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Notebook No.241, 14 September 1859-21 October 1859

 Item — Box: Lyell-temp-box 8
Identifier: Coll-203/A1/241

Scope and Contents

This green leather bound Notebook records Lyell's travels in Aberdeenshire then on down the East coast to Scarborough, Filey, Cromer and Diss. Page 71 onwards are Lyell's notes on Darwin's 'Creation of Species' with further discussion thereafter. There is a black and white photograph of Roydon Oolite on page 171. Page 74 references a specimen Cephalaspis lyelli Agassiz at GLammis, now held by the Cockburn Museum.

Scope and Contents

The following table of contents is Lyell's own words, copied from Lyell's own "Index", found at the beginning and end of the notebook, transcribed from digital surrogates using the platform Transkribus. In this Notebook, Lyell has arranged the index by date, recording his movements by place, and then summarises the work he has undertaken, referenincg people whose work he has read, or worked with. Page numbers are given after the summarised topic, highlighted by [p.] When known, Lyell's abbreviations and contractions have been expanded using brackets []. When writing is unclear, and transcription is not possible, this is denoted using [...]. The inclusion of [sic] indicates the misspelling of a word is deliberate and taken from the notebook.

Lyell's Own Index

Sept. 14. 1859. Aberdeen
Wed[nesday] 14th Aberdeen. 21. Union Terrace
15[th] - Banchory. Thompson. Prince consort
16[th] - My opening address, Geol. Section. Mr Geikie, M. Sorby. Sir R. Griffith -
17[th] - List of persons to whom opening Address sent p.9 itinerary p.10. Mr Gordon of Elgin. Haughton Vale of Alford
18[th]– Martineau preached at Unitarian Chapel
19[th] Aberdeen - Elgin Sandstone papers. Huxley on Stagonslapis. Owen
20[th] - H. D Rogers on Glen Roy Roads. R[obert?] Chambers. J D. Forbes. Sir J. F. M[rs?] F. , Prof. Allmann Dr. Sharpe. Ad[miral] Fitzroy. - to Banchory
21[th] Banchory to Aboyne & Ballater to Birkhall - Dr Lancaster, Oliphant- Owen
22[th] - Birkhall – Mr & Mrs V. Harcourt – walk to see Benachie 40? miles off- with Owen, Rhincosaurs [sic] p. 15. Prognathorus skulls, p16- Progression theory, ib.
23[th] Birkhall - Murchison’s instr[uct[ions for Elgin sandst[one]. investigation. [p,] 17 map. do. p. 27. with Murchison to Balmoral. Col. Bruce – Pr[ince] of Wales - Col. Seymour. Sir C. Gray -
24[th] Birkhall by Banchony to Aberdeen. Prof. Balfour - H. Rogers- E.W. Cooke’s address p. 30. Moore C. of Bath’s address p. 30 – Elgin
Sept. 1859
25[th] Elgin- with Prof[essor]r. Harkness to Linksfield p. 32-35. Spynee p. 36 - loch & quarry of telerpeton - Mire-side p. 38 & Findressie- Bishops Mills & fault p. 40 - Linksfield fossils by C. Moore. p 41-
26[th]. Elgin - Hospital Mill & Newton quarries p.44 Burgh Head quarries yellow sandst[one] trias – p, 46. Cummingstone –p. 48. Clashie quarries ib. Bishops Mills 50 Linksfield stria p, 50-
27[th] Elgin to Lossiemonth with M. M [stands for Mssers?]. Gordon, Symonds & Harkness – Mary with us - reptilian sandst[one] [p.]50 Raised beach al Lossiemouth [p.] 52 53. Hyperodapedon quarry [p.]54 footprints & reptile in same bed 56- Linksfield ib. with Symunds & Harkness to Forres, Mrs. Milne.
