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Notebook No.101, June 1842- June 1842

 Item — Box: Lyell-temp-box 4
Identifier: Coll-203/A1/101

Scope and Contents

This notebook contains Charles Lyell's notes from his travels through Lake Erie, Buffalo, NY; Niagara, NY; and Queenstown, Ontario. Notes are in pencil and ink and are primarily daily journal entries. The index is located at the back of the notebook.

The following table of contents is Lyell's own words, copied from Lyell's own "Index", found at the beginning and end of the notebook, transcribed from digital surrogates using the platform Transkribus. When known, Lyell's abbreviations and contractions have been expanded using brackets []. When writing is unclear, and transcription is not possible, this is denoted using [...]. Quotation marks are Lyell's own notation for ditto, as is the abbreviation "d'o". The inclusion of [sic] indicates the misspelling of a word is deliberate and taken from the notebook.

Lyell's Own Index

Index June 1842 153
p. 3, Fredonia, raised beach - trees undermined
p. 8, -[Fredonia] height of delta formation
p. 4, -[Fredonia] shale rounded, like "flower-pots"
p. 4, -[Fredonia] joints, vertical,
p. 6, Dunkirk, sect[io]n near Lighthouse, Inn W[est] of
p. 8, Lake Erie, rise + fall of its waters
p. 20, -[Lake Erie] depth of
p. 132, -[Lake Erie] 22 f[ee]t below L[ake] Michigan
p. 8,9, Inflammable gas from bitum[en]s slate
p. 10,148, Journal
p. 9, Chattaugur, ridge, height of above and distance from L[ake] Erie
p. 12, Silver Creek, beach
p. 12, -[Silver Creek] caves in shale
p. 14,16, -[Silver Creek] ripple-mark
p. 16,22, -[Silver Creek] drop-marks
p. 16,24, -[Silver Creek] shells on beach
p. 18, - [Silver Creek] entrance of into lake
p. 18, - [Silver Creek] drift not conspicuous in
p. 20, Denudation - depth of L[ake] Erie - oscillations of level, etc
p. 20, Beach, old lines of, in ridges
p. 22, Cracks accompanying ripple
p. 22, Cattleranges ridge
p. 24, -[Cattleranges] beach with shells etc
p. 24, Shale with fucoids
p. 14,16,26, Ripple-mark, sections of
p. 22, -[Ripple-mark] cracks accompanying
p. 24, Evans, black fetid shale at,
p. 28, -[Evans] large boulder near
p. 28, Fir trees growing horizontally
p. 28, Rocks + fossils near 18m Creek
p. 30, Niagara district, terraces - drift
p. 31, -[Niagara district] mem[oranda] for
p. 72,74,79, - Niagara district R., drawings of
p. 74, -[Niagara district] sect[io]n opposite its main course
p. 76, -[Niagara district] banks of
p. 80,82, [Niagara district] cascades + sections of
p. 100,108,130, - [Niagara district] depth of water below Falls
p. 106,107, - [Niagara district] gravel at Mill race, + fossils
p. 110, - [Niagara district] recession of
p. 110, - [Niagara district] rate of D[itt]o
p. 50, - [Niagara district] bank of, Canada side, red loan with limestone blocks
p. 112, - [Niagara district] Valley
p. 112, - [Niagara district] drift on platforms of
p. 116, - [Niagara district] flowed in a valley of drift
p. 120, - [Niagara district] ravine of
p. 34, Holmes's Tavern - fossils found near
p. 34, Buffalo, low country w[oul]d be overflowed if L[ake] Erie raised 50 f[ee]t etc
p. 34, - [Buffalo] boulders on mud
p. 36, Dip of limestone on Canada side
p. 36, Clifton, precipice - boulders - cave with red mud - vertical cliff
p. 40, -[Clifton] gradual slope, few boulders + no terrace
p. 42, -[Clifton] sect[io]n of the mound, ridge, on cliff at back of the Hotel
p. 36,40,46,52,54, Boulder formation, sections
p. 44,46, Deep Cut, section of a ridge in
p. 46, Drummondville loan like Cleveland delta
p. 48, Cranberry Marsh, clay, sand + boulders
p. 48, S[ain]t Catherine's, clay platform
p. 50, -[S[ain]t Catherine's] height above L[ake] Ontario
p. 50,100, - [S[ain]t Catherine's] mastodon tooth in clay at
p. 50, Welland Canal, clay + boulders
p. 51, Bayfield, Capt[ain], notes from letter of
p. 54,58, Grand Island, freshw[ate]r form[atio]n + fossils
p. 60,62, Devils Hole, quarry near
p. 112, -[Devils Hole] rocky precipice
p. 64,66, Muddy Run, sections
p. 66, -[Muddy Run] freshw[ate]r shells
p. 66, -[Muddy Run] underground channel
p. 68,70, -[Muddy Run] cuts thro[ugh] drift
p. 68, -[Muddy Run] waste of river - cliffs below
p. 68, -[Muddy Run] ancient river-course
p. 70,102, Whirlpool, gravel formation
p. 82,88, -[Whirlpool] sect[io]n of side ravines at
p. 84, -[Whirlpool] sect[io]n at head of
p. 104, -[Whirlpool] ledge of rock
p. 105, -[Whirlpool] list of freshw[ate]r fossils
p. 90, Queenstown, much drift in descending to,
p. 92,122, -[Queenstown] as seen from Brock's monument
p. 92,122, Brock's monument, views from
p. 94, St David's ravine
p. 96, -[St David's ravine] length + width of
p. 96,98,100, Levels
p. 100, Goat Island, height above falls
p. 102,104, -[Goat Island] freshw[ate]r deposit
p. 106, -[Goat Island] fossils
p. 107, Manchester, freshw[ate]r fossils
p. 110, -[Manchester] two terraces
p. 110, Ancient River-bank
p. 114, Bloody Run, valley cut in drift by,
p. 124, Lewiston, drift near Ferry,
p. 126, -[Lewiston] polished rocks
p. 128, -[Lewiston] hill of drift
p. 132, Cleveland ridge, height etc
p. 132, -[Cleveland ridge] shells in
p. 132, Michigan, L[ake], height above L[ake] Erie
p. 132, -[Michigan, L[ake]] a cut 17 f[ee]t deep would make it flow into the Mississippi
p. 133, Roy, Mr, on height etc of ridges + escarpments
p. 134-140, -[Roy, Mr] notes + sections made in ride with
p. 146, -[Roy, Mr] on Albany clay
p. 146, -[Roy, Mr] on boulder under clay resting on polished rocks
p. 133, Hall, Mr J., on the Falls, notes on
p. 134 to 146, Toronto, sections of ridges etc near
p. 140, -[Toronto] travertin [sic] with snail shells, near
p. 142, Barrier required would be 40 miles wide
p. 144-145, Boulders under blue clay
p. 145, Order of events
p. 144, Blue Clay, whence derived
p. 144,145, -[Blue Clay] boulders under
p. 146, -[Blue Clay] boulders washed out of
p. 144, Escarpment 900 f[ee]t high facing L[ake] Ontario
p. 144, -[Escarpment] Boulder formation anterior to
p. 146, Albany Clay
p. 149, Lake Ridges
p. 149, Veget Mould
p. 149, Peat rare in U. Canada
p. 151, River running behind beaches
p. 150, Humber, R., black fossilis[e]s shale on
p. 140, Ontario, depth of


  • Creation: June 1842- June 1842


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