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Notebook No.249, 30 July 1863- April 1864

 Item — Box: Lyell-temp-box 9
Identifier: Coll-203/A1/249

Scope and Contents

Red leather bound notebook, dated July 30 1863 to April 1864 covering Lyell's research in Wales, including mountains - Moel Tryfan, Snowdon - quarries caves and beaches. Lists significant corrections necessary for 'Antiquity of Man'.

Scope and Contents

The following table of contents has been copied from Lyell's own "Index" found at the end of the notebook, supplemented with further observations. Items in quotations are taken directly from the notebook, and are in Lyell's own words. Abbreviations have been expanded where possible, and the extensions are shown between brackets []. The inclusion of a question mark in brackets [?] indicates inference due to illegible writing. The inclusion of [sic] indicates the misspelling of a word is deliberate and taken from the notebook.

Lyell's own index

July 30 1863 to April 1864
p. 1 Llanberis. Lakes of
- [Llanberis] Perched block
- Tarn near in [perched block]
p. 3 Absence of shells
- Tarn Crater like
- Boulders. 2000 ft high
- Tarns (Bis)
p-. 5 Erratic 16 ft diameter
-Snowden [sic Snowdon]. & Lake due west [foot interlined] of
p. 6 - [Snowdon] ascent of from Pass of Llanberis
- Crater like amphitheatre
- Moel Tryfane [sic Moel Tryfan] - 50ft of stratified gravel covering slate
p. 8 Alexandra Mines
- Base of Snowdon- the sea must have covered whole country to-
p. 10 Moel Tryfane [sic Moel Tryfan] 1 471. ft high
- List of Marine. Shells
p. 12 Tubular Bridge Menai straits
- Penrhyn quarry. profits of
- Harlech Grits
p. 14 Bangor
p, 14 Itinerary Aug 1st to 6th 1863
p. 15 Llandudno – Orme’s Head shells
- Old Beach of [Orme’s Head]
- Block of Mountain limestone on top of Orme’s Head
p. 18 Marine Shells of Orme’s Head
- With Symonds- Puffin Isle & Penmaenmaur [sic Penmaenmawr] no trace of shells
- Raised beach- objection to Kilcher midden theory
p. 20 Fault near Moel Tryfane [sic Moel Tryfan]. Shells found by Ramsey at Western base of Snowdon
- G[rea]t Orme’s Head. Reef of mountain limestone pot holes planed off-
p. 22 Gogarth Beach. Penmaenmaur [sic Penmaenmawr] et cetera heights
- Moel Tryfane [sic Moel Tryfan] Marine Shells of
-p. 24 Llandudno Glacial clay with stones with polished surface & marine shells.
- Elevated beach - various heights
p. 26 Irish houses below flagstaff
- Conway bay- submerged morass
- with trees
- G[rea]t Ormes Head.
- Moel Tryfane [sic Moel Tryfan] - height of
- Penforma [sic Penmorfa]
p. 29 Vertical Section of Moel Tryfane [sic Moel Tryfan] N[orth?] E[ast?]. [Pen-yr-Orsedd quarry]
p. 30 Conway to Rhyl- Difference of Scenery
- G[rea]t. Orme’s Head. Section of
p. 31 Llandudno- Shells picked upon shore
p. 32 Copy of letter from C[harles] Lyell to Dr. Liddell Dean of Christchurch - on Geology of [Orme’s interlined] Head
Contents of letter
p. 34 1. Eatable [sic] shells in old Kitchen midden
p. 35 2. Glacial deposit & raised beach
p. 36 3. Old bed of the Glacial sea 600 ft high
- 4. Erratic blocks on Ormes Head
p. 36. 37 5. Potholes Moel Tryfane [sic Moel Tryfan].
p. 36. 37 6. 8 [Eight] Species of shells found at Alexandra Mine
p. 38 Cefn Cave. Elephas Antiquis [Elephas Antiquus] Hippoptamus
p. 40 Severn straits of Murchison
- 200 ft of submerged forest proved by marine shells
- Cutting at Coalbrooke Dale. Severn Valley - List of shells
p. 41 Severn Drift
p. 42 List of Shells
p. 43 Large Boulders in Severn Drift
p. 44 Severn drift with shells
p. 45 Aug 5 Dr Johnson Curator Shrewsbury Museum
p, 46, 7 Bromwich Hill gravel pit
p. 48 Moel Tryfane [sic Moel Tryfan]. Shells of named by Jeffreys
p. 49 G[reat] Orme’s Head Shells
p. 50 Trow Bridge – shells named by Jeffreys
- Lartet on Aurignac Cave
p. 52 Cervus Cusanus near Polignac with E. Meridonialis (Puy)
p. 53 Lartet on Animals of Aurignac Cave
p. 53 Red Lady of Paveland [sic Paviland] being a man
- Human bones more durable than ivory (Lartet) [interlined]
p. 54 King on Forest bed & Crag of Norwich
- E. Meridionals contemporary with Mastodon Arvernensis- Lartet says
p. 55 Sub pyrenean gravels + position of Aurignac Cave- Lartet on
p. 56 Cefn cave. List of organic bodies found by Jeffreys near
p. 57, 62 Notes with Bartlett – Zool[ogical] Gar[dens] on cutting of bones by Carnivora
- Scratched bones in Brit[ish] Museum from Val D’Arno et cetera et cetera
p. 64-7 Corrections for “Antiquity of Man”
- Hisbris Crestata & beavers gnawing bones in Zool[ogical] Gardens
p. 74-8 Notes on 3rd Ed[ition] Antiquity of Man Oct 1863
p. 74 Hooker on New Zealand once part of a larger continent
p. 78 Presentation Copies 3 Ed[ition] Antiquity
p. 81, 2 Torell & Brown on Elie & Errol Arctic Shells
p. 82 Bridlington Crag. Shells glacial says Torell
- Dr. [Torell] on Shells of glacial beds.
- [Dr. [Torell] on Shells of] Uddmilla
- [Dr. [Torell] on Shells of] Bath
p. 88 Cyrena & old river beds of Nile Dr. Leith. J. Murie & Horner on
p. 89 Latitude- Caernarvon- Elie & Errol
p. 92-105 Elements mem[orandum] for.
p. 106-112 List of names to whom copies of Appendix 3rd ed[ition] of Antiquity of Man were given
p. 116 Selwyn Survey of South Australia no sign of glaciation July 7[th] 1863.
- Wood Jun[ior]. Structure of Red crag.
- Searles Wood on derivative shells in Norwich Crag. (Woodward) 30 extinct
p. 117-119 Mem[orandum] for Elements (From p.105 [no closed brackets]
p. 122 Brit[ish] Museum- With A. Frankes.
- [Brit[ish] Museum] Age of Egyptian pottery presented by Mr Horner
p. 120 Bridlington Crag- Shells of
p. 122 S[amuel]. Woodward on Antiquity of Edegham Beds shewn by Cornus Oliva et cetera
p. 121 – 123 Subaerial denudation disproved by fault of 250 ft on oolite table near Bath
p. 122 Excursion to [deleted] from London to Midhurst- meeting of the 2 lower greensandescarpments
- Petworth & Cockey.
Addresses 28. 89. 90. 122.


  • Creation: 30 July 1863- April 1864


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