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Notebook No.85, 21 October 1840-8 December 1840

 Item — Box: Lyell-temp-box 4
Identifier: Coll-203/A1/85

Scope and Contents

This marbled paper and red leather notebook includes Charles Lyell's geological notes on Kinnordy and surrounding area, as well as other areas of Scotland, illustrated with a watercolor cross section on page 61. There are also 'to do' lists, notes on correspondence sent, meeting agendas and lists of persons to whom papers were sent, and notes on conversations with Agassiz. He makes more observations on glacial moraines, and lists of Faluns fossils. Notes are in pencil and ink and complete index is located at the back of the notebook.

The following table of contents is Lyell's own words, copied from Lyell's own "Index", found at the beginning and end of the notebook, transcribed from digital surrogates using the platform Transkribus. When known, Lyell's abbreviations and contractions have been expanded using brackets []. When writing is unclear, and transcription is not possible, this is denoted using [...]. Quotation marks are Lyell's own notation for ditto, as is the abbreviation "d'o". The inclusion of [sic] indicates the misspelling of a word is deliberate and taken from the notebook.

Lyell's Own Index

21st Oct[ober] to 8th Dec[ember] 1840
p. 1, Lintrathen section
p. 1, Purgairn hill, boulders
p. 1, Melgum, R[iver], sect[ion]
p. 1, Lundies Bridge [section]
p. 5, Karins of Airly, conglom[erate]s
p. 5, Stratified morains
p. 7,30, Dean Water
p. 7, Market Muir
p. 7, Railway cut
p. 9, New tyle
p. 9,11,39, Balbeuchlie
p. 11,13,32,39, Dichty gravels
p. 11,13, Sidlaw boulders
p. 39, [Sidlaw] gravels + mortars
p. 16, Pearsie, W. morains
p. 40, [Pearsie] mortars
p. 40, [Pearsie] gravels
p. 42, [Pearsie] trap tuff boulder at,
p. 16, Carity, R.
p. 17,18,19,20, Balentore
p. [17,18,19,20], Balloch
p. 18, Auldallen till
p. 18, Peat on Catlaw
p. 18, Inzion, stratiifed gravels
p. 20, Lintrathen loch
p. 22, Formull
p. 23, Kerriemuir [sic] quarries
p. 24,26,30, Caldham Wood boulders
p. 26, Invercarity stratified sand gravel + boulders
p. 28, [Invercarity] calm sandst[one] at
p. 28, Trae Burn + Carity junction
p. 61, [Trae Burn] sect[ion] from, across Carity Proson + Esk
p. 30, North Muir of Kerriemuir boulder
p. 32, Agassiz, notes on his paper in Jameson,
p. 54,95,10?, [Agassiz] conversat[ions] with
p. 56, [Agassiz] notes on his work
p. 79,92,93,96, [Agassiz] on Touraine fish
p. 81,100, [Agassiz] on Kyson fish
p. 82,92, [Agassiz] on Mundesley [fish]
p. 91,97, [Agassiz] on Touraine Echinodermata
p. 91, [Agassiz] on Savigne mamm[alia]
p. 92, [Agassiz] on [Savigne] fish
p. 92, [Agassiz] Harwich [fish]
p. 93, [Agassiz] on Mr. Milne's fossil
p. 93, [Agassiz] on Camylie fossil
p. 8?, [Agassiz] on Newbourne fish
p. 94,100,102, Agassiz on Cor. Crag Echinodermata
p. 94, [Agassiz] on Cananda [Echinodermata]
p. 89,98, [Agassiz] queries for
p. 79,93,96, Touraine fish,
p. 91, 97, [Touraine fish] echinodermata
p. 105,107, [Touraine fish] shells
p. 82,93, Mundesley fish
p. 81, 100, Kyson fish,
p. 92, Savigne fish
p. 91, Savigne mammalia
p. 93, Carmylie fossil
p. 34-48, Blackadder, Mr. notes of convers[ations] with in London
