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Social Interaction

Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: Created For = NAHSTE

Found in 10 Collections and/or Records:

Letter to Dr Mary Gardner Grierson from Sophie Weisse, 10 November 1933

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L2286
Scope and Contents Letter, 10 November 1933, Edinburgh, Sophie Weisse to Mary Grierson. Praising an orchestral concert and Grierson's efforts in keeping the orchestra together and encouraging it and concern for Tovey. Holograph signed, with stamped envelope.
Dates: 10 November 1933

Letter to Sir Donald Francis Tovey from A. Balfour, 26 October 1927

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L716
Scope and Contents Letter, 1927 Oct 26, Prestonkirk, A. Balfour to Professor Tovey. Thanking Tovey for inviting the Balfours' to a rehearsal of the Reid orchestra and arranging a date for their visit. Holograph signed.
Dates: 26 October 1927

Letter to Sir Donald Francis Tovey from Edith F. Ewart, 16 March 1923

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L1108
Scope and Contents Letter, 16 March 1923, Midlothian, Edith F. Ewart to Donald Tovey. Asking what edition of Bach's G minor Sonata for violin and piano to get, news of a new recruit for the Reid Orchestra and of the Penicuik orchestra. Holograph signed.
Dates: 16 March 1923

Letter to Sir Donald Francis Tovey from Edith F. Ewart, 25 December 1923

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L1110
Scope and Contents Letter, 25 December 1923, Edith F. Ewart to Donald Tovey. Sending Tovey good wishes and discussing the state of orchestral music in Australia. Holograph signed.
Dates: 25 December 1923

Letter to Sir Donald Francis Tovey from F. V. Rushforth, 21 April 1936

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L1618
Scope and Contents Letter, 21 April 1936, Edinburgh, F. V. Rushforth to Donald Tovey. Covering note for photos of the Reid orchestra, congratulations on the performance and news of Rushforth's daughter in Munich. Holograph signed, with envelope containing two photo's of the Reid Orchestra and one of Donald Tovey.
Dates: 21 April 1936

Letter to Sir Donald Francis Tovey from Isabelle Schwiller, 06 December 1928

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L1664
Scope and Contents Letter, 6 December 1928, Edinburgh, Isabelle Schwiller to Donald Tovey. Discussing her time spent with Tovey and her plans to hear the Reid orchestra before she leaves Edinburgh. Holograph signed.
Dates: 06 December 1928

Letter to Sir Donald Francis Tovey from J. Douglas H. Dickson, 16 October 1937

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L1080
Scope and Contents Letter, 16 October 1937, Edinburgh, J. Douglas H. Dickson to Donald Tovey. Discussing the financial affairs of the Reid orchestra, including the Reid Orchestra endowment fund, and a discussion of Edinburgh and it's people. Holograph signed.
Dates: 16 October 1937

Letter to Sir Donald Francis Tovey from Rosalind Maitland, c07 July 1922

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L1391
Scope and Contents Letter, 7 July 1922, Edinburgh, Rosalind Maitland to Donald Tovey. Details of the Reid Orchestra's guarantor's meeting, news of Adrian Boult's praise for Tovey's work and a meeting with Allt. Holograph signed.
Dates: c07 July 1922

Letter to Sir Donald Francis Tovey from W. Wainsupp, 19 December 1932

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L1862
Scope and Contents Letter, 19 December 1932, Edinburgh, W. Wainsupp to Donald Tovey. Wishing Tovey well, and details of the Reid concert. Holograph signed.
Dates: 19 December 1932

Letter to Sophie Weisse from Sir Donald Francis Tovey, c01 March 1916

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L646
Scope and Contents Letter, [March 1916], Edinburgh, Donald Tovey to Sophie Weisse. News of a successful Reid concert, criticism of a music critic in 'The Scotsman', and news of life in Edinburgh. Holograph unfinished, on University of Edinburgh headed notepaper.
Dates: c01 March 1916