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Miscellaneous items, Part 1, 2, & 3, 1891-1928


Scope and Contents

Miscellaneous items, Part 1, 2, & 3.

Part 1.

  1. ‘General’, bundle of miscellaneous notes, wrapped in ‘Songs of the Hebrides (Ancient Scots Minstrelsie). From the Western Isles of Scotland’, Music Hall, Edinburgh, 21 January 1913, recital programme, containing various lecture notes, notes, excerpts, etc., in no particular order, manuscripts. & typescripts, texts often on reverses of discarded letters and leaflets, including stencilled letter from Edinburgh District Board of Control, Edinburgh, 16 November 1917, ‘School Concert Scheme. Notes on the Choice of Music’, letter from Neil Shaw, An Comunn Gaidhealach, 15 August 1919, letter from James B. Pond, J. B. Pond Lyceum Bureau, New York, 22 May 1919, letter from Percy A. Scholes, The Music Student, 5 May 1921, letter from Donald Macdonald, Edinburgh, 30 June 1921, letter from J. M. Alston, University Union (E. U. Dramatic Society), Edinburgh, 2 July 1921, ‘Return showing Attendances of Members at Council and Committee Meetings of Edinburgh Parish Council, From 7th November 1913 to 4th December 1914’, part of letter from anonymous, Kilmacolm, 19 October 1918, letter from John Grant, John Grant Bookseller, Edinburgh, 27 September 1919, letter from [Harold Braley], Æolian Hall, London, 19 October 1918, part of letter from The Musical Association, 22 October 1918, letter from ‘Nina’, Bournemouth, Wednesday, undated.
  2. Stencilled letter from Florence G. Huxtable, Forum Club, London, 24 January 1922, mentioning Marjory Kennedy-Fraser’s upcoming lecturerecital on 10 February, also Marjory Kennedy-Fraser’s lecture notes, manuscript. Two railway timetables/diaries: May 1907 & August 1907, containing scattered notes by Marjory Kennedy-Fraser and Patuffa Kennedy-Fraser.
  3. ‘The Celtic Sea-god and his Charm’, by Isaac Jackson, 13 pages, typescript.
  4. ‘Darlington Lecture Course. Lecture Recital by Mrs Kennedy-Fraser’, River St. Hall, Ayr, 24 November 1914, recital programme.
  5. ‘Illustrations: “South African Musical Instruments.”, Mr. A. Rose’, example sheet.
  6. Small poster for Songs of the Hebrides recital, Bechstein Hall, London, 20 March 1912, with photograph of Marjory Kennedy-Fraser (face).

Part 2.

