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Box CLX-A-1494


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File concerning a workshop on cystic fibrosis research, December 1995-February 1997

 File — Box: CLX-A-1494, Box: data_value_missing_f243bbbde733fe94056d2248ff703d4f, Box: data_value_missing_1563fb5b2c067bac6f39127aac7e29f2
Identifier: Coll-1320/2/1/8
Scope and Contents

This material relates to a workshop which Wilmut convened with various colleagues in early 1997 to discuss ways in which nuclear transfer techniques could be used to contribute to future research on cystic fibrosis. The file contains Ian Wilmut's handwritten notes from discussions and meetings, and printed email correspondence, chiefly between Wilmut and David Porteous at the MRC Human Genetics Unit, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

Dates: December 1995-February 1997

File relating to sheep nuclear transfer work, May 1996-January 1998

 File — Box: CLX-A-1494, Box: data_value_missing_202892ec25f04a574856234a197de7c0, Box: data_value_missing_11ccdc76ea328f56d7008ba627fcd7df
Identifier: Coll-1320/2/1/9
Scope and Contents Contains: notes from meetings of the nuclear transfer group at Roslin Institute (including Ian Wilmut, Keith Campbell, Jim McWhir) and Ian Wilmut's handwritten notes on discussions; copies of pathology reports on sheep from the Scottish Agricultural College; field notes regarding recipient sheep of nuclear transfer and lambs born by nuclear transfer in 1996 and 1997 (including microsatellite analysis data); papers regarding the investigation of telomere length in nuclear transfer sheep and...
Dates: May 1996-January 1998

File concerning a grant application to the Agricultural and Food Research Council for the project 'Early transcription events during ES cell differentiation', November 1987-April 1992

 File — Box: CLX-A-1494, Box: data_value_missing_96533e11ea8d1c358d017ce425319c01, Box: data_value_missing_1f2e02aebc4246526a2102657246fedf
Identifier: Coll-1320/2/2/1
Scope and Contents

Contains: photocopies of grant applications and related correspondence; Ian Wilmut's handwritten notes from discussions and meetings, reprints of scientific papers, photographs of cells taken through a microscope and a copy of reports from the AFRC "Stem Cell Molecular Biology" workshop (5-7 April 1992).

Dates: November 1987-April 1992

File relating to a Commission of the European Communites Biotechnology grant for the project 'Totipotency and commitment in farm animal embryos', October 1988-March-1996

 File — Box: CLX-A-1494, Box: data_value_missing_165555db206c0ebbe6191d0d2c81d272, Box: data_value_missing_00bec11660872e9f791bb7e0032b30a4
Identifier: Coll-1320/2/2/2
Scope and Contents

Contains correspondence between Ian Wilmut, who acted as co-ordinator for the project, and various other international partners; progress reports; Ian Wilmut's handwritten notes on discussions and meetings; reprints of scientifc papers and European Commission guidance and application forms.

Dates: October 1988-March-1996