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Marjory Kennedy-Fraser Lectures, Part 1, 2, 3, & 4, 12 August 1895-5 November 1918


Scope and Contents

Marjory Kennedy-Fraser Lectures, Part 1, 2, 3, & 4.

Part 1.

  1. ‘Schubert Lecture’, 21 November 1903, modified and re-read two years later [1905], also various notes, and Schumann lecture, [23 January 1904], manuscripts. ‘When asked by your secretary to read a paper before you [...]’, lecture, undated, manuscript.
  2. ‘On listening to music’, lecture, [Edinburgh] Summer Meeting, 21 August 1896 & Victoria Club, 18 October 1904, manuscript.
  3. ‘It is somewhat unusual on the concert platform [...]’, lecture, [Edinburgh] Summer Meeting Concerts, 12 August 1895, manuscript.

Part 2.

  1. ‘Liszt’, lecture, [16 December 1905], also separate comments on individual songs, manuscript.
  2. ‘Cornelius’ Life’ (‘We are the music-makers’, ode by A. W. B. O’Shaughnessy, appended) and ‘Jensen’s Life’, lectures, [25 November 1905], also separate comments on individual songs by Cornelius and Jensen, manuscripts.
  3. ‘R. Strauss’, lecture, [1904?], also separate comments on individual songs, also parts of other lecture(s) on R. Strauss, manuscripts.
  4. ‘Wagner & Handel’, modified version of earlier lecture, [12 January 1907], manuscript, ‘Mrs Kennedy Fraser’s Lecture Recitals, The Second Recital of the Series [...] Saturday Afternoon, January 12, 1907 [...] “A Visit to Bayreuth” and “Wagner’s Parsifal”’, recital programme, appended: ‘Wagner’, [20 January & 27 April 1906], lectures, ‘Parsifal’, incomplete lecture, undated, manuscripts, ‘Mrs Kennedy Fraser’s Last Lecture Recitals [...] Saturday, 20th January 1906, [...] Subject – Wagner’, recital programme, and ‘The Incorporated Society of Musicians, Fourth Annual Scottish Sectional Conference, Edinburgh, 27th and 28th April 1906’, conference programme, appended.

Part 3.

  1. ‘On Teaching Music Medium the Pianoforte. E.M.E.S.[Edinburgh Musical Education Society], 1903’, lecture, manuscript.
  2. ‘E.M.E.S. [Edinburgh Musical Education Society], 1900’, commented by Tobias Matthay, reread, with some pages added, one year later [1901, also at E.M.E.S.[Edinburgh Musical Education Society]], lecture, manuscripts.
  3. ‘Tschaikowsky, I.S.M., 1901’, lecture, manuscript.
  4. ‘Programme of First Recital – Mozart. Mrs Kennedy Fraser’s Lecture Recitals’, 28 October 1905, recital programme, appended.

Part 4.

  1. ‘Scarlatti to Glück’, lecture, manuscript.
  2. ‘Weber’, lecture, manuscript.
  3. ‘Mozart’: ‘Mozart’s Life’ and ‘Mozart Illustrations’, modified version of earlier lecture(s), also one loose introductory sheet, manuscripts.
  4. ‘Songs of the Hebrides’, lecture, Musical Association, [London], 5 November 1918, manuscript, galley proofs from Proceedings of the Musical Association are in Gen. 284.


  • Creation: 12 August 1895-5 November 1918


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Due to format, there is no current listening access to the recordings.


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