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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = NAHSTE

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Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Arthur H. Neumann, 26 October 1899

Identifier: Coll-14/9/5/33
Scope and Contents Neumann enquires whether Ewart thinks it would be possible to start up a ranch for Grevy's zebra in East Africa, and to cross them with horses and donkeys to create 'a new beast of burden for Africa'.
Dates: 26 October 1899

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Carl Hagenbeck, 01 July 1902

Identifier: Coll-14/9/8/52
Scope and Contents Hagenbeck confirms that the Jardin d'Acclimatation in Paris no longer has the hybrid of the 'Equus hemyonus' and pony in its possession, and that the hybrid zebras and donkeys have been sold to William Jamrach. He enquires after more complete physical details of Ewart's hybrids.
Dates: 01 July 1902

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Colonel Alfred Keene, 13 August 1903

Identifier: Coll-14/9/9/84
Scope and Contents Keene reports on the progress of the zebra hybrids who are being used in a Battry near Simla, India. He writes that the Indian government are complaining at the high price of zebras as opposed to mules, but Keene comments that the price would have been less had they bought the hybrids from Ewart in the first place. He asks if zebra/pony hybrids can produce their own offspring and if Ewart knows of any zebra/donkey hybrids. He asks if Ewart would be able to procure a zebra stallion, as the...
Dates: 13 August 1903

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Colonel George A. Oliphant, 21 August 1907

Identifier: Coll-14/9/13/38
Scope and Contents Oliphant writes that the little donkey came from Ceylon and he will provide further information about him shortly. The Grevy's zebra has not foaled yet and Oliphant will try to tame the Przewalski's hybrid when the weather turns cold.
Dates: 21 August 1907

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Colonel George A. Oliphant, 11 February 1910

Identifier: Coll-14/9/16/3
Scope and Contents Oliphant asks if Ewart himself can't manage to carry ouy the experiment with the female foal out of the Przewalski's mare by the Highland pony and a hybrid male by a Przewalski's stallion out of a pony mare, as space is getting cramped at Woburn. He reports that they are going through with the experiment crossing Nepalese unicorn sheep with Southdown sheep, and they propose to do a similar experiment with Grevy's zebras and French Giant donkeys. The Duke of Bedford also asks Ewart's advice on...
Dates: 11 February 1910

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Edward Donald Malcolm, 26 April 1904

Identifier: Coll-14/9/10/43
Scope and Contents Malcolm thanks Ewart for sending him 'The Multiple Origin of Horses and Ponies' and enquires about the breeding of zebras and whether or not they can be crossed with donkeys. He complains at the loss of a costly donkey stallion on his property in Jamaica and hopes that some of his offspring may survive to make up for the loss.
Dates: 26 April 1904

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Herbrand Arthur Russell, 11th Duke of Bedford, 29 March [1915]

Identifier: Coll-14/9/21/8
Scope and Contents Russell, who signs himself 'Bedford', suggests that Ewart visits Woburn when he comes to London, as he has a fine Italian donkey-zebra hybrid.

The year is not written on the letter.
Dates: 29 March [1915]

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from J. Sidney Turner, 21 April 1898

Identifier: Coll-14/9/4/10
Scope and Contents Turner states that he will be sending Ewart a photograph of a donkey with very accentuated stripes on its legs. He awaits news of the second foal, particularly in respect to telegony. He also discusses the origins and general characteristics of the Dalmatian, the German Pointer and the Alsatian.
Dates: 21 April 1898

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from J.E Shaw, 20 April 1899

Identifier: Coll-14/9/5/19
Scope and Contents Shaw congratulates Ewart on the publication of the Penycuik Experiments. He discusses his own interest in the breeding of a pair of Burchell's zebras located at the Zoological Gardens in Bristol, and the markings of their offspring. He offers to send Ewart the skin of an 11 month-old foal for his inspection. He asks for advice on the hybridisation of zebras with ponies and donkeys in their care.
Dates: 20 April 1899

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Lord Arthur Cecil, [c. January 1902]

Identifier: Coll-14/9/8/7
Scope and Contents Cecil states that he is returning Cockerell's letter. He goes on to discuss the arrangements for a horse show and mentions trying to persuade Herbrand Arthur Russell (the Duke of Bedford) to attend the show and purchase a hybrid. He discusses the similarities between the moorland breeds and the brown donkey.

The letter is undated.
Dates: [c. January 1902]