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Notebook No.98, February 1842- April 1842

 Item — Box: Lyell-temp-box 4
Identifier: Coll-203/A1/98

Scope and Contents

This brown leather notebook contains Charles Lyell's notes from his travels through Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to New York. Notes are in pencil and ink and are primarily daily journal entries, lists, and sketches. The covers are plain, and the edges of the pages are tipped in green ink. There is a plan for New York on p. 37. The index is located at the back of the notebook.
The following table of contents is Lyell's own words, copied from Lyell's own "Index", found at the beginning and end of the notebook, transcribed from digital surrogates using the platform Transkribus. When known, Lyell's abbreviations and contractions have been expanded using brackets []. When writing is unclear, and transcription is not possible, this is denoted using [...]. Quotation marks are Lyell's own notation for ditto, as is the abbreviation "d'o". The inclusion of [sic] indicates the misspelling of a word is deliberate and taken from the notebook.
Lyell's Own Index N[umber] 98. Index. Feb[ruary] to April 1842
p. 1, Philadelphia mem[orand]a
p. 1, Hudsons Reach [and] Mill Creek fossils
p. 1, Millhaven, Burr-stone fossils
p. 2, Entaw, S[outh] C[arolina], fossils
p. 3, Petersburg Eocene fossils
p. 3, 24, - [Petersburg] Miocene D'o [Ditto]
p. 4, Grove, Dr. Ravenel's D'o [Ditto]
p. 4, Wautout fossils
p. 4, Santee Canal D'o [Ditto]
p. 6, 8, -, [Santee] R[iver] Struble's Mill, D'o [Ditto]
p. 8, -, [Santee] R[iver], Cave Hall D'o [Ditto]
p. 3, Eocene fossils at Petersburg
p. 23, - [Eocene] tertiary of Virginia [and] Maryland
p. 3, 24, 31, Miocene fossils at Petersburg [et cetera]
p. 28, - [Miocene] number of American [and] prop[ortio]n of recent
p. 56, - [Miocene] marl of Virg[ini]a, recent species in
p. 58, - [Miocene] formations of U[nited] S[tates]
p. 5, S[ain]t Matthews, cast of a Venus from
p. 6, Vance's Ferry, fossils,
p. 7, 9, Wilmington D'o [Ditto]
p. 7, Rocky Point D'o [Ditto]
p. 11, Cooper, R[iver], shells from banks of,
p. 10, Silurian fossils, Conrad on,
p. 12, White limest[one], no fossils common to, [and] to Upper Cretaceous of N[ew] Jersey
p. 10, Conrad on Silurian fossils
p. 15, - [Conrad] on fossils common to Cretac[eou]s [and] Tertiary
p. 22, - [Conrad] on Green Sand not deep sea deposit
p. 23, - [Conrad] on Eocene tertiary of Virginia [and] Maryland
p. 26, - [Conrad] on Ostrea longirostris
p. 28, - [Conrad] on Number of American Miocene shells and proportion of recent
p. 38, 40, 42, 57, - [Conrad] mem[orandum] on shells by
p. 55, - [Conrad] hippurite given by
p. 16, Alabama, R[iver], ascending sect[io]n on,
p. 23, - [Alabama] fossils
p. 19, Amboy, notes for excursion to
p. 19, 22, S[outh] Washington, N[orth] C[arolina] shells of,
p. 20, Coral Theory (with Rogers)
p. 20, - [Coral Theory] notes on, for Lecture
p. 21, Mastodon from Savannah
p. 21, [Mastodon] Baltimore
p. 21, Harlan, Dr., on D'o [Ditto]
p. 21, Megalonyx from Skiddaway [sic]
p. 25, Jacksonboro' fossils
p. 25, 27, 29, Williamsburg, tertiary fossils
p. 31, Richmond, Miocene D'o [Ditto]
p. 31, Maryland, fossil (Miocene) Delphinus
p. 33, Lonsdale, mem[orandum] of letter to
p. 20, 37, 72, Lectures, notes [and] illust[ration]s for,
Index [crossed out]
p. 21, Savannah, Mastodon,
p. 21, Baltimore, D'o [Ditto]
p. 31, Delphinus, fossil in Maryland
