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Notebook No.116, May 1844-11 June 1844

 Item — Box: Lyell-temp-box 5
Identifier: Coll-203/A1/116

Scope and Contents

The notebook contains Charles Lyell’s notes from May to June 11th 1844 while in London. It then continues through June 13th to July 27th in Scotland. Much of the content is about an upcoming trip to the United States - and also covers research on Canada. Notes are in penci and ink. The notebook index is located in the back of the notebook on pages 112-115. Pages 67-72 is an Essay on the 'Constitution of the United States'.

Lyell's own index

Index 1844.
London, May to June 11th.
p. 2 Amphidetus, James R[iver]. Scutella, Jacksonboro’ with Forbes
p. 4 Beaufort, additions to list, with Sowerby,
p. 6, 8 Petersburg and Williamsburg, miocene representatives and identical forms, - [with Sowerby]
p. 9 School system in England, Prof[essor]. Bache
p. 10, 12 Echinoderms and echinus of Petersburg, Williamsburg, Jacksonboro’, et cetera, et cetera
p. 12 James River, Beaufort, Mulberry, and N[ew]. Jersey, miocene of,
p. 12, 13 Pecopteris from Frostberg, [sic Frostburg] and Marietta coal, with Woodward
p. 14 Glaciers, Edinburgh Review
p. 15 Miocene of U.S. results, peculiar forms
p. 17 Coal Plants of Horton Bluff & Windsor
p. 18, 20 Martha's Vineyard rocks, with Tennant
p. 20 Cumberland and Wrentham coal plants, with Woodward
p. 20, 21, 22 Stony Bluff Flints Millhaven flint and chert with Tennant
p. 22, 24 Kaolin, clay, et cetera of Aikin, [sic Aiken] Tiger's Leap, Augusta, Reeve’s Mill, et cetera
Index. 1844.
p. 26 Worcester anthracite and plumbago, composition of,
p. 27 Stoudenmire shells
p. 27 Fossils of recent species common to U.S. and Europe, list of,
p. 27, 28 Recent species of European miocene and not found recent in America, list of,
p. 28, 29 30 Plumbago, Coke, Anthracite, Graphite, et cetera analysis of,
p. 30, 32 Cape Breton coal plants, with Woodward
p. 15 and 34 G Sowerby, acc[ount] with,
p. 35 Vance's Ferry, Streeble's Mill, and Cave Hall, shells of,
p. 36 Corals sent to Mr. Lonsdale, mem[oradum]. of,
p. 37, 38 Millhaven, Wilmington, and White Creek shells, list of, & Orangeburg Burrstone, with Sowerby
p. 40 Sigillaria, list of, [‘list of’ is interlined] Ohio, with Woodward
p. 41, 42 New Jersey chalk, Frostburg Coal, with Sowerby
p. 44 Scutella and Cidaris, Streeble’s Mill & Vance’s Ferry, with Forbes
p. 46 Publication expenses of Journal, estimate of, with Forbes
p. 49 Plants of U.S. Hepatica, Arbutus, et cetera list
p. 54, 55 Coal of U.S. Woodward on the,
p. 56 Webster administr[ation] U.S. [‘U.S.’ is interlined] policy of the,
p. 57, 58 Orderly and quiet proceedings in U.S.
p. 60 Fossil Pecten, Dr. Scouler
p. 62 Himalaya Fossils, with Forbes
p. 64 Sister's Ferry, rocks of, with Tennant
p. 66 Indian Mosses
p. 67 to 72 Constitution of U.S., article on the,
p. 72 Yantlet Island, near Sheerness, composed of cockle shells
p. 73 to 79 Puseyism, article on,
p. 74 Expenses of journey to Scotland
Scotland June 13th to July 27th
p. 80 to 107 Plants in Scotland, list of 254
p. 84 Loch Whorral, blocks of mica schist [‘c’ is interlined]
p. 94 Barrier of hillocks, near Rottal
p. 106, 108, 110, 111 Estimate of pages in Journal
p. 108 Canada, climate, prejudices, expenditure, et cetera, et cetera


  • Creation: May 1844-11 June 1844


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