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Notebook No.104, August 1842- September 1842

 Item — Box: Lyell-temp-box 4
Identifier: Coll-203/A1/104

Scope and Contents

Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the return to London.

Scope and Contents

The following table of contents is Lyell's own words, copied from Lyell's own "Index" - though this may well be complied and written by Mary Lyell - found at end of the notebook, transcribed from digital surrogates using the platform Transkribus. When known, Lyell's abbreviations and contractions have been expanded using brackets []. Brackets [] are also used to show where he has used ditto marks - he also uses Do for ditto. When writing is unclear, and transcription is not possible, this is denoted using [...]. Question marks are used only when he has used them. The inclusion of [sic] indicates the misspelling of a word is deliberate and taken from the notebook.

Lyell's Own Index

N[umber] 104. Index. Aug[ust]. and Sept[ember]. 1842. Nova Scotia and London.
p. 3, Dickson’s Mills vertical Coal plants
p. 8, - [Dickson’s Mills] section at
p. 3 Bird tracks, recent
p. 3, 4, 10, 58 Joggins, fossil trees
p. 3 - [Joggins] shells
p. 45 - [Joggins] lowest bed reddest
p. 58 - [Joggins] thickness of Coal formation
p. 3 Pictou, fossil shells
p.3 - [Pictou] scale of fish
p. 4 - [Pictou] mud in harbour discoloured
p. 4 - [Pictou] Sternbergia, common fossil at
p. 4 - [Pictou] seeds of palms in coal of
p. 12, 68 - [Pictou] sections of Coal strata
p. 14 - [Pictou] fossils of limest[one] below Coal
p. 44 - [Pictou] red drift on Harbour Cliffs at
p. 46 - [Pictou] to Truro, notes of route from
p. 44, 58 - [Pictou] no dikes or trap in Coal of
p. 50, 52 - [Pictou] to Halifax, route
p. 56 - [Pictou] sect[ion] from through Carriboo [Caribou] Island
p. 70 - [Pictou] Coal of, chiefly in red sandstone
p. 72 - [Pictou] Salt Springs S[outh].W[est]. of
p. 3, 26, 65 Cypris or Citherea in Coal strata
p. 3 Unio? [sic] in Pictou Coal
p. 4 Sternbergia common in Pictou Coal
p. 4, 8 Calamites
p. 4 Palms, fruits of in Pictou Coal
p. 3, 4 Dawson, Mr, on Coal plants
p. 6 Prince Edward Is[land], plants in red sandst[one]
p. 73 [Prince Edward Is[land]] red marls etc of
p. 6 Copper in Upper Coal-measures
p. 6 Coal grit rippled, with pieces of charcoal
p. 6 Ice-furrows
p. 40 [Ice-]ridges
p. 76 [Ice-]drift
p. 4 Mud discoloured in Pictou harbour
p. 8 Coal beds with fire clays below, Cape Breton
p. 8 Brown, Mr, on coal and fire clays of Cape Breton
p. 10 - [Brown, Mr] coal plants from C[ape]. Breton sent to Geol[ogical]. Soc[iety] by
p. 14 - [Brown, Mr] coal plants of Sydney [sent to Geol[ogical]. Soc[iety] by]
p. 18 - [Brown, Mr] on unconformable junct[ion]. of Coal and Red Sandst[one]
p. 28 - [Brown, Mr] on sandst[one] concretions in the Minudie flats
p. 40 - [Brown, Mr] on ice-ridges
p. 58 - [Brown, Mr] on concentric rings of Joggins tree
p. 8 Fire Clays under Coal
p.10 – [Fire Clays under Coal] Mammatt on
p.10 Endogenites
p. 14 East River, rippled sandstone etc of
p. 18 - [East River] sect[ion] on banks of
p. 18 - [East River] anticlinal axis with beds reversed
p. 14 Sydney Coal Plants
p. 58 - [Sydney Coal Plants] rocks of
p. 20 Lostera marina, mud discoloured by
p. 10 Mammatt Mr, on fire clays under Coal
p. 20 Albion Mines, specimens of fossil wood from
p. 20 - [Albion Mines], superpos[ition] difficult to make out near
p. 64 - [Albion Mines],section] at McClellan Brook
p. 22 Clay slate or Greywacke fossils
p. 22 Robinson’s Lake, clay-slate fossils from
p. 22 Cameron’s farm, gyps[um]. and red sandstone
p. 24 Maclean's quarry, limest[one] and red sandst[one]
p. 24, 26 Iron mines
p. 26 Red Sandstone, and Gypsum, on age of
p. 70 - [Red Sandstone, and Gypsum] Pictou coal in
p. 28, 70, 72 Journal
