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Social Interaction

Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: Created For = NAHSTE

Found in 1130 Collections and/or Records:

Letter to ' Bessie' [Elizabeth Trevelyan] from Florence Emily Barger, 23 November 1925

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L2024
Scope and Contents

Letter, 23 November 1925, Edinburgh, Florence Barger to ' Bessie' [Elizabeth Trevelyan]. Informing 'Bessie' of Tovey's engagement to Minnie Wallace, discussing the engagement and news of Tovey . Holograph signed.

Dates: 23 November 1925

Letter to Clara Gould from Annie Friedberg, 02 January 1925

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L2164
Scope and Contents

Letter, 2 January 1925, New York, Annie Friedbourg to Clara Gould. Wishing Gould a happy New Year and informing her that she has had no news from Tovey. Typescript signed.

Dates: 02 January 1925

Letter to Clara Tovey from Albert Schweitzer, 03 December 1934

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L1653
Scope and Contents


3 December 1934, Alsace, Albert Schweitzer to Clara Tovey. Thanking Mrs. Tovey for the hospitality she gave Schweitzer while he was in Edinburgh. Holograph signed.

Dates: 03 December 1934

Letter to Clara Tovey from Julius Rontgen and Mrs. Rontgen, 13 May 1929

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L1603
Scope and Contents

Letter, 13 May 1929, Bilthoven, Julius Rontgen and Mrs. Rontgen to Clara Tovey. Thanking Mrs. Tovey for her hospitality. Holograph signed.

Dates: 13 May 1929

Letter to Clara Tovey from L. M. Russell, 05 June 1932

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L2663
Scope and Contents

Letter, 5 June 1932, Edinburgh, L. M. Russell to Clara Tovey. Translation of a letter from Albert Schweitzer, informing Clara Tovey when he will arrive in Norwich. Holograph signed, with letter from Albert Schweitzer to Clara Tovey, 1932, Edinburgh, [1]p. 13 x 21cm.

Dates: 05 June 1932

Letter to Clara Tovey from Mary Beasley, 23 July 1940

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L2029
Scope and Contents

Letter, 23 July 1940, Northampton, Mary Beasley to Clara Tovey. Covering note for memoirs of Tovey and sympathetic words. Holograph signed.

Dates: 23 July 1940

Letter to Clara Tovey from Pablo Casals, 17 May 1935

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L905
Scope and Contents

Letter, 17 May 1935, Barcelona, Pablo Casals to Clara Tovey. Hoping Lady Tovey had a good voyage, praising her husband and wishing her well. Holograph signed.

Dates: 17 May 1935

Letter to Clara Wallace from Sir Donald Francis Tovey, c1890

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L216
Scope and Contents

Letter, [n.d], [London], Donald Tovey to Clara Wallace. Apologising for not visiting and accepting an invitation. Holograph signed.

Dates: c1890

Letter to Clara Wallace from Sir Donald Francis Tovey, 15 June 1891

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L217
Scope and Contents

Letter, 15 June 1891, Moffat, Donald Tovey to Clara Wallace. Notifying Clara Wallace that Tovey will not be attending the Handel festival. Holograph signed, with stamped envelope.

Dates: 15 June 1891

Letter to Daniel Duff from Sir Donald Francis Tovey, 19 October 1937

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L58
Scope and Contents

Letter, 19 October 1937, Edinburgh, Sir Donald Francis Tovey to Daniel Duff. Request for luminous paper, or gold leaf. Ms. transcript by Hubert Foss, with covering letter from Daniel Duff.

Dates: 19 October 1937