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Fragment of manuscript sermon notebook

Identifier: MS 5003
Scope and Contents Two fragments of a manuscript sermon notebook, the first gathering being pages 3-14 and the second being pages 30-[98]. SOme elements of text are written in shorthand. Biblical references are given throughout the text. There are only two dates given in the manuscript 27 October 1706 and 10 November 1706. There is no indication of the author/preacher or place of preaching.
Dates: c.1706

Papers of Dr William Bates (1625-1699)

Identifier: MS BATES
Scope and Contents Manuscript volume by William Bates, D.D., containing fourteen sermons based on Luke chapter 15: 'A mirrour of divine merci'.
Dates: c.1650

Papers of George Blackwell (1713-1749)

Identifier: MS BLA
Scope and Contents See External Documents (below).
Dates: 1735 - 1749

Papers of James Bell ( - 1740)

Identifier: MS BEL
Scope and Contents Manuscript sermons by the Rev W. Bell of Aberbrothoc [Arbroath].
Dates: 1734-1735

Papers of John Auchinleck, Minister of Auchterderran

Identifier: MS AUC
Scope and Contents See External Documents (below).
Dates: 1702-1737

Papers of Rev. John Bonar (d. 1761)

Identifier: GD40
Scope and Contents The material is composed of: notebooks of Bonar's sermons, 1745-1752; copies of 'an agreement by some young men who erected themselves into a Society for prayer and Christian conversation' 1740, and sermon 1733, and letter 1741; sermon on the nature and necessity of a religious education, 1752; and, fragments of sermons. There is also a notebook with various drafts of The example of Tyre, a warning to Britain and some pages loosely inserted, as well as two sermons.
Dates: 1733-1818

Papers of the Rev. John Dalziel (1725-1804), minister of Earlston East Antiburgher Church

Identifier: GD28
Scope and Contents The collection is composed of: 2 notebooks of sermons covering the periods 1756 to 1757, and 5 February 1792 to 4 November 1792, and a memorandum book containing sermon notes, lists of parishioners, and details of the Dalziel family.
Dates: 1756-1799

Papers of the Rev. Marcus Dods (1786-1838)

Identifier: GD26
Scope and Contents The collection is composed of: sermons, lectures, address etc. on Old Testament books and themes, including 21 on Ezekial, 31 on Acts and the Gospel of John, and on miscellaneous New Testament books and themes; thematic sermons; miscellaneous thematic lectures, address etc; Biblical canon, Bross lectures on the Bible, history of biblical criticism, the Authorised version, Bible compared with other sacred books, development of biblical interpretation in the eighteenth century; material on Paul,...
Dates: 1810-1835

Papers of the Rev. Robert Murray McCheyne (1813-1843)

Identifier: GD16
Scope and Contents The collection is composed of: notebooks containing a variety of material including sermon outlines, poems, letters while on a trip to Palestine, class notes, diary and sketches of Palestine trip, outlines of talks, convocation notes, and poetry scrapbooks of others; a packet of miscellaneous cards such as Edinburgh University class tickets for history, philosophy, and theology, library ticket, and General Assembly ticket; references to McCheyne's probity, and certificates of attendance and...
Dates: 1811-1848

Papers of the Very Rev. James Denney (1856-1917)

Identifier: GD27
Scope and Contents The collection contains sermons, Denney's student notes and class essays, class lectures, and general papers and addresses.
Dates: 1880-1915