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Halleii methodus determinanti Aphectis Excentr: planete, 1676

Identifier: GB 0237 David Gregory Dc.1.75 Folio B [10]
Scope and Contents

A transcription of a 1667 article in the Transactions, in which Halley shows how to find a planet in its elliptical orbit.

Dates: 1676

Hydraulics, c1780-c1803

Identifier: Coll-204/26
Scope and Contents

Volume contains manuscript notes on hydraulics. Numerous diagrams append, including an enormous one of a fourteen-foot water wheel.

Dates: c1780-c1803

Index Chartarum in M.S. C. in folio, 1700

Identifier: Coll-33/Folio C [index]
Scope and Contents

An index, in Gregory's hand, to the material he designated as Folio C.

Dates: 1700

Institutionum Astronomicorum Liber 1 et 2, 1685

Identifier: GB 0237 David Gregory Dc.1.75 Folio B [7]
Scope and Contents

Extract of Gregory's Edinburgh course in astronomy, with 10 drawn diagrams.

Dates: 1685

Jac: Gregorii Oratio &c in Comitiis publ: Acad Andreanae 1690, 1690

Identifier: Coll-33/Folio C [194]
Scope and Contents

Oration, or part of one, on Cartesian, Ptolemaic, and Tychonian cosmology. The James in this case must refer to David's brother.

Dates: 1690

Jo: Casswelli Observatio..., 1697

Identifier: GB 0237 David Gregory Dc.1.75 Folio B [14(1)]
Scope and Contents

A diagram of Mercury's passage near the sun on 23 October 1697, desribed by Dr Wallis and one Jo: Caswell.

Dates: 1697

Kalendar and astronomical tables, 1482

Identifier: MS 126
Scope and Contents

This volume contains calendars and astronomical tables. It is written in fair script by more than one hand. There are many diagrams and one pen drawing (16th century). The whole is heavily rubricated.

This manuscript is now part of the Western Medieval Manuscripts Collection. A detailed description is available HERE.

Dates: 1482
A diagram of blood letting locations on the body.
A diagram of blood letting locations on th...

Kalendar and Astronomical Tables, late 15th century [1482?]

Identifier: MS 126
Contents This manuscript was created in Scotland in the late 15th century, possibly around 1482 as that is the date of the Kalendar. The Kalendar is Cistercian, and the manuscript belonged to the Cistercian Priory of Coupar-Angus. After the Kalendar, which provides the important dates in the liturgical year, there are many charts and diagrams related to astrology.The contents are as follows:f. 1r: A Poem by Saint Bernard. It is titled ...
Dates: late 15th century [1482?]

Lecture Notes of John Robison

Identifier: Coll-204
Scope and Contents

Lecture notes from the time when Robison was Professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. The notes embrace the sciences of mechanics, hydrodynamics, astronomy and optics, together with electricity and magnetism.

It is assumed that these are Robison's own notes but this has not been verified.

Dates: c1779-c1801

Lectures by David Gregory

 Fonds — Volume Dc.6.12
Identifier: Coll-1608
Scope and Contents Volume consists of teaching material originally produced by David Gregory, here transcribed with numerous drawings by Francis Pringle in Oxford in 1694-1695 and George Wood in St Andrews 1705. The volume's index is in Gregory's hand. The lectures, all by Gregory, are the Institutiones Astronomiae, the Oxford address on professional education he called De Ratione Studii Mathematici Consilium, the Lectiones Opticae, Trigonometria Planorum Angulorum, Geometria Practica, Geometriae de Motu, and...
Dates: c1694-c1705