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Found in 127 Collections and/or Records:

Composite manuscript containing nine texts, 15th century

Identifier: MS 147
Contents This manuscript contains nine main texts in several hands, although the last section itself is made of various notes written by different people. The whole text has been annotated by John of Haghen, Prior of the Carthusians at Erfurt, which could mean this volume was his personal handbook at some point.f. 1r: List of Contents, written by John of Haghen, Prior of the Carthusians at Erfurt.ff. 1v-2v: Tract on the...
Dates: 15th century

Composite manuscript containing nine texts, 14th century

Identifier: MS 151
Contents Contains nine texts bound together, in different hands.Of note, the endpaper at the beginning of the manuscript is an interesting fragment from an Antiphoner of the 9th or 10th century. The other endpaper is a textual fragment too, although from later that the 9th/10th centuries.ff. 1r-8v: Bull of Pope Honorius III to Saint Francis and the brothers of the Orderff. 9r-13r: Bull of Pope Gregory IXff. 14r-50r: Bull of Pope Nicholas III from 1279,...
Dates: 14th century

Composite manuscript containing three texts, 1459

Identifier: MS 153
Contents Contains three treatises by John Haghen, written by the scribe John Rössler and annotated by John of Haghen himself.ff. 1r-178r: 'Expositio privilegiorum Ordinis Carthusiensis'ff. 178r-264r: 'Expositio aliorum privilegiorum ejusdem Ordinis'ff. 265r-329v: 'Tractatus de Vita et Regimine Clericorum'The texts are described separately, under the folio headings listed above. Writing A good, uniform...
Dates: 1459

Composite manuscript containing twenty-nine texts, early 16th century

Identifier: MS 114
Contents Contains twenty-nine texts, all in the same hand. The collection is a curious one, and contains at the beginning and end a number of curious proverbs (copied in full by Catherine Borland, see Appendix IV, pp. 335-6 of her catalogue). The end papers have been taken from an English manuscript of the early 15th century, and contain interesting fragments of English religious verse (also copied in full by Catherine Borland, see Appendix IV, pp. 334-5 of her catalogue).The manuscript...
Dates: early 16th century

Composite manuscript containing twenty-three texts, c 1444-1445

Identifier: MS 113
Scope and Contents This is a composite manuscript containing twenty-three texts, in a few different hands, mostly about religious doctrine. This manuscript is German, probably from the Carthusian monastery of Erfurt (St-Salvator Charterhouse), and was written ca 1445. The different sections are separated with leather markers. The contents are as follows:ff. iv-iiv: 'Tabula super Omeliis quas creditur beatus Bernardus edidisse super sermone in cena...
Dates: c 1444-1445

Composite manuscript including eight texts, 12th-14th century

Identifier: MS 89
Contents Contains eight texts written in different hands (at least seven), and at different periods.ff. 1r-63v: 'Salutatio' by Albuinus Eremita or Presbyter [De Virtutibus]f. 63v: Verses and sentencesff. 64r-82r: ‘Meditaciones’ by Pseudo-Bernard of Clairvaux [Meditatio]f. 82v: Sermonff. 83r-88v: ‘Soliloquium de Arrha Animae’ by Hugh of Saint Victorf. 89r: ‘De Spirituali Amicitia’ [incomplete] by Aelred of Rievaulxff....
Dates: 12th-14th century

Composite manuscript including eight texts , 15th century

Identifier: MS 99
Contents Contains eight texts, in several different hands.Margins: Sermones super Cantica Canticorum [incomplete] by Bernard of Clairvaux.ff. 1r-80v: Anonymous commentary on the Song of Songsff. 80v-92v: 'Expositio super Magnificat'ff. 97v-134v: Sermon on the Passionff. 136r-151r: Commentary of the Song of Songs by Honorius Augustodunensisff. 151r-160r: Tabula lectionumff. 161r-176r:...
Dates: 15th century

Composite manuscript including five texts, 15th century

Identifier: MS 90
Contents Contains five different texts, all five in the same hand.ff. 1r-13v: ‘Meditationes’ [incomplete] by Pseudo-Augustine of Hippoff. 14r-107r: ‘Meditationes’ by Anselm of Canterburyff. 107r-117v: ‘Speculum Peccatorum’ff. 118r-129r: Meditationsf. 129r: ‘Enarrationes in Psalmos’ [incomplete] by Augustine of HippoThe texts are described separately, under MS 90/ff. 1r-13v; MS 90/ff. 14r-107r; MS 90/ff. 107r-117v; MS...
Dates: 15th century

Composite manuscript including five texts, 12th-13th century

Identifier: MS 94
Contents Contains five texts, in several different hands.ff. 1r-28r: Homilies entitled De Laudibus Virginis Matris by Bernard of Clairvauxff. 28v-42r: Sermonsff. 43r-53r: Corpus Iuris Civilis [incomplete]ff. 53v-54r: Song Spe Mercedis et Corone (lyrics and musical...
Dates: 12th-13th century

Composite manuscript including five texts, 14th century

Identifier: MS 95
Contents Contains five texts, in several different hands.ff. 1r-3v: short sermonsff. 4r-63v: compilation of religious passagesff. 64r-116r: sermonsff. 117r-133r: ‘Flores in Contemplationem’ by Pseudo(?)-Augustineff. 133v-140r: Anonymous sermonThe texts are described separately, under MS 95/ff. 1r-3v; MS 95/ff. 4r-63v; MS 95/ff. 64r-116r; MS 95/ff. 117r-133r; and MS 95/ff. 133v-140r. ...
Dates: 14th century