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Box CLX-A-371


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Autograph letter signed from Robert Michael Ballantyne to his wife, 2nd half of the 19th Century

 Item — Box: CLX-A-371
Identifier: Coll-1848/18-0129
Scope and Contents Autograph Letter Signed from Robert M. Ballantyne to his wife Jane Grant ("my darling Jeanie"), giving her all the news - "Mrs Hislop ... is chatting beside me with Isabella so it's not easy to write ... Last night we all went to the Tempce conversazione in the Museum, and on presenting my card I was received as a 'distinguished guest'!!! so I hope you are properly impressed. It was a great turn out with band and pipers, but the speaking was not audible ... I was surprised at suddenly meeting...
Dates: 2nd half of the 19th Century

Two volumes of notes on the lectures of Prof. Sir Thomas Grainger, completed by Archibald Donald , early 1880s

 Sub-Fonds — Box: CLX-A-371
Identifier: Coll-1848/18-0146
Scope and Contents Two notebooks containing lectures notes taken by Archibald Donald of Lauder Road, Edinburgh, during the early 1880s. He attended the lectures of Sir Thomas Grainger at the University of Edinburgh, eminent physician and gifted teacher. The notebooks are entitled 'Condensed notes of practice physic [sic]'.
Dates: early 1880s

Manuscript entitled 'Julia. A Tale from the Note Book of a Physician' by Edward Vitre, 1829

 Item — Box: CLX-A-371
Identifier: Coll-1848/18-0125
Scope and Contents Notebook containing a work of fiction on a young woman suffering from mental anguish and 'hysteria', written by Edward Denis de Vitre in 1829 in Edinburgh, in his own hand. The author draws upon his own experience as a physician, and his works reflect his empathy and his frustration towards cases such as the one depicted in his story. It is a fictional text, although the author explains that it is 'in all its leading fixtures, strictly founded in fact'.Set in the South of Scotland, the...
Dates: 1829

Manuscript entitled 'Ane Compend off some practiques before the Lords since his Ma[jes]ties cuming home to Scotland ych was in ano 1660' by James Huttone, c 1686

 Item — Box: CLX-A-371
Identifier: Coll-1848/18-0126
Scope and Contents Notebook of 140 unnumbered pages containing an alphabetically arranged and ordered law manual / compendium. It is an easily portable, utilitarian object, and appears to be the work of the scribe James Hutton. It carries the bookplate of Robert Dundas, Lord Arniston, and was presumably used by him as a reference book.This kind of manual was essential for judges and lawyers to keep up with the legal changes that followed the Restoration in 1660: Charles II, in attempting to restore order,...
Dates: c 1686

Typescript entitled 'A Lost Night' by Nancy Cunard, c 1920-1921

 Item — Box: CLX-A-371
Identifier: Coll-1848/18-0148
Scope and Contents This is an eight-page typescript of a previously unknown story from the early 1920s, written by Nancy Cunard. This short, well-written piece is the only fiction Cunard is known to have written, and is set in Paris in the beginning of the 1920s. It relates the unravelling of a relationship between the narrator and Leo, a ‘casual loitering adventurer’, told from a self-aware female perspective. It reveals much of the author's' thinking on relationships, sexuality and emotional involvements; and...
Dates: c 1920-1921

Letter from John Macmurray to Miss How, and photograph of Macmurray walking with an unidentified individual, 17 July 1933

 File — Box: CLX-A-371
Identifier: Coll-1848/18-0205
Scope and Contents This file contains a letter dated 17 July 1933 written by John Macmurray from University College, London to a Miss How (Joyce Roberts, nee How) saying he was unable to address the S.C.M at Bedford College, and signed by him. S.C.M possibly stands for 'Student Christian movement'. There is also a photo of Macmurray walking with an unknown individual.
Dates: 17 July 1933

Chinese manuscript notebook, undated - possibly first half of 19th century

 Item — Box: CLX-A-371
Identifier: Coll-1848/18-0115
Scope and Contents Small concertina notebook in Chinese, manuscript. Bought in an Oxfam bookshop for 3£. Could be a notebook kept by someone who was fitting out a ship for a voyage, or some similar occupation. The notebook has separate sets of ink and pencil Chinese characters, and so perhaps the book has been used for two separate projects. A few pages have what appear to be pencilled English translations of a few characters and occasional transcriptions in Arabic numerals.
Dates: undated - possibly first half of 19th century

Handwritten copy of Robert Garioch's 'Whilk mainer o' Lives', 20th century

 Item — Box: CLX-A-371
Identifier: Coll-1848/18-0096
Scope and Contents Manuscript copy of Robert Garioch's poem "Whilk mainner o' Lives?", probably NOT in Garioch's hand. Garioch was a Scottish poet and translator who wrote mainly in Scots.
Dates: 20th century

Social diary of Eugenia Campbell, Skipness, October 1843-June 1844

 Item — Box: CLX-A-371
Identifier: Coll-1848/18-0113
Scope and Contents Manuscript diary from October 1843 to June 1844, kept by Eugenia Campbell, wife of Robert Campbell, 10th laird of Skipness. Written in a sometimes difficult hand, the 146 pages open with news of a fire at a neighbour's house which left three garrets and the roof charred but most of the entries are concerned with more pedestrian news of family and friends.
Dates: October 1843-June 1844

Letter from Walter de la Mare to Nancy Bowden, 12 May 1947

 Item — Box: CLX-A-371
Identifier: Coll-1848/18-0117/1
Scope and Contents Short autograph signed letter by Walter de la Mare, sent to Miss Nancy Bowden on the 12 May 1947 from The Old Park, Penn. De la Mare replies to a previous letter from Bowden, commenting on some remarks she made on notepapers, "Mrs Monro's address" that she heard through Mr Masefield, and on Charlotte Mew's poetry and women's in general.
Dates: 12 May 1947