p. 44, 48, Shell Bluff
p. 47, 49, Boxes, Contents of,
p. 50, Orangeburg, S[outh] C[arolina], shells
p. 52, Georgia, Old Town, burr-stone form[atio]n
p. 54, Susquehana [sic], fossils of Old Red Sandst[one]
p. 55, Hippurite
p. 60, Rogers on range of Posidonia keuperina
p. 54, Old Red of Susquehana [sic], fossils of,
p. 60, Posidonia keuperina, range of,
p. 60, Long Island, sect[io]n of boulder format[io]n,
p. 60, Brooklyn boulder formation
p. 62, -, [Brooklyn] L[arge], contortions in Clay
p. 78, - [Brooklyn] rain-drops [and] tracks of Centipedes
Boulder formation - Long Island, 60 - South Brooklyn, 60, 62, - of Connecticut, 104 - Amherst, 100 - of Martha's Vineyard, 120 - Gay Head, 138 - 140 - 144 -
p. 62, Clay, contortions in,
p. 64, Fort Green, large block of trap
p. 64, New York Island, strike of gneiss
p. 64, Hudson R[iver], shells on shores of,
p. 66, Staten Island, serpentine,
p. 66, Quarantine, serpentine like Bakie,
p. 68, - [Quarantine] syenite quarry near,
p. 68, - [Quarantine] shells on shore,
p. 70, Niagara, quantity of water discharged by,
p. 70, Mississippi, D'o [Ditto] D'o [Ditto]
p. 82, - [Mississippi] calculation of sediment transported by,
p. 78, 80, 96, 100, Rain drops [and] birds tracks,
p. 82, Ruggles, Mr., on sediment in Mississippi
p. 84, Palisades, height of, [et cetera]
p. 86, Chatham, rocks scratched [and] polished
p. 90, Chester village
p. 90, Westfield
p. 92, Chickapee R[iver], sect[io]n on l[ower] bank of,
p. 94, S[outh] Hadley
p. 94, Mansfield, Stigmaria of,
p. 78, 80, 96, 100, 108, 110, Birds tracks
p. 102, 110, - [Birds tracks] dip of beds containing
p. 128, 134, 136, - [Birds tracks] recent,
p. 96, Connecticut, R[iver], birds tracks [and] fish,
p. 104, - [Connecticut] drift in gorge of, like Angus
p. 100, Hitchcock, Prof[esso]r, on birds tracks
p. 114, - [Hitchcock, Professor] mica-schist with pebbles given by,
p. 114, - [Hitchcock, Professor] on bent [and] broken clay-slate
p. 100, Amherst moraines like Angus
p. 100, Wethersfield, bird tracks at,
p. 102, M[oun]t Holyoak [sic], sect[io]n
p. 104, - [Mount Holyoak] [sic] height of,
p. 104, - [Mount Holyoak] [sic] boulders of granite [et cetera] on trap of,
p. 106, - [Mount Holyoak] [sic] sketch of,
p. 100, 102, 108, Ripple-mark
p. 100, 104, Moraines like Angus
p. 104, 110, Smith's ferry, trap and conglomerate
p. 110, Trap tuff, successive eruptions
p. 114, Metamorphic rock - mica-sch[is]t with pebbles,
p. 114, Clay slate, specimen of bent [and] broken,
p. 116, Worcester, anthracite
p. 116, - [Worcester] railway cut - mica-schist [et cetera]
p. 118, Martha's Vineyard
p. 142, - [Martha's Vineyard] erratics
p. 120, 122, Chilmark, drift [and] boulders
p. 126, - [Chilmark] Indian name of cliff at,
p. 126, - [Chilmark] dip W[est] of,
p. 132, - [Chilmark] sections of drift
p. 138, Squippenocket, pond and cliff at,
p. 138, 140, Gay Head, hills covered with drift,
p. 140, - [Gay Head] dip - height of cliff
p. 140, - [Gay Head] osseous conglomerate
p. 140, Lighthouse, Osseous conglomerate, near,
p. 144, - [Lighthouse] drift near
p. 140, Osseous conglomerate of Gay Head
p. 140, [Osseous conglomerate] dip of,
p. 48, Chaloner, Dr.
p. 32, Colden
p. 120, Dagget
p. 78, Dean
p. 32, Griscomb
p. 146, Jackson
p. 58, King
p. 120, Mayhew
p. 58, Nicolet [sic]
p. 32, Redfield
p. 32, Torrey
p. 32, Wainwright
p. 102, Yale


  • February 1842- April 1842


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