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Notebook No.111, July 1843-11 August 1843

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Identifier: Coll-203/A1/111

Scope and Contents

This notebook contains Charles Lyell’s notes from his travels through France (started in previous notebook, Number 110), London, and Bristol (continued in following notebook Number 112). It is dated July to Aug 11th 1843. Notes are in pencil and ink and are primarily field notes. The index is located in the back of the notebook on pages 113-116.

Transcription note:

The following table of contents is Lyell's own words, copied from Lyell's own "Index", found at the beginning and end of the notebook, transcribed from digital surrogates using the platform Transkribus. When known, Lyell's abbreviations and contractions have been expanded using brackets []. When writing is unclear, and transcription is not possible, this is denoted using [...]. Quotation marks are Lyell's own notation for ditto, as is the abbreviation "do". The inclusion of [sic] indicates the misspelling of a word is deliberate and taken from the notebook.

Lyell's own index

July to Aug[ust] 11th 1843.
France - London - Bristol
p. 1 Sceaux, description of the rock at,
p. 1 - [Sceaux] fossils
p. 3 Cheffes, fossils from
p. 3 to Juverdé, gravel and sand deposits,
p. 5, 21, 67 Itinerary
p. 7 Thorigné, rock
p. 7 Contigné, list of fossils from
p. 9 - [Contigné] falun rests on vertical slate
p. 9 Faluns, more shells found formerly when marl more used
p. 11 St. Denis, curved and vertical slate
p. 11 Maine and Loire, cultivation of,
p. 13 St. Laurent fossils
p. 14 Marc, M., on falun of St. Laurent
p. 14 Mine de Maupartius [sic - Maupertius?] dip of slate rocks
p. 14, 16 - [Mine de Maupartius] [same as above] fossils of,
p. 16 La Ragotière sect[ion] of inverted beds
p. 19 - [La Ragotière] sect[ion] of by Mr. Francis.
p. 16, 18 - [La Ragotière] fossils of
p. 18 Sablé, trap and anthracite of,
p. 18 - [Sablé] and Laval, gravel and sands between,
p. 18 Brulon, [sic Brulon] Devonian limestone specimens from,
p. 22 Laval, limest[one] between beds of vertical slate
p. 22 St. Pierre le Cour, [sic - St. Pierre des Cours or St. Pierre la Cour?] Coal-field only 3 miles diam[eter]
p. 24 - [St. Pierre le Cour] [same as above] fossils of
p. 26 Hyænodon [Hyaenodon] found by Dujardin
p. 26 Dujardin, cost of Engraving his Chalk corals
p. 26 - [Dujardin] on fossil Hyænodon [same as above]
p. 28 Rennes and Dinan, country between
p. 28 Eocene deposits not found in Anjou
p. 30 St. Juvat, diameter of basin
p. 40, 60 - [] white jange covered by red clay
p. 40, 44 - [] height of deposit above river
p. 34, 46 Rance, R[iver], platform above from Perrieres to Villeven
p. 34, 46 Besso, sect[ion] at, above the Rance R[iver],
p. 34 Villeven red clay over white faluns
p. 36, 38, 42 Evran [sic - Évran] etc, list of fossils from,
p. 40 Chateau du Hac [sic - Château du Hac]
p. 40 Trefumel [sic - Tréfumel]
p. 44 Jauge, height thickness of et cetera
p. 48 Sharks tooth covered with flustra
p. 48 Sand-pipe near Quiou
p. 50 Faluns, names for Map of,
p. 52 Cassini’s Map, scale of,
p. 52, 54 Piquet, Mr., collection of,
p. 52 D’Archiac, on character of falun deposit,
p. 60 - [D’Archiac] on Carbonif[erous]. Limest[one]. in France
p. 60 - [D’Archiac] on Claycovering Faluns
p. 56 St. Malo, mem[oranda].
p. 58 - [St. Malo] shells etc found on beach at,
p. 58 - [St. Malo] Dioritic dike in gneiss.
p. 60 Faluns, heights of,
p. 60 Carboniferous limestone in France
p. 60 De Verneuil, on clay covering Faluns
p. 60 - [De Verneuil] on Carbonif[erous]. Limest[one]. in France
p. 60 Jersey, syenite,
p. 64 Lectures, plan of,
p. 65, 66, 68 Falun paper, estimated cost of,
p. 66 Koch's Mastodon, price of,
p. 68 Forbes, queries for
p. 69 Letters sent, list of,
p. 71 Auvergne Mammalia
p. 71 D'Orbigny’s list of Eocene mammalia
p. 71 Elephant, casts of, at Geol[ocial]. Soc[iety]. larger than Koch's Mastodon
p. 71, 73 Falconer, Dr. mem[oradum]. of conversation with on Sewalik fossils etc
p. 73 - [Falconer, Dr.] and Owen - [fossils ect]
p. 74, 89 Ireland, mem[orandum]. for,
p. 77, 88 Magnesian Limestone fossils
p. 78, 86 - [Magnesian Limestone] localities of,
p. 77 Morris on Humbleton fossils
p. 86 - [Morris] notes by, for tour in Sunderland etc
p. 88, 90, 92 - [Morris] notes on his Collection
p. 77, 78, 82 Binney, Mr., on Coal plants
p. 78 - [Binney, Mr.] on localities of Magn[esian]. Limest[one]. fossils
p. 82 - [Binney, Mr.] on foss[il]. fish of Nova Scotia
p. 84 - [Binney, Mr.] - [on foss[il] fish of] Autun
p. 84 - [Binney, Mr.] on Carbonif[erous] fossils of Nova Scotia
p. 81 - [Binney, Mr.] queries for,
p. 78, 86 Bolsover fossils
p. 87 Wood Coal, Ireland, Dr. Berger on,
p. 92 Tour de Boulade shells
p. 93 Itinerary - London to Radstock
p. 83, 91 Bristol, mem[oranum]. and queries for,
p. 94 - [Bristol] coal-field, fossils of.
p. 96 Dolomitic Conglom[erate] and Thecodonts
p. 96 Wood in Old Red
p. 98 Orthoceras, of great size in Mount[ain]. Limest[one].
p. 98, 100 Durdham Downs, fissures
p. 98 - [Durdham Downs] bones in Caves
p. 102 - [Durdham Downs] no shells in caves with the bones
p. 100, 102 - [Durdham Downs] conglomerate
p. 102 Clifton conglomerate
p. 102 Calamite
p. 102 Eleph[ant]. and Hyena in alluvium of Avon,
p. 102 Pennant, drift coal in,
p. 104 - [Pennant] Coal worked in,
p. 104 Saltoun, Lias of,
p. 104 Elephant Bridge, near Bath, so named from number of bones
p. 106 Faults in Coal of different ages
p. 104 Coal worked in Pennant
p. 106 - [Coal] faults in, of different ages
p. 108, 112 - [Coal] mines near Radstock
p. 110 Radstock, great fault in Coal
p. 109, 112 - [Radstock] coal-mines
p. 112 Tannings [sic of Tyning also spelt Tining on page 112 and Tyning is the name of a pit in Radstock] Pit, section of,


  • Creation: July 1843-11 August 1843


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