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Notebook No.251, 8 June 1865-2 August 1865

 Item — Box: Lyell-temp-box 9
Identifier: Coll-203/A1/251

Scope and Contents

This dark red Notebook details Lyell's travels in Bavaria, Germany, joined by Mary, Leonard Lyell, his secretary Arabella Buckley, and expert companions. The book contains detailed drawings, notes and queries. The itinerary begins on page 4 on 8th June 1865 in London, before Lyell travels to Dover, Calais, Luxembourg, Burgen, Coblenz, Frankfurt then to Kissengen, Nuremberg. Munich, Innsbruck, Klobenstein, Finsterbach, Eiggshorn, Viesch and Aletsch Glaciers before descending into Italy, Verona and Milan.

Scope and Contents

The following table of contents is Lyell's secretary Arabella Buckley's own words transcribed from digital surrogates using the platform Transkribus. In this Notebook, the index is scattered throughout the book, not sequential, and is arranged by subject and page number. Dates are indicated by adding [th] or [st]. When known, Lyell's abbreviations and contractions have been expanded using brackets []. When writing is unclear, and transcription is not possible, this is denoted using [?...]. The inclusion of [sic] indicates the misspelling of a word is deliberate and taken from the notebook.'Do' and " are replaced by 'ditto'. Brackets () indicates Buckley's own use of brackets

Lyell's own index

p. 1 Belodon Kappi. Plieningeric etc. von Meyer.
p. 2 Archaeopteryx. Peruvian placebo against Darwin
- Indian Deinotherium
p. 3 Von Meyer says only two diluvial Rhinoceros
p. 4-5. Itinerary
p. 6 Mem. Pengelly's trade wind papers Queries Moore
Note – sending Miss Buckley to Claperede-?
p. 7 Muschelkalk & […] Kissingen
p. 8 Height of Baltic fossil shells.
p. 10 Coal on Sweden coast
p. 11 Zechstein section with Gumbel
p. 12 Phoetic beds etc sea
p. 14-15 Aduct beds - Bohemian Laurentian
p. 16 [? Freres] Vienna basin N. of Alps
p. 4 & 131 Itinerary
p. 17 Basaltic outbreaks of Rhongebirge [sic]
p. 17 Nuremberg dolomite age of Kimmeridge
p. 18 Rocks like St Michael - Walhalla Busts
p. 19 Gumbel - boundary seacliff like those of river action
p. 20, 22 with Oppel Aducts beds & fossils
p. 22 Kusstein hills limestone flanked with Jurassic
p. 24 [? Innsbruck] [? tales] above the sill.
p. 26-29 Rutschbach [sic Russbach?] pyramids & old river beds
p. 30 Mattrey [sic Matrei] & Steinbach terrace 100 ft high
p. 32 Heights of Bener [sic Brenner] pass etc
p. 34 Mauls gorge – Sec[tion]c of Eisack river
p. 36. 38 Ice. scooping of gorges. Mauls precipice 45°.
p. 40 Kausterweg gorge semi- columnar queries
p. 42, 44 Botzen [earth] pyramids - Klobenstein red porphyry
p. 47 [is on p. 46] Finsterbach brook
p. 48 -50 Cluster columns. Height & angle
p. 55 [is on p. 54] Height of Klobenstein above sea 3814 Aus[trian].feet
p. 56 With Von Kaschnitz - mud torrents- Glaciated porphyry
p. 58 Wooden roof for protection against rain Finsterbach
p. 60, 62, 64 Katzenbach ravine pillar 30ft high
p. 66 View of do from above Mem on do
p. 68 70 Porphyry boulders in torrent - & dip
Cont p.101
Index cont[ined] from p. 133
p. 72 Rock in situ Finsterbach bed Query trias decomposing
p. 74 Loose takes - Columns on left F[insterbach].ravine
p. 75 Partial stratification transported blocks
p. 76, 78 Cappingstones - slope of terrace
p. 80 Kematen quarry - extinct Eisach glacier
p. 82 Finsterbach 400ft of real columns
p. 84 85 With Von Kaschnitz - 9 feet block
p. 88 91 Roches moutounees & glaciation
p. 90 Heights of Klobenstein etc above the sea
p. 92 – 94 Grodner sandstein - Verona amphitheatre
p. 94 Cones made by torrents near Roveredo
p. 96 98 Ice-scooped lakes- Arona
p. 100 Lago Maggiore - granite quarries.
p. 102 Toccea [? Toccia] or Tosa valley with steep mountains
p. 104 Domo Dossila filled up lake
p. 105 Eiggishorn 2000ft above Aletschglacier [sic Aletsch Glacier]
p. 106 107 108 Dwarfs towers
p. 108 Viesch & Aletsch glaciers.
p. 108 109 Marjelew [sic location not identified] Sec[?tion] Measurements
p. 111 Moraine of Viesch glacier ice
p. 112 col of Marjelew [sic] sec[tion]
p. 114 Breadth of terrace & lateral torrents
p. 115 117 Frere's account - sec of lake with Aletsch glacier
p. 115-126 General conclusions
p. 125.129 Dwarfs Tower measurements
p. 130 Larmarbach to bed inclined at angle of 12°
p. 130 Council of Scion decided to make a canal


  • Creation: 8 June 1865-2 August 1865


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