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Natural History

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = NAHSTE

Found in 27 Collections and/or Records:

Material relating to John Lowe

Identifier: Coll-1502
Scope and Contents A bound collection of pamphlets and off-prints, mostly on botanical subjects, which contain working notes of John Lowe and some watercolours which may be his too. There is a MS table of contents which lists nearly all the items but not in the order they are bound. The MS additions include: details of dated sightings, with place, to 'Bennett Notes on Norfolk plants'; and, MS notes of commentaries on the works. There is an autograph letter, 10 December 1898, from H.E. Brown of the...
Dates: 1856-1898

Minutes, 12 January 1808-16 April 1858

Identifier: Coll-206/1
Scope and Contents
  1. details of the constitution of the society
  2. minutes concerning the scientific papers read at society meetings
  3. minutes concerning membership applications and acceptances by the society
  4. minutes concerning business matters of the society
Dates: 12 January 1808-16 April 1858

Minutes volume 1, 12 January 1808 - 01 May 1830

Identifier: Coll-206/1/1
Scope and Contents Bound volume containing 310 numbered pages. The first 23 sessions of the Wernerian Natural History Society are minuted, including: details of the formation of the society, its original members and constitution, the Charter from the Town Council of Edinburgh and details of nominations for and ratifications of membership. Details of titles and abstract content of all papers read to the society are minuted. These include: Observations on the Mineral System of...
Dates: 12 January 1808 - 01 May 1830

Miscellaneous Papers, Vol. 1, c1741

Identifier: Coll-205/5/1 (Dc.2.39/1)
Scope and Contents Scots plants of the Linnaean class Cryptogamea; History of the mines at Wanloch Head; Elevatio Plantarum; Epistola ad Linnaeum; Letter to Sr James Nasmyth; Hortulan experiments; The old Gardens at Bargaly; Note on the Battle of the Bree; Some fruits at Munches in Galloway; Scots insects; the Loch Fyne shark; Two fossils; 8 species of Tremella; 2 species of Clavaria; Description of Agaricus Annulata; and of Lichen Punctatus; agricultural benefits of the Nile's overflow and Vesuvius' eruption;...
Dates: c1741

Miscellaneous Papers, Vol. 2, c1726-c1802

Identifier: Coll-205/5/2 (Dc.2.39/2)
Scope and Contents

Essay on cultivating with marle; Description of a whale cast ashore in Fife; Novum Organicum Botanicum; extensive correspondence between John Clark and 'Mr Gale' (approximately 200 handwritten pages, with some drawings).

Dates: c1726-c1802

Natural History, 19th Century

Identifier: Coll-244/1/6
Scope and Contents

Manuscript books on the subject of natural history.

Dates: 19th Century

Note about places and natural history on Loch Etive, c1892

Identifier: Coll-97/CW122/69
Scope and Contents

Note about places and natural history on Loch Etive, Earra Ghàidheal/Argyllshire including that Port Luinge Mhic Dhughail is close to Ru-na-Creaige and that there was a building on E[ilean] Uisleachan [Port Luinge Mhic Dhughaill, Rubha na Creige and Eilean Uisneachan]. Carmichael also describes long stepping stones like eels and 'ducks of long bills nesting in these isles'. He also mentions Leac-nam ban nigheadadaireac (sic) [Leac nam Ban Nigheadaireachd] as relating to washer-women.

Dates: c1892

Notebook No.4, May 1827- June 1827

Identifier: Coll-203/A1/4
Scope and Contents This notebook is a mix of geological observations, ruminations, and illustrations, Lyell also writes on law, society, and the church. A light natural leather journal, the cover reads "Index inside C" in ink. The notebook is written in pencil and ink. The following table of contents is Lyell's own words, copied from Lyell's own "Index", found at the beginning and end of the notebook, transcribed from digital surrogates using the platform...
Dates: May 1827- June 1827

Notes from lectures on climate, geology and zoology given by Robert Jameson

Identifier: Coll-1372
Scope and Contents

2 volumes of approximately 180 pages each: a careful transcription, with some diagrams, of lectures in climate, geology and zoology.

Both bear the book plate from the library of the Rev William Dansey, Rector of Donhead St Andrew, Wiltshire, though there is nothing to suggest Dansey had been a student of Jameson's

Dates: early 19th century

Occasional Remarks by the Revd. Dr. Walker, Prof. of Natural History at Edinburgh, c1779

Identifier: Coll-205/6 (Dc.2.40)
Scope and Contents

Short essays by John Walker on human emotions and conduct, on Scottish antiquities, on a particular green caterpillar known to Linnaeus, and on the theory of the earth. Short commentary on these essays in the handwriting of a Lord Woodhouse, 'to whom the remarks seem to have been submitted'. Original contents page is at the back, possibly in Walker's hand (approximately 134 handwritten pages, with some drawings).

Dates: c1779