p. 28 Bay of Fundy, concretions of sandst[one] in
p, 30, 32 Bayfield, Capt[ain] notes on Mingan district Port Neuf, Beauport, Labrador, Gulf of St. Lawrence etc
p. 38 - [Bayfield, Capt[ain] queries for
p. 34, 36 - [Bayfield, Capt[ain] shells borrowed from
p. 38 - [Bayfield, Capt[ain] on R[iver] Niagara
p. 41 - [Bayfield, Capt[ain] on heights at Montreal
p. 42 - [Bayfield, Capt[ain] on level of Lake Erie
p. 40 McCord's heights at Montreal
p. 30 Mingan district, levels
p. 30, Port Neuf, height of shells
p. 30, Beauport shells, great extent of
p. 34 - [Beauport shells] list of those borrowed from Capt[ain] Bayfield
p. 30 Erie ridges, marine
p. 32, 34, 36 Labrador Shells
p. 34 - [Labrador] lat[itude] and long[titude] of
p. 32, 34 Gulf of St. Lawrence, recent shells
p. 36 - [Gulf of St. Lawrence, recent shells] list of those belonging to Capt[ain]. Bayfield
p. 34 Coacoacho Bay [Coacoachou], Labrador, lat[itude] and long[titude] of
p. 38 Niagara R[iver]., level of water of
p. 38 Silurian rocks on r[iver] bank of St. Lawrence
p. 40, 41 Montreal heights
p. 42, 73, 94 Gypsum question
p. 42 Level of Lakes
p. 44 Evaporation of Lakes
p. 42 Erie, L[ake], variat[ion] in level of
p. 44 Magdalen Islands, rocks of
p. 48 Minudie section
p. 54 Tunbridge Wells, footsteps in sands[tone] rocks
p. 56 Carriboo [Caribou] Island section
p. 72 - [Carriboo [Caribou] Island] copper ore
p. 56 Roy’s Isl[and], vertical trees in cliffs of
p. 60 Boularderie Isl[and], Cape Breton, sect[ion]. of
p. 62 New Red, extent of
p. 80 - [New Red] of Folly R[?]
p. 64 McClellans Brook, sect[ion]of Coal strata
p. 64 - [McClellans Brook], cypriferous beds at
p. 70 New Glasgow, section at
p. 68 Mr. Thom, section of Coal strata
p. 69, 72, 74 - [Mr. Thom] dip on different sides of
p. 72 Salt Springs, S[outh].W[est]. of Pictou
p. 72 Trap altering Coal?
p. 78 - [Trap] in Onslow County
p. 72 Gesner on Coal-measures
p. 72 - [Gesner] on Carriboo [Caribou] Copper-ore
p. 76 Salmon, R[iver]. section of beds at Truro
p. 76 Truro section
p. 80, 82 Folly, R[iver], section of red marl and conglom[erate].
p. 84 Pugwash limestone fossils
p. 84 Canso do [limestone fossils]
p. 84 Debert, R[iver], fossils in red limestone of
p. 86 - [Debert, R[iver fossils]], of black slaty limestone
p. 86 to 124 Schubenacadie, R[iver], section
p. 120 [Schubenacadie] distances between places on
p. 87 Hematite and Calc[ium?] spar
p. 90, 106 Gypsum veins
p. 124 [Gypsum veins] near keys in greywacke country
p. 124 [Gypsum veins] origin of
p. 98, 100, 102, 104 Big Rock
p. 100 Kettle holes
p. 104, 106, 108, 122 Admirals Rock
p. 104 - [Admirals Rock] fossils at
p. 106 Bird tracks
p. 112 Cameron’s Creek
p. 114 Braydon’s clearing
p. 116 Shark-stone, heavy kind of gypsum
p. 118 Black Rock, minerals in
p. 124 Grand Lake
p. 125 Gays River district, fossils of
p. 125 Boxes, contents of
p. 126 Granite and Slate junction of
p. 126 Gesner, mem[orandum]. of letter to
p. 126 Halifax, junct[ion]. of Granite and Slate near
p. 128 American Geology, proposed papers on
p. 124, 132 Mem[orandum]
London Aug[ust]. 29th 1842 p. 133 Principles and Elements unsold
p. 140- [Principles] plates of sent to McQueen
p. 132 Agassiz and D’Orbigny as to no shells being common to diff[erent] subdivis[ions] of strata
p. 134 Lectures, time for etc.
p. 148 - [Lectures], plan of
p. 137 Reports on American Geol[ogy] in library
p. 138. D’Orbigny’s work, numbers wanting
p. 139 Fitton, Dr. abstract of letter to,
p. 138, 145 Touraine Paper, estimate for
p. 143, 149,150 [Touraine Paper] mem[orandum] for, and addenda
p. 142, 144 Mem[orandum]
p. 143 Letters sent, mem[oranda] of
p. 145 Sowerby’s time, note of
p. 151 [Sowerby’s] his account of Col[onel] Jones’s box
p. 146, 151 Geol[ogical] Trans[actions] - publication of, etc.
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