of Tech
p. 42, Boulon + Ceret section [...]
p. 43, Ceret, gypsum worked at
p. 44, Shells of the Valley of Tech Tet + Gly the same
p. 45, Ceret beds their inclin[ation] not original
p. 46, Lignite n[ea]r Boulon
p. 48, [Lignite] + freshw[ater] at the heart of Val. of Tet.
p. 48, Coustouges, nummulites
p. 48, Coustouges Hippurides [et cetera]
p. 50, Perpignan
p. 51, St. Paul section
p. 52, St. Paul lignite
p. 52, Col de la Perche + others
p. 54, La Gly section
p. 55, La Gly river cuts thro' lancet
p. 55, St. Paul to Quillem
p. 56, Banks of the Aude sect[ion]
p. 64,62, Banks of the Aude sect[ion] continent
p. 58, Diagonal [...]
p. 60, Gorge of St. George
p. 70, Columba to Depirat
p. 70, Parallel valley in sandst.
p. 72, Section, La Baible
p. 74, Beds between Fox and Tarascone, veget[ation] impr[essions]
p. 74, St. Paul quartz on grit
p. 76, Arregeha cut deep sect[ion]
p. 80, St. Girone to Foix sect[ion]
p. 82, Sallat river, plateaux
p. 85, Garonne river, sect[ion] at S. Martory
p. 86, [Garonne river] at St. Gandens
p. 88, Basquise de [...]


  • 4 August 1830-17 August 1830


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46 Leaves

1 volume

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