  1. ‘The Lay of Diarmad’, manuscript.
  2. Three tales by Kenneth Macleod, in Marjory Kennedy-Fraser’s hand: ‘The White Bird’, ‘St. Columba’s Linn’, ‘Farewell to the Isles’, manuscripts.
  3. ‘Kishmul’s Galley’, tale in Marjory Kennedy-Fraser’s hand, manuscript. ‘L’Âme celtique’, by Édouard Schuré, 1891, loose leaf (pp. i-iv) from unknown publication.
  4. ‘Oran Luadhaidh – Ill-ù oro ùo’, An Deo-Gréine, loose leaf (pp. 79-82) from unknown issue. ‘Great Art’, talk/lecture, manuscript.
  5. ‘The singing of the old heroic ballads [...]’, four pages, manuscript.
  6. Envelope, addressed to Marjory Kennedy-Fraser in Edinburgh, postmarked 8 July 1921, forwarded to Douglas, Isle of Man ‘Some of the Barra words are good [...]’, note, presumably in Kenneth Macleod’s hand, words of ‘Dairymaid’s Song’ and ‘Mo ghaol [...]’ appended ‘My love, my dear, my darling one [...]’, note of words, in unknown hand, manuscript.
  7. ‘Notes. Macneils Galley (new to K. M.) about men who lived 3 or 400 years ago’, manuscript.
  8. ‘Mechanics’ Institution, Brechin, Literary Society, Scots Song Lecture-Recital’, 29 October [1913], recital programme, lower part missing.
  9. ‘Women’s International League (Edinburgh Branch)’, 5 January [no year], small leaflets with some Marjory Kennedy-Fraser notes on reverses.
  10. Notepad, containing various literary excerpts, manuscript.
  11. ‘Songs Collected in Eriskay. August 1907’, notepad, 20x12.5 cm, nine pages (of which one blank), lists of songs and informants, also six similar loose sheets, also ‘Words wanted’, loose sheet, also various other similar notes, manuscripts.
  12. ‘Hebridean Tales of the Seal-folk’, talk/lecture, manuscript.
  13. ‘Hebridean Wonder Tales’, in Marjory Kennedy-Fraser’s hand, manuscript.
  14. ‘The Kennedys, A Life of Song, by Marjory Kennedy-Fraser’, incomplete draft, manuscript.
  15. Proofs of ‘Foreword’ to Songs of the Hebrides, vol. 2 (reprint), with Marjory Kennedy-Fraser’s corrections.
  16. ‘Jacobite Minstrelsie, M.K.F. [Marjory Kennedy-Fraser], 1928’, lecture notes, manuscript.
  17. ‘An Gruagach, Peigi Iain Bhàin’, prose translation, manuscript.
  18. ‘The Floating mists of Rum/Coolins’, Gaelic words, in Kenneth Macleod’s hand, manuscript.
  19. ‘Oran Sgiathanach’ and ‘Oran do thir m’ oige’, [Oban Times], unknown issue.
  20. ‘The missing Gaelic song, “O! ’s tu ’s gur a tu th’ air m’ aire”’, Oban Times, 25 January 1908.
  21. ‘The Meaning of Kerrera’, Oban Times, 3 April 1909.
  22. ‘O! ’s tu ’s gur a tu th’ air m’ aire’, by Malcolm Macfarlane, Celtic Review, unknown issue, p. 122.
  23. ‘A Visit to Bayreuth and Wagner’s “Parsifal”’, Edinburgh Magazine, 26 January 1907, p. 1465.
  24. ‘Folk-Songs of the Hebrides’, Celtia, galley proof, part of, undated, p. 2.

Part 3.

  1. Various notes, excerpts, song lists, etc., texts often on reverses of discarded letters and leaflets, including stencilled letter from the National Women’s Social & Political Union, [Edinburgh], 28 September 1909, signed by Patricia Waddel, Marjory Kennedy-Fraser, and Maud E. Fletcher, stencilled letter and enclosures from R. T. French, Edinburgh Parish Council, ‘House Committee’, Edinburgh, 16 November 1917, ‘London Musical Congress, 1911, [...] Section IV’, programme, envelope addressed to Marjory Kennedy-Fraser in Edinburgh, postmarked 15 June 1921, forwarded to Colonsay, leaflets advertising vols. 1 & 2 of Songs of the Hebrides, letter from An Comunn Gaidhealach, Glasgow, 20 December 1920, lower part missing, leaflets advertising various Marjory Kennedy-Fraser recitals, ‘Argyllshire Gathering Hall, Oban’, leaflet, 8 August [1913], stencilled letter from Coutts & Palfrey, Edinburgh Mutual Investment & Building Society, Edinburgh, undated, stationery marked ‘St. Abbs’ Haven, Berwickshire’, letter from Harold Smethurst, [Blackpool], undated, last page only, letter from C. Niecks, [autumn 1920], upper part missing, stencilled letter from Concerts at the Front, London, undated, letter from J. M. Leighton, Greenock Musical Association, Greenock, 10 September 1919, receipt from Co. Michael M‘Kinnon, General Merchant and Fish Curer, Ault, Barra, [1907], letter from Elizabeth Ryan (Mrs James Ryan), Roybridge, 23 July 1918, letter from Patuffa Kennedy-Fraser, London, undated, cut into pieces, some parts missing, envelope addressed to Mrs Kennedy Fraser, Inveraillort Castle, Fort William, Invernesshire, postmarked Dumbarton, undated, ‘Songs of Scotland, Highland and Lowland, including Songs of the Hebrides’, leaflet, 22 December [1914], ‘Marching Song Competition, for the Women’s Auxiliary Corps’, stencilled letter, undated.
  2. Two envelopes from Boosey & Co., London, reused for notes.


  • Creation: 1891-1928


Language of Materials

English, Scottish Gaelic, and French

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Due to format, there is no current listening access to the recordings.


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