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Letters from Abbot, Henry to Charles Lyell, 10 January 1866 - 8 May 1866

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Identifier: Coll-203/1/1
Scope and Contents

Letters from Abbot responding to enquiries from Lyell on the Mississippi Delta. Includes a letter from Humphreys to Abbot.

Dates: 10 January 1866 - 8 May 1866

Letters from Abich, Otto Wilhelm Hermann von to Charles Lyell, 28 November 1866

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Identifier: Coll-203/1/2
Scope and Contents

Abich on American Hatchet. The following lines crossed out as deleted on the original envelope: 'to be acknowledged, referred to John Evans after the specimen reaches me' dated 19th Jan 1866.

Dates: 28 November 1866

Letters from Adams, Charles Baker to Charles Lyell, 5 December 1845

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Identifier: Coll-203/1/3
Scope and Contents Summarised as 'Shells of of the Gulf of Champlain - Pleistocene'. Adams writes of his geological report on shells of the Gulf of Champlain, which Adams wishes to appeal not to a geologist, but to a community who do not know there is a structure to the Earth - "intending to form an opinion, constrained by the facts observed". Lists fossils which he has to hand from these deposits. Letter is headed with an illustration of Middlebury College, alongside is a note in pencil that the scene and...
Dates: 5 December 1845

Letters from Agassiz, Alexander to Charles Lyell, 1 December 1869 - 17 April 1874

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Identifier: Coll-203/1/4
Scope and Contents Letters from Agassiz on Temnechinus [Sea Urchin] of Crag, dredged off of Florida, and Salensia of Chalk. Makes reference to D'Archiac's research on Nummulites of India and similarities with Florida. Dredge depths given. Letters also on Glacial of America. On the death of his father, he writes to ask Lyell for any correspondence between him and his father, or reviews or publications, as he and his mother are compiling his father's biography. Final letter thanks Lyell for his contribution...
Dates: 1 December 1869 - 17 April 1874

Letters from Airy, George Biddel to Charles Lyell, 6 March 1835 - 27 March 1865

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Identifier: Coll-203/1/5
Scope and Contents Letters are summarised as: Explaining the theories of 'uniformity of the sea depth' in reference to equations from Mary Somerville and Pierre Simon de Laplace. Mentions separate theory of absolute depth in relation to the moon and tides. Adds personal views on Somerville and De Laplace's theories Refers to Charles Henry Davis (US Navy - researcher of tides and currents) paper on the...
Dates: 6 March 1835 - 27 March 1865

Letters from Allan, Robert to Charles Lyell, 1 December 1829

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Identifier: Coll-203/1/6
Scope and Contents

Summary of plans for Icelandic excursion between Lyell and Allan. References to previous excursion undertaken by Sir George Mackenzie.

Dates: 1 December 1829

Letters from Andrews, Thomas to Charles Lyell, 18 December 1844

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Identifier: Coll-203/1/7
Scope and Contents

Lyell summarises the letter as 'Dr Andrews, Belfast 1845, presbytarian protest against Unitarian Professors'. Contains extract from Lardner's 'Geology', and a pamphlet 'Speech by Rev. James Morgan delivered at the Special Meeting of the General Assembly' held at Cookstown on Tues 17th September 1844, printed Wm McComb, Belfast.

Dates: 18 December 1844

Letters from Archiac, Adophe d' [EJAD] to Charles Lyell, 14 August 1839 - 3 April 1861

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Identifier: Coll-203/1/8
Scope and Contents

Lyell summaries the letters as:
1) Exchange of duplicates, Belgium etc.
2) On Crag duplicates sent to him
3) [? Cannot identify name] Amphistegina of Messina
4) On Horner's Address.

Dates: 14 August 1839 - 3 April 1861

Letters from Duke of Argyll [Campbell, John Douglas Sutherland] to Charles Lyell, 19 January 1850 - 30 April 1903

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Identifier: Coll-203/1/9
Scope and Contents Lyell summarises the letters as: 1) Darwin's theory, pigeons not arboreal, 1860 2) Mull tertiary leaves, 1861 3) Non-arboreal habits of pigeons, March 22 1865 4) Darwin on correlation of growth, June 2 1865 5) Variety of Humming Bird, April 24 1867, Gould on ... of species in Humming Bird 6) Humming Birds, not opposed to Darwin's May 1 1867 7) Applicable to Humming Birds May 17 1867 8) Elephant in ivory of Perigord Cave, June 8th 1867 9)...
Dates: 19 January 1850 - 30 April 1903

Letters from Aymard, Auguste to Charles Lyell, 5 September 1859 - 11 November 1859

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Identifier: Coll-203/1/10
Scope and Contents

Two handwritten letters in French relating to the Fossil of Denise. Summary by Lyell on reverse includes reference to 'Ossiferous breccia [?] etiscor? [word hard to read - question mark is Lyell's].

Dates: 5 September 1859 - 11 November 1859