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Castlebay Isle of Barra Inverness-shire Scotland

Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 8 Collections and/or Records:

Note about the situation of Leaideag, 1901

Identifier: Coll-97/CW110/65
Scope and Contents

Note about the situation of Leaideag [Leideag] describing it as 'taobh Orasay dheth an Bhadh at Castlebay' [Beside Orasay off the bay at Castlebay]. [Leideag, Orasaigh, Bàgh a' Chaisteil, all Barraigh/Isle of Barra].

Dates: 1901

Observations on a travelling family on the Isle of Barra, 10 June 1901

Identifier: Coll-97/CW110/3
Scope and Contents

Observations on a travelling family in Castlebay, Isle of Barra [Bàgh a' Chaisteil, Barraigh] noting their appearance, their intelligence and that the man was from Assynt [Asainte, Cataibh/Sutherland] and the woman from Lews [Eilean Leòdhais/Isle of Lewis]. Text has been scored through as if transcribed elsewhere.

Dates: 10 June 1901

Sketch plan of Dun a Chaolais Bhatarsay, 1867

Identifier: Coll-97/CW114/78
Scope and Contents Sketch plan of Dun a Chaolais Bhatarsay [Dùn a' Chaolais, Bhataraisgh/Vatersay]. The sketch shows three concentric circles marked as ' Wall', 'Passage' and 'Wall', with their measurements noted. The circles are on a rounded oblong described as a 'Raised platform outside built of stones'. A compass is marked on teh sketch showing that the oblong runs north to south. A note written on what would be the west side of the dùn reads 'West Oscean (sic) not in sight - Rising hill between....
Dates: 1867

Story about being given goods by a shopkeeper and vocabulary, 1901

Identifier: Coll-97/CW110/7
Scope and Contents

Story probably collected from a traveller in Isle of Barra [Barraigh] about being given 'salt tobacco and a fine comb' by a shopkeeper In Stornoway [Steòrnabhagh, Eilean Leòdhais/Isle of Lewis] and vocabulary note. Text has been scored through as if transcribed elsewhere.

Dates: 1901

Story about MacNeil, MacDonald and MacConnell and accompanying verse, c1875

Identifier: Coll-97/CW105/29
Scope and Contents Story about MacNeil, MacDonald and MacConnell [MacDonald, Lord of the Isles] in which they are all on a boat and MacDonald, running out of food, chooses to give MacNeil the food on the understanding that he will see Kisimul Castle [Caisteal Chiosmuil, Barraigh/Barra]. They reach Castlebay [Bàgh a' Chaisteil] in a storm and are running out of water so MacNeil orders his butler to give water to his own men and whisky to MacDonald's men. The accompanying verse begins, 'S mithich dhuinne nis bhi...
Dates: c1875

Story entitled 'An Gruagach Ban Mac Righ Eireann', 22 March 1871

Identifier: Coll-97/CW119/2
Scope and Contents Story entitled 'An Gruagach Ban Mac Righ Eireann' collected from Alastair mac Ruari bhain MacNeill [Alexander MacNeil], saillear eisg or fish salter, Ceanntangval Barra [Ceanntangabhal/Kentangaval, Barraigh/Isle of Barra]. The story tells how..... Some of the pencil text has smudged and is difficult to read. The accompanying note states that MacNeil heard the story from his father when he was a boy and that he is now seventy two years of age. Carmichael notes that he 'Wrote this tale while...
Dates: 22 March 1871

Story entitled 'Ciosmal' and accompanying placename notes, 23 March 1871

Identifier: Coll-97/CW119/3
Scope and Contents Story entitled 'Ciosmal', collected from John Peirsean [John Pearson or MacPherson], Keantangval [Ceann Tangabhal/Kentangaval, Barraigh/Isle of Barra], concerning the origin of Ciosmal [Caisteal Chiosmuil/Kisimul Castle] telling how after Niall Glùn-dubh succeeded to the chieftaincy of MacNeil of Barra, he discovered he had been married as a child to the Earl of Bute's daughter. The marriage was consummated, and the earl visited his now pregnant daughter. On the earl's approach, his daughter...
Dates: 23 March 1871

Story entitled 'Saothach Maoldonaich', September 1872

Identifier: Coll-97/CW90/149
Scope and Contents Story entitled 'Saothach Maoldonaich' in which 'Fear Shanntrai' [Fear Shanndraigh/tacksman of Sanndray] finds a wrecked vessel and removes all the gold from it. He buried it in Caolas, Vat[ersay] [Bhatarsaigh/Vatersay] a grieve was also burying the cask of 14 gills. Both men died men 'died in a fever rather suddenly'. Property was left to MacNeil of Barra, his nephew, but when the creditors heard about it they wanted to take it. Fear Shanntraigh said he would build [a barrier of gold] from...
Dates: September 1872