28[th] Forres. Findhorn section. Cotall [p.]61. May quarry of red sandst[one] [p. 62 General results of Forres geology [p.] 62 64.66. Difference of Angus & Findhorn geology ib -
29[th] Elgin Corrigenda Manual, [p.]66- Lennox's Tynot Burn fish [p.]68 Itinerary plan of [p.]70
Sept[ember 1859
29[th] contin[ue]d Aberdeen, Montrose blood red sandst[one] of Fordoun - Drumkilbo.
30[th] Drumkilbo- Mr & Mrs Kerr wrote to D. of Richmond-Ruthven
Oct[ober] 1[st] Drumkilbo - Creation of species, Darwin [p.] 71. Galapagos birds & Madeira [p,] 72 Glammis section in burn. [p.]74 [page 74 references Cephalaspis lyelli Agassiz at Glammis, which links to Cockburn Museum specimen ref EUCM.0128.2013]
2[nd] –[Drumkilbo] Chapel Meigle - Mr Wedderburn Col. W. read Darwin on species.
3[rd] – [Drumkilbo] to Shielhill. Fairweather & David at Kerry
4[th] Shiehill Letter to Darwin on his work creation of species p.75-90.
5[th] [Shielhill] - Edinburgh
6[th] Newcastle, M Thornhill librarian [p.]90
7[th] York- Mr Dallas p.92
8[th] Scarborough. Mr Bean's collection. [p.]93
9[th]. With Mr Leckenby to Cayton Bay Scarboro[rgh] [p.] 94
10[th] Scarboro[ugh] with do [Leckenby] to Gristhorpe Bay [p.] 98
[Scarborough] Dogger Bank shells [p.]102
[Scarborough] with P. Cullen as quide to section of Sheeton & Flamboro[rgh] [p.] 104, 187
Red Chalk [p.] 110 - Coprolite bed [p.] 114
Oct[ober]. 1859
10 contin[ued] Speeton & Filey Cardinium bed in glacial drift [p.]117
11[th] Drift near Filey &so called gault [p.] 118 Excursion from Scarborough to Cloughton oolite with plants [p.] 188 and 124. Erect equiveta [p.] 124. Dr Murrays collection of ferns fossil & zamia [p.] 126. 131.
12[th] Scarborough Lechenby's collect[ion] [p. 132]. View from Castle 133. Anticlinal on beach explaining trias in drift. p.140. Progression develop[ment] Miocene Period may have had a richer flora-& fauna [p.] 139. Holderness flatness of 142. Boston
13[th] Mildenhall - contorted drift. [pg.] 142. Brown on [Darwin’s] Creation and reply to his objections to Lamarckian transmutation. [p.] 145
14[th] Mildenhall Naghore plants with C. Bunbury - no angiosperms – [p.] 147.
15[th] - [Mildenhall] Progression no Cetacea in oolite. [p.]148
16[th] Mildenhall. Zamia common in lower shale ib.
17[th] Mildenhall to Norwich with J. Hooker- Irstead, Rev. J. Gunn. fossil Elephant Indicus [p.] 149
Oct[ober] 1859
17[th] Irstead Hoxne flints. [Mundersley?] [Trogenthermin?]
18[th] Irstead to Happisborough with J Gunn, Rev, King Dr. J Hooker. Section at H submarine forest p. 152 Primus abies and Primus Sylvestoris coorss Bacton Gal[way] p. 154 Mundersley [p.] 156, Tremingham [p.[ 158 Cromer Mr Simonds
19[th] Cromer Runton section [p.] 162 Marine Shells of Glacial says Gunn at Cromer [p.] 164
20[th] Irstead by Norwich to Diss and Hoxne with Rev. Gunn and King. Hoxne section [p.] 166 168
21[st] Diss – with Mr. Anyot Glacial Drift Upper Oolite [p.] 170 172 Stigmaria in Norfolk Drift [p.] 174, Glacial Striae ib. Hoxne flint instrument 176


  • Creation: 14 September 1859-21 October 1859


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