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Notebook No.244, 23 July 1860-1 November 1860

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Identifier: Coll-203/A1/244

Scope and Contents

Teal coloured leather Notebook documents Lyell’s travels from Liege to Bonn, Weimar to London. During this time, he is preparing the manuscript for his ‘The Antiquity of Man’. The research in this Notebook significantly changes his plans for the manuscript. The importance of this Notebook is highlighted by Claudine Cohen in the article ‘Charles Lyell and the evidences of the Antiquity of Man’ published 1998.

Transcription note

The following table of contents is Lyell's own words transcribed from digital surrogates using the platform Transkribus. Page numbers have been moved in the transcription below, to the start of the entry, and highlighted by [p.] Dates are followed by [th] or [st] to distinguish them from page numbers. When known, Lyell's abbreviations and contractions have been expanded using brackets [ ]. When writing is unclear, and transcription is not possible, this is denoted using [...]. The inclusion of [sic] indicates the misspelling of a word is deliberate and taken from the notebook.'Do' is used by Lyell to indicate 'ditto'. Brackets () indicates Lyell's own use of brackets.

Lyell's own index

The index appears from pages 1 to 7 at the front of the book. In this Notebook, Lyell has arranged the index by date, recording his movements by place, and then summarises the work he has undertaken, referencing people whose work he has read, or worked with.

