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Medicine, Medieval

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 22 Collections and/or Records:

MS 166: Composite manuscript containing sixteen texts by/attributed to Galen, late 13th century

Identifier: MS 166
Contents Contains sixteen texts by/attributed to Galen, in two different hands.ff. 1r-15v; 271r-274v:'De morbo et accidente'ff. 15v-48r; 266v-271r: 'De Interioribus'ff. 48r-75v: 'Megategni', 11th-century Latin translation by Constantinus Africanusff. 75v-92r: 'De Creticis Diebus'ff. 92r-114v: 'De Crisibus', 12th-century translation by Gerard of Cremonaff. 115r-125v: 'De elementis secundum Hippocratem', translated by Gerard of Cremonaff. 125v-145r: 'De...
Dates: late 13th century

MS 167: Composite manuscript including eight medical texts, 13th century

Identifier: MS 167
Contents Contains eight texts on medicine bound together, in three different hands.ff. 1r-11r: Graphic depiction of the divisions of the sciences and medicine, and their connections to philosophyff. 11v-15v: De Ornatu Mulierumff. 16r-19v: Text on phlebotomyff. 19v-21r: De sectionibus et cauteriis et ventosis, by Al-Raziff. 21r-23v: Treatise on ulcersff. 24r-33v: A medical compendium of "Master...
Dates: 13th century

MS 168: Rosa medicinae by John Gaddesden, 14th century

Identifier: MS 168
Contents MS 168 is a 14th-century copy of Rosa medicinae (also known by the name Rosa anglica) by English physician John Gaddesden, written c. 1313. Gaddesden trained as a doctor at Oxford between 1307-1316, and embarked on a successful career as the first major medieval medical scholar to have trained entirely in England. An indication of his reputation, he seems to have treated a son of Edward I of England for smallpox (perhaps Thomas...
Dates: 14th century

MS 169: Composite manuscript containing six medical texts, 1481; 17th century

Identifier: MS 169
Contents Contains six medical texts, and recipes inserted at a later date. The whole volume is written by the hand of Robert of Sherburn, with the exception of the recipes, written by Francis Cox.ff. 1v-2v: A Tabula to the volume, in the hand of Robert of Sherburn, and an ilustration of a physician and patient (described under 'Scope and Contents-Illumination').Ff. 3r-37r, ff. 41r-44r: 'Expositio cum questionibus super textu Rasis in 9...
Dates: 1481; 17th century

MS 170: Practica cum antidotario, by Johannes Serapion, 13th-14th century

Identifier: MS 170
Contents MS 170 is the Practica sive breviarium, a Latin translation from the 12th century by Gerard of Cremona. Gerard translated one of the two medical texts by 9th-century Christian physician, Johannes Serapion (also known as Yahya ibn Sarafyun, and Serapion the Elder). Little is known about Serapion, other than that he lived during the second half of the 9th century, and wrote medical treatises in Syriac. Through Gerard's Latin translation, which made the text...
Dates: 13th-14th century

MS 171: Livre de Phisique et Cirurgie, 15th century

Identifier: MS 171
Contents This manuscript contains an anonymous book on medicine and surgery written in Middle French in the 15th century, in which we find common topics of medieval medicine such as astrological medicine and the theory of humours. Five folios are missing: ff. I, XXXII, XXXIII (according to the original foliation) and two folios of the index at the end.ContentsText: starts imperfectly on f. 1r with the following words: et selon...
Dates: 15th century

MS 172: Livre de Receptes , 15th-16th century

Identifier: MS 172
Contents This manuscript contains a book of recipes for different ointments and medicines for common illnesses and injuries, including several recipes for treating the plague.The text starts on f. 1r with the title: Recepte pour faire le Baulme, followed by the words: Prenez une once de mastic. And ends on f. 21r with the title: Resepte pour les plez venene dc madamoiselle Duchesne. ...
Dates: 15th-16th century

MS 173: Composite manuscript including two texts, 13th century

Identifier: MS 173
Contents Contains two medical texts bound together, in the same hand. Both texts are glossed. There are miscellaneous notes on the first vellum fly-leaf, in a fourteenth-century hand.ff. 1r-8v: 'Pulses' by Giles of Corbeil and glossff. 9r-101r: 'Viaticum' by Constantine the African. Gloss ends f. 102v.Both texts are described seperately under the titles listed above. Writing Well written in a single Italian Gothic hand, with rubrics and plain...
Dates: 13th century

MS 174: Composite manuscript including eight texts, 14th century

Identifier: MS 174
Contents Contains eight texts bound together, in the same or very similar hands.ff. 1r-17r: Signa Prognostica by Ricardus Anglicusff. 17r-v: Unidentified fragment, beginning with the words Digestiva media... on f. 17r and ending on the verso of the same folio with: de digestis [?] sufficiant.F. 18 is blankff. 19r-27v:...
Dates: 14th century

MS 175: Composite manuscript including medical texts and recipes, 15th century

Identifier: MS 175
Contents Contains texts and recipes mostly on medicine, in five different hands.ff. 2r-7r: Tabula (Table of Contents) of the volume. f. 1r-v is a duplicate page of f. 181.ff. 7v-12v: blank, except for one recipe on f. 9r.ff. 13r-64r: Regimen Sanitatis ad regem Aragonum by Arnaldus de Villanovaff. 64r-75v: a regimen sanitatis text, author unknownff. 76r-120r: De conservanda sanitate...
Dates: 15th century