p. 50,58,75, [Blackadder, Mr.] notes of letters sent to,
p. 67,90, [Blackadder, Mr.] Index to letters from
p. 76, 77, [Blackadder, Mr.] mem[oranda] for,
p. 34, Monroman Muir
p. 34, Cortachie cut
p. 34,35, Glenairn
p. 34, Fichel
p. 34,36, Rottal
p. 36, Dunie hillock
p. 36, Colway Burn
p. 36,38, Mortars impervious
p. 36, Lunan Bay, gravels over clay
p. 38, Pervious matter in glens cov[ered] with heath
p. 38, Tile clay often more fertile than mortar
p. 39, Loch Brandy, red bed (mortar?) near
p. 40, Hogs back
p. 40, Auchleishie, laminated clay
p. 40,42, Serpentine boulders,
p. 42, Benscrievie, red sandstone on,
p. 42, Auldman
p. 42, Kinalty Road
p. 44, Barrier of ice between Kerry, Drumclune + Shiel Hill
p. 46, [Barrier of ice] of Resstenet, gravel
p. 46, [Barrier of ice] of Cookstone rock?
p. 46, [Barrier of ice] of Forfar lochs is mortart
p. 44, Forfar gravels
p. 44, Mortar of Esk and Strathmore why sparated
p. 44, Craig Owl, height
p. 46, Marls not found below gravels
p. 46, Dundee clays
p. 46, Wigton Bay, bed of elev[ated] marine shells in,
p. 48, Grampian boulders in Forfar gravels
p. 48, Coul, mica sch[ist] boulders
p. 48, Arthurstone + Coupar Angus boulders betwe[een]
p. 57, Smith, Mr. J, conversat[ion] with on raised shelly deposits
p. 64, [Smith, Mr. J,] on Porto Santo limest[one]
p. 61, Forfar gravels + mortars coloured sect[ion] of,
p. 63, Fitton on Cuckmere haven- seven sisters
p. 61, Porto Santo limest[one]
p. 71, Faversham, freshw[ater] shells like Brentford
p. 82,92,93, Mundesley fish,
p. 4, Murchison on London gravels
p. 84, [Murchison] convers[ations] with
p. 84, Balruddery sandst[one]
p. 84, Clashbinnie [sandstone] age
p. 84, Fife Yellow sandst[one] age
p. 87, Pontallie, letter to,
p. 87, Forchhammer, Dr. on rise of Jutland [et cetera]
p. ? Sowerby's attendance
p. ? Roxburghshire foss[il] fish
p. ? Camylie fossil
p. 93, Loess, Agassiz
p. 96, Wood, S.V. convers[ations] with,
p. 96,97, Paludine minuta
p. 97, Valvata antiqua
p. 100, Tellina maculata is same as T. erassa
p. 103, Clackton freshw[ater], Unio with Balanus on,
p. 104, Cone paper to whom given
p. 105,107, Falun shells, determination of by Sowerby
p. 109, Candahar shells
p. 50,58,75, Letters to Blackadder notes of,
p. 87, [Letters to] Pontallie
p. 63, Letter from J. Brown
p. 63, Letter from T. Brown
p. 63, Letter from D. Mackintosh
p. 63, Letter from J. West
p. 64, Letter from J. Smith
p. 64, Letter from G. Rose
p. 66, Letter from Dr. Fleming
p. 66, Letter from R. Webster
p. 69, Letter form De Gerville
p. 70, Letter from O.G. Costa
p. 70, Letter from D'Archiac
p. 70, Letter from Vibraye
p. 71, Letter from Cailliand
p. 71, Letter from Trimmer
p. 77, Letter from Dowling
p. 79, Letter from Hartmann
p. 87, Letter from Forchhammer
p. 88, Letter from Mantell
p. 88, Letter from Darwin
p. 70, D'Archiac
p. 22, Rogers, Rev[erend] W.
p. 33, Williams
p. 66, Webster


  • Creation: 21 October 1840-8 December 1840


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58 Leaves

1 volume

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Transcribed and catalogued by Elise Ramsay, Project Archivist, June 2021

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