Scope and Contents

NB 244
July 23rd Monday. 1860
23rd Liege contin[ue]d
[p.] 7 Loess marine Hebert?
[p.] – ib.& 8. Herstal whale’s vertebra showing tide rising to near Liege
- ib Flint hatchet unpolished on M[oun]n. Panizel ib.
- ib (p. 7) Keer Maestricht height of above sea
[p.] 8. Shark in loess (Bonn?) like Herstal
[p.] 10 By steamer with Malaise to Maestricht. Elephant Cheratte below Liege
- ib. Argentean [Castle] on Meuse [Mountain limestone].
[p.] 11 Vise section, loess, coal. Carb[on]. Limest[one]. Devonian
[p.] 12 Guasco at Fauquemont, skull like ape?
24th [July] Maestricht
[p.] 12 Binkhorst reference to his work for human skeleton.
[p.] 14. Human jaw 6 1/2 metres deep, Caberg
[p. 14] - Ammonites cast of in Maestricht chalk- Hippurite in do ib.
- ib. Gasteropods 60 to 70 in do.
[p.] 16 Athenaeum Museum Maestricht
[p.] 16 Expedition with Bosquet & Ubach - Loess
[p.] 22 & 18 Keer section site of human bones
[p.] 20 Loess section of seam with Bosquet
[p.] 22 Keer fossil q[uer]y if buried or very ancient
[p.] 23 Loess of many periods.
25th [July] Maestricht
[p.] 24 Caberg section – fossil man in Museum
25[th July] Maestricht contin[ue]d
[p.] 26 Caberg canal section:-
[p.] 28 Loess high on both sides of Meuse at Maestricht as at Liege
[p.] 32 With Ubaghs at Fauquemont
[p.] 30 Section of Tongrien sand etc near F[auquemont]
[p.] 32 Ubaghs account of finding Keer bones
[p.] 34 Galoppe bones & section
[p.] 36 Foix le Cave Maestricht with Senoian fossils
- [p. 36] Aixe La Chapelle fossils of white sands enumerat[ed?] by Ubaghs
[p.] 38 Addresses Aix of Beissel etc.
- [p. 38] Fanquemont to Aix
[p.] 39 De Beaulieu’s articles in Revue [du] Trimestre on Spring’s Chauvaux cave
26[th July] Aix la Chapelle
[p.] 40 Beissel - marine shells of Aix Sands
[p.] 42 Debey- Few tertiary genara of ferns
- [Debey] Heer on Nebrasca [Nebraska] tertiary plants
[p.] 44 Debey living & tertiary genera first found secondary at Aix
- [Debey] Territorial nervation
[p.] 46 Journey from Aix to Duven
- Old river beds on plateau
27[th July] Cologne.
[p.] 46 Rhine flow of at Bridge
[p.] 48 [flow of at Bridge] of boats
- Bonn Prof. Schaffhausen address
[p.] 50 Addresses Bonn
[p.] 50 Neander holhe [Neander Valley] in Dusseldorf
July 1860
July 28th Bonn
[p.] 52 Skulls of Dusseldorf & Caberg with Schaffhausen.
[p.] 54 Galoppe bones, Keer Maestricht bones
[p.] 55 Vom Rath. address Bonn
[p.] 55 & 58 Rodenberg before Loess, after gravel
[p.] 56 Von Dechen. on patches of Eifel Miocene
- Levels Bonn 140 ft. Gravel 600. Drachenfuls
- Date of Siebengebirge miocene Papierkohl
- Upland gravel now- fossilif[cation?] permeable
[p.] 59 Section of Siebengebirge
[p.] 60 Bones at junction of loess & gravel
[p.] 60 Upland gravels & loess oldest
[p.] 60. 62.63. 64. Loess general view of
[p.] 62 Bunsen on Egypt.
[p.] 68, p 65 Noggerath on weapons in bed of Rhine
29[th July]
[p.] 66 Otto Weber on Vogelsberg, Miocene
- Sus fossil found in Miocene of Wetteran
30[th July]
[p.] 68 Bonn to Cologne Loess & gravel
[p.] 72 Neanderdal [sic Neanderthal] Dusseldorf. Dr. Fuhlrott
- [Neanderdal [sic Neanderthal]] skull [p.] 76- Bear [p.] 72- Hochdal st. [p.] 78 [drawing of caves on pg 77]
[p.] 80 Elberfeld Dortmund Soest
31[st July]
[p. 80] Soest in Prussia, Westphalia. Lipstadtt
[p.] 82 Padderborn [sic Paderborn] Cretaceous Nervian
[p.] 84 Warburg, Bunter
[p.] 86 Cassel Eisenach Gotha
Augt 1860
1st [August] Weimar [underlined]
[p.] 88 Blankenheim - Muschelkalk - Ceratites. Rudolstadt Saale R.
2[nd] [and also] 8[th] Rudolstadt [underlined]
Fichtel -nodel, damp- bad. Justivs hohm, Reichardt & his concert & Deutschen Vaterland in honor of Arnat & his statue. Excursion to Schwartzburg [sic Schwarzburg] - Debra section
8 [th August]
[p.] 88 Rudolstadt [underlined] to Blankenberg Griesbachfels [Griesbachfelsen]
9[th August]
[p.] 90- Gechsken on road to Katerman. Gravel 60 ft above Saale
10[th August]
[p.] 92.93. 94.-Schaale, muschelkalk. Loess with Succenia
11[th August]
Rudolstadt [underlined]. Saalfeld. Richter Recter of Real Schule.
15[th August]
[p.] 98 – [Rudolstadt] to Gross Kochberg loess near R[iver?]
[p.] 99 - [Rudolstadt] to Gross Kochberg] Section of Bunter red & white
[p.] 100 - [Rudolstadt] to V. Hollebens Gelbstein fossils
Pantenzille, Morla
[p.] 103 Rudolstadt [underlined] - Lartets letter on Dr Spring’s & and Warsoe’s Scandinavian skulls criticising,
[p.] 104 Elephas Priscus, R. Ay black
[p.] 107 [is 106] Zechstein quarry Rt
[p.] 109 Memoranda for London
Sept 3rd
[p.] 111 Section seen with Richter of Zechstein overlying Devonian in gorge of Saale R[iver] above Obernitz.
[p.] 112 V[on]. Schauroth's address.
7th Rudolstadt to Schwarzburg – [half] moon in sunshiny blue sky
[p.] 116 Eisfeld Coburg
10[th] [and] 11[th] Coburg
[p.] 118 section of Keuper with Schauroth
12[th] [and] 13th [Coburg]- to Hildburghausen
[p.] 120, 124 Dr Bergen & Mr [Friederick] Winzer of Hesselberg quarries
[p.] 137, 138 Itinerary in pencil & diary
[p.] 131 14[th] Eisenach Seuft Rothleegendes
[p.] 126 13[th September] Werra R[iver]. railway geology
[p.] 133 Kaolin Bunter white
[p.] 134 M[anu].S[cript]. on progression & transmutation
15[th September] Guntershausen
16[th] Frankfort [sic Frankfurt] & Mayence [sic Mainz]
[p.] 140 loess
[p.] 140 Mayence railway Neuwied
18 [th]
[p.] 142 Andernach Brohl loess
[p.] 142 Lenas address Bonn
[p.] 144 Bonn Prof[essor] Schulze, Diatomaccae [Diatomaceous].
[p.] 146 Troschel. El[ephant]. Priscus Popplesdorf
[p.] 146. 147 Weber de Ludwigs Vogelsberg’s fossil Miocene plants - tell Hartung-
[p.] 148 Noggerath on Elepha[nt]s priscus
[p.] 150 [Noggerath] on loess of Rhine
[p.] 152 M[anu]S[cript] on Species & transmutation
[p.] 154 Brussels Zoo[logical]. Garden
[p.] 154 Steamer Purfleet section
[p.] 156. 160 M[anu].S[cript]. on Progression & transmutation
23[rd] London.
[p.] 161 Falconer, Welsh caves, climate of Glacial Period. Amiens hippotamus q[uery]
24[th] – [London]
[p.] 162 Dr Falconer stereocoronina molars of Elephant.
[p.] 163 Sicilian & Maltese cave animals –
Bovey Coal, bis - ib. American mammoths differ from European ib.
25[th] -[London]
[p.] 164 Bulldog var[iety?] of common ox. Coll[ege] of Surg[eons]
[p.] 166. 167 Maltese caves.
[p.] 167. Deinothene
26[th] to 29[th] London
- Asa Grays articles read on Darwin’s theory - & Letters to Darwin & his M[anu]S[cript] on Dogs –Zool[ogical] Garden Octopus & Lepidosiren
Oct.[ober] 3rd - Mr Gibson R. A. dined in Harley St[reet]
Oct. 4 to 9 Corresponding with Darwin on Origin of Species, Falconer & Purgally on Bovey Coal Plants.
12th Friday. 13th 14th changed plan of Manual & resolved to omit ch[apter]. on Natural Selection.
15 to 20[th] [p.] 168 Barton Hall – Hardwich Lady Cullum. Ickworth with Falconer Brixham Cave Hybrids ib.
[p.] 169 Amiens Elephants [St Aucheul] loess
Oct 4. C[om]mittee with Woodward fossils of S[aint]. Vincente & Madeira.
[p.] 172 Prof. Ramsay’[s] Catalogue for glacial form[ations]
[p.] 174 Monkeys Zool[ogical]. Garden gestation etc
[p.] 175. 177 Arboretum Barton with C Bunbury - Salisbury
[p.] 178. Lower Oolite Araucaria Hooker
Oct[ober] 24[th] Lord Clyde (Athenaeum) Crawfurd.
Oct 1860
[p.] 179 Caffer bread pith of Zamia
Wollaston Atlantis & salvages ib blind beetles St Helena curculionidae new type.
Nov[embe]r 1. to 6th. M[anu].S[cript]. on Antiquity of Man. for Manual
6[th]. Mrs Twisselton – S. [or T?] Appleton


  • Creation: 23 July 1860-1 November 1860


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