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Rented housing

Subject Source: Ukat

Found in 48 Collections and/or Records:

Communities and Housing

 File — Box JS70
Identifier: Coll-1966/6/5/4
Scope and Contents Published material: The Institute of Housing Managers, Scottish Branch, conference proceedings (1968-1970); Glasgow Adventure Playgrounds Association, issue 1 (1968); Occassional Bulletin issued by the Co-operative Permanent Building Society (1970); The Edinburgh University Settlement Association, annual report 1965-1966; Bristol Industrial Therapy Housing Association Ltd, annual report 1975; Housing and Social Work: The interim report of the Morris Committee on links between housing and...
Dates: Majority of material found within 1940-1978

NonRes.5.1 Old Kirk Engagement Class, 2 March 1961

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/1/5/1
Scope and Contents Summary by Geoffrey Hutton of his attendance at an engagement class held by Rev Ian Reid at the Old Kirk. This was the third class in a course for engaged couples to discuss marriage and the topic of this session was the economics of married life. The couples thought it pointless to buy a house because of the financial risk, they did not agree that renting was a waste of money. Most of the couples had already started to buy furniture on hire purchase, they all wanted new furniture not...
Dates: Other: 2 March 1961

Rent book of Mr Tweedie - Symington Houses - from December 1791 to September 1823, 1791-1823

Identifier: Coll-1383/1/15
Scope and Contents

List of tenants - 1791: William Moffat, James Moffat, John Tennant, John Marchant, David Lindsay, William Walker, James Broket, Robert Hamilton. 1792: Alexander Davidson, James Broun. 1818: William Crenston. Rents mostly paid in kind, bear meal and pease meal. Accounts list meal value in sterling. Book also contains accounts of monies paid out, for example £2 10 0 for a gun in 1823.

Dates: 1791-1823

Res.1.1 Female resident, age unknown, married, corporation tenant, male interviewer, 28 October 1960

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/2/1/1
Scope and Contents Topics discussed include interviewee's early life, living in Granton, Corporation and maintenance of the accommodation and outside space.INTVEE is married with three children and lives in a house with a kitchen, living room and two bedrooms. Two children share one of the bedrooms and she and her husband share the other bedroom with their youngest son, aged 12. She doesn't like this arrangement but couldn't put all the children in the same room and won't put a bed in the living...
Dates: Other: 28 October 1960

Res.1.8 Two married couples, c.30 yrs, corporation tenants, male interviewer, 5 December 1960

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/2/1/8
Scope and Contents INTVEEs are two married couples living on the top floor in the same three storey block of flats. INTVER notes that the centre staircase smells of disinfectant with various scrawlings on the wall, describes it as "almost sordid". The interview was conducted in the one of the couples living room which the INTVER describes as being about 14' by 10' with a large window at one end and a sophone type fireplace which could burn smokeless fuel and heated water in the tank beside it. A gas...
Dates: Other: 5 December 1960

Res.2.6 Two married couples, early forties, corporation tenants, female interviewer, 17 March 1961

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/2/2/6
Scope and Contents Topics discussed include: Living accommodation; local amenities; neighbourliness; health.Living accomodation: Both families interviewed had been in the area about 8 years and are neighbours in a six-flat block. They complained of the damp present in the houses when they first moved in and of the low standard of work - washbasins and doors had to be replaced. Rents were 25/- when they moved in and were now 32/5. Fireplaces give out a lot of smoke.Local amenities: The...
Dates: Other: 17 March 1961

Res.2.8 Male resident, 79 yrs, widowed, corporation tenant, male interviewer, 21 March 1961

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/2/2/8
Scope and Contents Topics include: Family; television and books; personal finance; living accommodation. Summary refers to a kinship diagram but this is not included.INTVEE lives with his daughter, her husband and their four children. He moved to the area 3 and half years ago when his wife died. He would like to go back to Abbeyhill as he liked living there in the hub of life, it is too quiet for him here, but only if he had his grandchildren with him. In Abbeyhill they had one room and a kitchen...
Dates: Other: 21 March 1961

Res.2.9 Married couple, fifties, corporation tenants, female interviewer, 21 March 1961

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/2/2/9
Scope and Contents Topics discussed include: Neighbourhood; housing; finance and employment; education of children.Neighbourhood: The couple had hoped to go to Lochend instead of Granton, disliked Granton "neither town nor country". Granton got its bad name from neighbouring Wardieburn "terrible gangs are based in Wardieburn", although the Boswalls are fine. Neighbours described as "covetous".Male INTVEE is originally from Leith and they both hope to go back there. Their street and the...
Dates: Other: 21 March 1961

Res.3.2 Married couple waiting to be re-housed, male interviewer, 1 May 1961

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/2/3/2
Scope and Contents INTVEEs live with their 3 children in one room in a basement flat in the town centre for which they pay about £4 a month. They are looking forward to having 4 rooms in their new place and perhaps even a garden. Husband is quoted as saying "a room I can go into and be quiet when I come in". They don't like the flats in Muirhouse as there are too many children. They have been asked to sign a form saying if they go to the house any accidents to them or the children will not be held against the...
Dates: Other: 1 May 1961

Res.3.4 Married couple waiting to be re-housed, female interviewer, 4 May 1961

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/2/3/4
Scope and Contents INTVEEs had been living with the husband's mother in her corporation house but owing to illness had split up, with the wife returning to her family. They have two young children. They wanted Milton Road or Meadowfield but have been told they are full up. They want a four in a block flat but would refuse a multi-storey one. They think Muirhouse looks a rough area. She wants an adequate supply of power plugs as she hopes to go all electric and be able to have the latest labour-saving devices....
Dates: Other: 4 May 1961