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Unidentified letters

Identifier: Coll-203/B2/3

Scope and Contents

A mixture of loose envelopes [possibly strays from the larger collection?] letters [some now identifiable - some illegible] including severval addressed to Charles Lyell, to Mary Lyell, to Katharine Lyell and other family. Alongside, there is empty packaging, noting 'all interesting but not worth copying' indicating they were compiled by Katharine Lyell, from the family archives. Include:

  1. 26 December 1870, envelope, addressed to Sir Charles Lyell Bart, 73 Harley Street, London, postmark Tewkesbury. No contents or letter found.
  2. Envelope, addressed to John Mudie Esq. of Pitmuies, Arbroath, 'Memorandum as to Miss Chalmer's Trust 1855'. [The Mudies are related to the Lyell family].
  3. 27 December [17? or 18?]96, letter sent from [? initials illegible] King at 43 Leicester Square, addressed to Mrs. Lylle [sic] at Kinnordy, and named at the end of the letter as Fanny [possibly Charles Lyell's mother Frances Smith, or sister]. Letter includes the interview and credentials of Miss Schweickhardt, daughter of a 'landskip' [sic landscape] painter who the writer is considering employing. Ms Schweickhardt is noted as a 'mtrss of drawing in all its branches, & in french & fine works, music & Italian'.
  4. Undated note addressed to Charles Lyell, Esq., in very light pencil, making it hard to read - appears to concern military history in the Swiss Alps.
  5. 3 undated part letters from George Poulett Scrope:
    1. mentions 'going out of the beaten track'....what I would like to foster would be the exploration of the volcanic band which beginning in Hungary transverses Asia Minor, the Caucasus & [Anarct?] into Persia - we have no reliable accounts of these countries...."
    2. On Judd's volcano article.
    3. Refers to Dawson, Quekelet, Kings College and D. Beale.
  6. 21 June 1874, empty envelope addressed to Sir Charles Lyell, summarised as by Judd, supposed St Cassian Orthoceralites
  7. 15 November 1843, empty envelope addressed to Miss Caroline Lyell, at Kinnordy, Kirriemuir
  8. January 1851, note written by Mary Lyell, headed 'Mr. Ticknor, from Charles'. Appears to be reassurance that the estate [Kinnordy] is now well managed and profitable, "so that I shall be able to [?] myself for the future to any travelling & with ample means & no receipts of making money in any way, but merely taking what my publications bring in of themselves'.
  9. Undated envelope addressed to Messers Durrant &Co, Stoke, Norwich. Noted as containing Lyell genealogy. Letter describing branch of the family, 'Stoddard, my mother's own brother married a young woman named Talland' and the rest of their family and their progress.
  10. undated [post 1873] note by Miss [Susan] Horner, address in Florence, of the words expressed by Queen Victoria on hearing of Mary Lyell's death.
  11. Undated document in Latin
  12. 29 April 1873, envelope addressed to Sir Charles Lyell, from Archbishop of Canterbury, offering condolences on death of Mary Lyell.
  13. 2 March 1849, incomplete letter at [Shew?] sender not identified, addressed to Mrs. Lyell. Writer talks of her son's travels, and discovery of Lyellia Crispa [sic Laelia Crispa?] in the Himalayas in the sight of Kilimanjaro, and also gathering mosses and rhodedendrons.
  14. 4 February 1885, Letter from Sir John Hibbert, at Grange over Sands, to Spring Rice [person unidentified, may be a nickname]. Walked with Gladstone, who is in 'first rate walking condition'.
  15. Undated letter from Edward Hamilton, at Cromwell Place SW, to Mrs. Lyell, declining dinner invitation.
  16. 5 and 15 [March] 1857, two letters addressed to Mr. Kerr, sender signature is illegible but letter head is Temple. Relating to payment of a balance of interest due, and the second letter asks again for the sum to be paid. possibly relating to Kinnordy Estate work.
  17. Undated incomplete letter, by Charles Lyell, to an unknown recipient. The first section written by Lyell himself, before Mary takes over. Lyell thanks recipient for copy of The Spectator, which he will send or take to Ticknor, as evidence of "willingness our press welcomes any thing favourable to the U.S." though he also mentions "bitter Anti-American magazines". Talks of weather, sea travel, and the coming of railways to Strathmore, reassuring the recipient of their safety despite "steam boilers employed on terra firm". Blanco White's book is still of interest to him Mary's section of writing then describes Lyell's thoughts on White's thinking. He refers to Charles Kean, and will recommend Mrs. Kean to Ticknor, and to "others of the best Bostonian society". He has seen Dr. Falconer's Deinotherium tooth. Lyell resumes writing to sign off, asking after the recipients health and urging them to take a clerk.


  • Creation: 1806-1874



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