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Compilation manuscripts

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Manuscript volumes comprising two or more works, whether referring to only the content combined or to the combination of physically separate leafs or gatherings that are sewn or tipped in to form one volume.

Found in 137 Collections and/or Records:

MS 100: Composite manuscript including four texts, 12th century

Identifier: MS 100
Contents Contains four different texts, in two different hands.ff. 1r-53v: ‘Hexameron’ by Basil of Caesareaff. 53v-97v: ‘De Conditione Hominis’ by Gregory of Nyssaff. 98r-116r: ‘De Anima’ by Cassiodorusff. 116v-119v: Sermon on the Sacrament of the AltarThe texts are described separately, under MS 100/ff.1r-53v; MS 100/ff.53v-97v; MS 100/ff. 98r-116r; MS 100/ff. 116v-119v. Writing The first three texts (ff.1-116) are written by the same...
Dates: 12th century

MS 103: Composite manuscript including two different texts, late 15th century

Identifier: MS 103
Contents Contains two texts bound together, both in the same hand.ff. 1r-27r: 'Manuale'('Manual') attributed to Augustine of Hippoff. 27v-332v: 'Sermo de miseria humana' ('Sermon on human misery') attributed to Bernard of ClairvauxThe texts are described separately, under MS 103/ff. 1r-27r; and MS 103/ff. 27v-32v. Writing Written in good Italian minuscule. Illumination Illuminated initials in the...
Dates: late 15th century

MS 104: Composite manuscript including fourteen texts mainly by Anselm of Canterbury, 12th century

Identifier: MS 104
Contents Contains fourteen texts mainly by Anselm of Canterbury, in several different hands.ff. 1r-39r: ‘Cur Deus Homo’ by Anselm of Canterburyff. 39r-55r: ‘De Conceptu Virginali’ by Anselm of Canterburyff. 55r-89v: ‘Monologion’ by Anselm of Canterburyff. 89r-101r: ‘De Fide Trinitatis’ by Anselm of Canterburyff. 101r-104v: ‘Meditatio Nostre Redemptionis’ by Anselm of Canterbury [Meditatio de Humana Redemptione]ff. 104v-107v: Thirteen letters to the monks of Readingff....
Dates: 12th century

MS 105: Composite manuscript including two texts, 11th-12th century

Identifier: MS 105
Contents Contains two texts, in several different hands.ff. 1r-12v: ‘De Operibus Trium Dierum’ by Hugh of Saint Victor, also known as De Tribus Diebusff. 12v-35v: Collection of sermons, aphorisms, quotations, and sentences by several different authors including Hugh of Saint Victor, Martin of Braga, and HildebertThe texts are described separately, under MS 105/ff.1-12 and MS 105/ff. 12v-36v. Writing Written by...
Dates: 11th-12th century

MS 107: Composite manuscript including twenty-four texts, 13th-14th century

Identifier: MS 107
Contents Contains twenty-four texts, in two different hands. This manuscript was made in England and dates from the 13th-14th century; the texts are various religious tracts in Latin, Old French, and Middle English.Flyleaves: Unidentified Latin text and the start of a Contents list in a 17th-century handff. 1r-28v: De Miseria Condicionis Humane (On the wretchedness of the human condition) by Pope Innocent IIIff. 28v-30r:...
Dates: 13th-14th century

MS 108: Composite manuscript including five texts, 15th century

Identifier: MS 108
Contents Contains five texts written by three different hands.ff. 1r-48r: 'Confessionale: Omnis mortalium cura' or 'Specchio di coscienza' ('Confessional: all the concerns of humans' or 'Mirror of Conscience') by Saint Antoninus, Archbishop of Florenceff. 48v-70v: 'Trattato della mondizia del cuore' ('Treatise on the Purity of the Heart') by Domenico Cavalcaff. 71r-80r: 'Conflictus vitiorum atque virtutum' ('The Contest between Vices and Virtues') by Ambrosius Autpertus.ff. 81r-100r:...
Dates: 15th century

MS 109: Composite manuscript including two texts, 14th century

Identifier: MS 109
Contents Contains two texts, both in the same hand.
ff. 1r-64v: ‘De Trinitate’ by Richard of Saint Victor
ff. 65r-96v: ‘The Shepherd of Hermas’ [incomplete]
The texts are described separately, under MS 109/ff. 1r-64v and MS 109/ff. 65r-96v.

Writing The hand is good and very characteristically Dutch, as is also the penwork ornament of the initials. The foliation and catchwords are contemporary.
Dates: 14th century

MS 110: Composite manuscript including twenty-five texts, 15th century

Identifier: MS 110
Contents Contains twenty-five texts, in many different hands. This manuscript is German, from the Monastery of Saints Peter and Paul at Erfurt. It was composed in the 15th century. The texts are various theological tracts in Latin. Some of the sections are divided by leather markers. The contents are as follows:Flyleaves: A small slip of paper pasted in at the beginning has a short note of contents. Some other manuscripts have been used in the binding, including part of an 11th-century treatise on...
Dates: 15th century

MS 111: Composite manuscript including six texts, 14th-15th century

Identifier: MS 111
Contents Contains six texts, in a few different hands, all about religious doctrine. This manuscript is German, probably from Erfurt, and is 14th-15th century. The different sections are separated with leather markers. The contents are as follows:ff. 1r-192r: Rudimenta Doctrine by Gilbert of Tournaiff. 192v-215r: Tractatus de interdicto ecclesiastico by Johannes Calderinusff. 215r-222v: Quod nemo...
Dates: 14th-15th century

MS 112: Composite manuscript containing twenty-two texts, 1457

Identifier: MS 112
Contents This manuscript was created in Erfurt, Germany, in 1457. It contains a variety of theological tracts. The contents are as follows:ff. 1r-91v: Tractatus de declaratione difficilium terminum et nominum in Theologia, Philosophia, Logica by Armand of Belvézerff. 91v-96v: Tabula secundum ordinem alphabeti super summam precedentemf. 96v: Unidentified text added in blank space after previousff. 97r-119r: Table on...
Dates: 1457