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Spinal cord

Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 16 Collections and/or Records:

Black notebook "Lectures. Applied Anatomy 1904" with note on first page "Summer 1904. Demonstrations to Class of Applied Anatomy", 1904 - 1906

Identifier: Coll-11/B9
Scope and Contents 9. Black notebook entitled "Lectures. Applied Anatomy 1904" with note on the first page "Summer 1904. Demonstrations to Class of Applied Anatomy." Beginning in the middle of the notebook "Jan 1906 General Anatomy of the Spinal Cord."
Dates: 1904 - 1906

Case board, named patients [9], c.1941

Identifier: LHB1/61A/94/2/42
Scope and Contents Demonstration board with an x-ray and an illustration by Pauline M. Lariviere showing the spine of a named patient.
Dates: c.1941

Cross-section of brain, June 1960

Identifier: LHB1/61A/94/1/38
Scope and Contents Posterior coronal view of the head. Depicts management of a left subdural haemorrhage with associated ipsilateral tentorial herniation through the foramen magnum. Subdural haematoma is drained via burr hole while fluid is injected into the lumbar spinal subarachnoid space – allowing upward pressure to be exerted on the herniated brain tissue, thus shifting it back to the correct anatomical position. Note: annotated on the back of the drawing is "Mr. Shaw, Wd. 20, June 1960". Mr Shaw was a...
Dates: June 1960

H. Ventricular Drainage and Spinal injection, 1952

Identifier: LHB1/61A/94/1/12
Scope and Contents Drawing showing coronal section of a brain undergoing a drainage procedure, depicting how the posterior circulation of the brain can become disrupted. Posterior coronal section of the head depicting resolution of secondary ventricular enlargement and bilateral uncal herniation with the use of a ventricular drain (in the right anterior horn of the lateral ventricle) via burr hole and a spinal injection (which exerts an upward pressure on the herniated brain tissue, thus correcting the...
Dates: 1952

Left side profile line drawing of brain [2], c.1940

Identifier: LHB1/61A/94/1/2
Scope and Contents Black and white line drawing, showing the side profile of a head with detail of a brain with a tumour and the spinal cord, which is undergoing a procedure. Sagittal view of the head and neck, depicting a cerebellar tumour causing foraminal impaction; whereby the cerebellar tonsils have herniated downwards through the foramen magnum due to an increase in intracranial pressure caused by the tumour. This has resulted in the pons being compressed as it passes through the foramen magnum. A needle...
Dates: c.1940

Material relating to named patient [1], c.1940

Identifier: LHB1/61A/94/3/1
Scope and Contents Black and white photograph of a named patient, two photographs of human tissue taken from the spine, a pencil drawing of a procedure on the spine, a diagram showing part of the spinal cord, and two paper notes titles 'Spinal'. Folder titled 'Drawing after foerster - pain and other tracts of spinal cord.' The file also contains fragments from the folder that orignally held the material.
Dates: c.1940

Notice for a meeting of the Edinburgh Hunterian Medical Society, 3 November 1841

 Item — Box CLX-A-1591
Identifier: Coll-1848/20-0035
Scope and Contents A rare notice announcing the resuming of meetings of the Edinburgh Hunterian Medical Society. It advertises the lectures of Dr. Lonsdale, Dr. Bates (on epilepsy) and Dr. Mackay (on dystentery) at a meeting of the 1841 Edinburgh Hunterian Medical Society, held at Societies' Hall at Edinburgh University on the 3rd of November 1841.The handbill reads as follows: "This society will resume its meetings on Wednesday by the 10th November 1841. After an address from the President, an Essay "On the...
Dates: 3 November 1841

Procedure drawings [2], 1936

Identifier: LHB1/61A/94/1/40
Scope and Contents Series of three illustrations demonstrating a procedure to remove tissue from the spine. Accompanied by three photographs of an occurence of the procedure: one of the back of the patient and two of the tissue removed.
Dates: 1936

Procedure drawings [5], c.1940

Identifier: LHB1/61A/94/1/43
Scope and Contents Series of three illustrations demonstrating a procedure on the spinal cord.
Dates: c.1940

Procedure drawings [13], 1936

Identifier: LHB1/61A/94/1/51
Scope and Contents Series of three illustrations demonstrating a procedure on the spine, with two inset phtoograogs of human tissue and one inset drawing showing more detail. The drawings depict the removal of a spinal cord neuroma in the region of the lumber vertebrae (L4). Three posterior view drawings show the stages of removal. A laminectomy of the overlying vertebrae was used to access the spinal cord, the meningeal layers were pealed back, and the surrounding nerves drawn back with retractors. The fourth...
Dates: 1936