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Notebook No.80, 5 February 1840-25 June 1840

 Item — Box: Lyell-temp-box 4
Identifier: Coll-203/A1/80

Scope and Contents

This brown leather notebooks contains inventories of shells and fossils, Lyell's thinking on geology. There are mentions of Darwin and Playfair; London and France; References to Darwin, Tertiary shells, etc. The index is on p. 113-116.

The following table of contents is Lyell's own words, copied from Lyell's own "Index", found at the beginning and end of the notebook, transcribed from digital surrogates using the platform Transkribus. When known, Lyell's abbreviations and contractions have been expanded using brackets []. When writing is unclear, and transcription is not possible, this is denoted using [...]. Quotation marks are Lyell's own notation for ditto, as is the abbreviation "d'o". The inclusion of [sic] indicates the misspelling of a word is deliberate and taken from the notebook.

Lyell's Own Index

London + France
Feb[uary] 5th to June 25th 1940
p. 1-3 Bedford place, list of shells sent to,
p. 3,7,8, Darwin, queries for,
p. 9, [Darwin], on case of fluid compressed into a solid
p. 33, [Darwin], on heigh of Pampas
p. 16,24, [Darwin], shells from, Sowerby's notes on,
p. 4,5, Daniell, queries for, + notes by,
p. 9, De Luc on glaceries, ref[erence] to,
p. 26, [De Luc] in answer to Lyell ref[erence] to,
p. 10, Vistula, new course cut by,
p. 11, Daubeny, on occurence of bitumen in solid lavas + not in porous
p. 11, Vinkoro, locality of,
p. 12, Hopkins, Mr., notes by
p. 14, Playfair on non-uniformity of curvature of the sea,
p. 23, Pepy's Diary, extract from
p. 24, Sowerby on Mundesley shells
p. 24,35, [Sowerby] on Paludina minuta, Turbo ulva + Turbo ventrosus p. 37, [Sowerby] on plates of Cutch paper in Geol[ogical] Trans[actions]
p. 58, [Sowerby] on M. de Vibrayes fossil shells
p. 16,24, [Sowerby] notes on Darwin's shells
p. 92, [Sowerby] queries for, when at Havre
p. 100, [Sowerby] on Orglandes coralline marl
p. 24, Paludina minutea, Sowerby on,
p. 25, [Paludina] distinct from Turbo acutus + thermalio
p. 24, Mundesley fossil shells, Sowerby on,
p. 37, Cutch paper in Geol[ogical] Trans[action] Sowerby on plate of,
p. 25, Hartmann acc[ount] of sheets of P[rinciples] of Geo[logy] sent to,
p. 27, Forbes, E., on Valvata from Grays
p. 28,53, [Forbes, E.] notes of, on shells in collection
p. 54,56, [Forbes, E.] on Cor. Crag echini
p. 55, [Forbes, E.] drawing of spines of echini
p. 57, [Forbes, E.] on corals of northern + equator[ial] seas
p. 57, [Forbes, E.] on M. Vibraye's Touraine shells,
p. 28, Lankester, letter to, on Artesian well
p. 33, Murchison on unconformable Carbonif[erous] limestone, references to,
p. 34, Runton shells
p. 35, [Runton] fossil mammalia
p. 36, Cromer, fossil ocne of Pinus abies from,
p. 35, [Cromer] fossil mammalia
p. 35, Owen on foss[il] mammalia from Cromer [et cetera]
p. 38-42, Woolwich new Dock, sections in,
p. 45, Memoirs by C. L. number of copies left
p. 47, Norfolk paper, to whom given
p. 51, [Norfolk paper] cost of illustrations for,
p. 48, Himalayas, fossil, 16,000 f[ee]t high
p. 49,92, Touraine tour, notes for,
p. 50, Verneuil, M. de on horizont[al] transit[ion] limest[one] near Moscow being described as Oolite [et cetera]
p. 51, Mississippi, drift wood of,
p. 58, Vibraye's Touraine fossils, Sowerby on,
p. 68, Alexander, Capt[ain], list of foss[il] shells from
p. 65,101, De Gerville's notes,
p. 68, Elements, sale of,
p. 70, Chalk pinnacles in Valley of Seine
p. 69, [chalk] sketches
p. 73, Itchen, sect[ion] at junct[ion] with Southampton water
p. 75, Southampton, well at,
p. 73, [Southampton] sect[ion] at junct[ion] of Itchen + Water of,
p. 75, [Southampton] docks, shells in mud of,
p. 76, Havre, shells in sea-weed on beach
p. 78, [Havre] raised beach at,
p. 76, [Havre] band of yellow water seen near, (roe of fish?)
p. 78,83, [Havre] recent shells from,
p. 78,84, Cones of Fontaine Etoupe
p. 90, [Cones of Fontaine Etoupe] notes on figures of,
p. 78, Deslongchamps on fossil cones,
p. 80,84,89, [Deslongchamps] notes by,
p. 88, Fontaine l'Etoupe, section
p. 88, [Fontaine L'Etoupe] see "Cones" above
p. 84, Bory St. Vincent on Sand-pipes
p. 94,102,104, Ranville fossils,
p. 100,101, [Ranville fossils] crag-pit
p. 102, Ranville fauvel
p. 106-110, [Ranville] list of fossils from
p. 110, [Ranville] imply a littoral formation
p. 94,95, Valognes to Orglandes
p. 96,98, [Valognes to Orglandes] sections at,
p. 96,97, [Valognes to Orglandes] hollows in limestone of,
p. 98, [Valognes to Orglandes] to Ranville with Mr. Sowerby
p. 99, Orglandes, sections at,
p. 99,101, [Orglandes] gravel with lamantine bones at
p. 100, Gourbeville, sect[ion] at farm of,
p. 73, Archiac
p. 78, Deslongchamp
p. 6, Henslow, Prof[essor]
p. 7, Patterson, R.
p. 46, Verreaux


  • Creation: 5 February 1840-25 June 1840


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