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Notebook No.92, September 1841- September 1841

 Item — Box: Lyell-temp-box 4
Identifier: Coll-203/A1/92

Scope and Contents

This notebook contains Charles Lyells field and travel notes while in North America, observing the landscapes in Niagara, Blossberg, and Albany. Notes are in pencil occasional ink. Index is located in the back of the notebook.

The following table of contents is Lyell's own words, copied from Lyell's own "Index", found at the beginning and end of the notebook, transcribed from digital surrogates using the platform Transkribus. When known, Lyell's abbreviations and contractions have been expanded using brackets []. When writing is unclear, and transcription is not possible, this is denoted using [...]. Quotation marks are Lyell's own notation for ditto, as is the abbreviation "d'o". The inclusion of [sic] indicates the misspelling of a word is deliberate and taken from the notebook.

Lyell's Own Index

N[umber] 92. Index. Aug[us]t, Sept[embe]r 1841. 93.
p. 1, Jaycocks [sic Jaycox] Run, deep ravine, fall dry in summer
p. 1, Fallbrook, deep horse shoe formed ravine, dry in summer
p. 1, Genesee, deep ravines dry in summer to N[orth] of,
p. 28, - [Genesee] mastodon found near, with shells
p. 3, Genesee R[iver] section on
p. 5, - [Genesee River] canal takes water from L[ake] Erie
p. 8, - [Genesee River] view on near M[oun]t Morris
p. 10, - [Genesee River] displaced by landslip
p. 16, - [Genesee River] recent excavation by,
p. 16, - [Genesee River] markings on mud of,
p. 14, 18, - [Genesee River] falls of,
p. 3, Moscow, section near
p. 26, - [Moscow] shale, [and] fossils
p. 5, Mastodon 1500 f[ee]t above sea
p. 20, - [Mastodon] at Sandy Creek
p. 20, 28, - [Mastodon] with shells, at Genesee,
p. 67, - [Mastodon] bones of at Rochester
p. 80, 86, - [Mastodon] at Albany in shelly marls
p. 5, Clearing of Country, effects of on rivers [et cetera],
p. 10, Landslip on Genesee R[iver],
p. 10, Gardean slide
p. 8, 10, - [Gardean slide] shales
p. 36, - [Gardean slide] sandstone, casts of furrows in
p. 14, Lower Portage falls, sect[io]n of
p. 14, Portage shale ripple-marked
p. 22, - [Portage shale] scratched [and] furrowed sandstone
p. 22, - [Portage shale] drift,
p. 16, Ice, slab pushed into vertical position by,
p. 26, - [Ice] furrows
p. 18, 36, Furrows in mud, casts of,
p. 26, - [Furrows] by ice
p. 24, 52, Journal
p. 22, 26, Trap rare in Silur[ia]n [and] Coal of Ohio [et cetera]
p. 32, Bath, fucoidal Sedlaw-like sandst[one]
p. 34, Spaldings Creek, coal seams near,
p. 36, Niagara falls, no fault between Ontario [et cetera],
p. 75, - [Niagara falls] sect[io]n from Buffalo to Queenstown
p. 36, Corning, horizont[al] conglomerate
p. 36, Tioga conglomerate
p. 38, - [Tioga conglomerate] large block near,
p. 38, - [Tioga conglomerate] shelly shale
p. 44, - [Tioga conglomerate] section in railway cutting
p. 46, 54, Blossberg [sic], section of Coal-strata
p. 46, - [Blossberg] fault in Coal
p. 48, - [Blossberg] fire-clay below every coal-bed
p. 48, - [Blossberg] Stigmaria, some oblique, but mostly flat,
p. 50, - [Blossberg] shales with plants near
p. 50, Saymisch, D[octo]r, names of birds from,
p. 54, Jefferson, chemung group at,
p. 56, - horizontal beds.
p. 56, Seneca Lake, no shells on beach,
p. 56, - [Seneca Lake] falls on E[ast] side of,
p. 56, Hector falls, in Chemung strata
p. 62, Ontario, depth, elev[atio]n [et cetera] of,
p. 59, 61, 63, 68, 73, Hall, Ja[me]s, queries for, [and] answers,
p. 63, - [Hall, James] on stratif[ie]d groups from the Old Red to the Mohawk [and] their subdivisions
p. 74, - [Hall, James] notes from his Report,
p. 62, Hypogene strata, antiquity of,
p. 62, Horizontal Silur[ia]n in New York
p. 64, Old Red and its subdiv[ision]s
p. 68, Cohoes Falls, over Hudson Slate
p. 68, - [Cohoes Falls] recent changes in,
p. 68, - [Cohoes Falls] fossils in slates near,
p. 70, M[oun]t Ida, view from
p. 70, - [Mount Ida] deposit on
p. 70, Troy, view from M[oun]t Ida
p. 68, Mohawk R[iver], falls on
p. 70, - [Mohawk River] shells in silt of,
p. 80,- [Mohawk River] plants in Chemung group
p. 72, Lockport, large Trilobite from,
p. 72, Platynotus Boltoni, sketch of,
p. 72, Trilobite, drawing of a large,
p. 75, Buffalo to Queenstown, sect[io]n,
p. 76, Goat Island deposit
p. 78, Albany, mem[orandum]
p. 80, - [Albany] ice scratches in,
p. 78, Coxachy, Pentamerus limestone
p. 78, Pentamerus limestone
p. 80, 82, 84, Swamps, with shell marl [and] bone of Mastodon in Albany C[oxach]y
p. 82, - [Swamps in Albany Coxachy] animals mired in,
p. 82, 90, Catskill Mount[ain]s, structure of,
p. 86, Grenville, bones of Mastodon?
p. 90, Catenipora in Niagara limestone
p. 91, Gebhard's Museum,
p. 91, - [Gebhard's Museum] on equivalents of Wenlock
p. 92, Ichthyodorulite [and] Trilobite in Oneonta greywacke
p. 91, Schoharie, Mr. Gebhard's Museum
p. 91, - [Gebhard's Museum], dip of beds at,
p. 92, - [Gebhard's Museum] detailed section E[ast] of, with fossils


  • Creation: September 1841- September 1841


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Transcribed by Erin McRae, volunteer, July 2021; catalogued by Elise Ramsay, Project Archivist, July 2021

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