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Subject Source: Homosaurus
Scope Note: Sexual identity that is defined as attraction to more than one gender; follow the individual's preference for bisexuality, pansexuality, or polysexuality whenever possible.

Found in 30 Collections and/or Records:

He's her Mr Right but did she ever say he had to be her Mr Straight? (The Scotsman), 16 Sep 1999

Identifier: GD61/11/2/3/165
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Series:

A collection of newspaper and magazine cuttings covering issues relating to the LGBTQ+ community.

Articles cover local, national and international news, however Scottish publications have the strongest representation with Edinburgh and Glasgow based publications being a specific strength within this sub-series.

Dates: 16 Sep 1999

Minutes of Lesbian Line Meeting, 12 Feb 1996

Identifier: GD61/1/1/5/17
Scope and Contents

Topics discussed include: an update on phone calls and befriending with subjects such as saunas, gay parents, and the bereavement charity Cruse raised; the resignation of a member and discussion of a written response to the LGLS Treasurer's resignation; suggestions for leaflets to be included in a lesbian information pack; Scottish Television (STV) requesting people to take part in programme about coming out to parents and gay parenting; and a training update.

Dates: 12 Feb 1996

Minutes of the EGS Trust Team Meeting, 19 Sep 1990

Identifier: GD61/1/1/4/56
Scope and Contents Topics discussed include: the death of a former member who died following complications related to AIDS; membership questions; Welcome Group; the National Bisexual Conference; phone duty commitment; new arrangements for the team mentors scheme; Icebreakers; the Dunblane Conference; job descriptions; training report; and questions relating to Dundee contacts and the organisation, At Ease, which provides advice and information to members of the Armed Forces.Additional pages include...
Dates: 19 Sep 1990

Minutes of the EGS Trust Team Meeting, 17 Jun 1992

Identifier: GD61/1/1/4/80
Scope and Contents

Topics discussed include: call cards; Lesbian Line update; Stonewall gaining access to premises; violence survey/questionnaire; feedback on meeting with Strathclyde Switchboard; Tayfriend; Perth Lesbian and Gay Group; Edinburgh Bisexual Group; and budget.

Dates: 17 Jun 1992

Minutes of the EGS Trust Team Meeting, 15 Jul 1992

Identifier: GD61/1/1/4/81
Scope and Contents

Topics discussed include: call cards; instructions for using Minicom to assist with calls from people with hearing impairments; a Lesbian Line update; training officer's report; an application from a bisexual wishing to become a member; and a treasurer's update.

Dates: 15 Jul 1992

Minutes of the EGS Trust Team Meeting, 9 Sep 1992

Identifier: GD61/1/1/4/82
Scope and Contents Topics discussed include: call cards; violence survey; collecting details of sympathetic General Practitioners (GPs) and solicitors; Lesbian Line update; an application from a bisexual wishing to become a member; training; treasurer's update; annual report; answering machines; a leaflet on creating a will; Gay Business Club; Friends of the Gay Switchboard; and feedback from the 'TV Group' and their experiences with Transtrap.Note: TV is an abbreviated form of the historical term...
Dates: 9 Sep 1992

Minutes of the EGS Trust Team Meeting, 20 Jul 1994

Identifier: GD61/1/1/4/98
Scope and Contents Topics discussed include: befriending feedback; correspondence; training; social events and groups; further discussion about Ethics and Equality Committee producing counselling guidance (discussed in previous meeting); reports from Lesbian Line, the Co-ordinator, the Treasurer, and the Training Officer; a meeting with the Police regarding the Gay Liaison Officer at Fettes; the code of conduct; membership update; office equipment; the National Bisexual Conference; and a discussion of call...
Dates: 20 Jul 1994

Minutes of the EGS Trust Team Meeting, 18 Dec 1986

Identifier: GD61/1/1/4/1
Scope and Contents

Topics discussed include: Scottish AIDS Monitor (SAM) moving premises; training; resignations; elections for Liaison Officer and Minutes Secretary; feedback on AIDS conference held by Lothian and Fife Health Boards; information on the Christmas night out; an update on the draft code of conduct; and notice of the first Scottish bisexual phone line opening.

Dates: 18 Dec 1986

Minutes of the EGS Trust Team Meeting and Lesbian Line Meeting, 17 Aug 1994

Identifier: GD61/1/1/4/99
Scope and Contents Topics discussed in the Lesbian Line meeting include: befriending and calls; discos including how they are advertised; correspondence including a Channel 4 programme called Out and a conference on HIV and Nutrition; G Spot Radio requesting interviewee; trainees; and the Equal Opportunities Policy.Topics discussed in the Edinburgh Gay Switchboard Trust's Joint Team Meeting include: a Co-ordinator's report covering further discussion about the Ethics and Equality Committee...
Dates: 17 Aug 1994

Minutes of the LGLS Trust Team Meeting, 20 Dec 1995

Identifier: GD61/1/1/5/14
Scope and Contents Topics discussed include: social events; Norton Park and moving premises; the Edinburgh Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Forum; proposal for a new computer and automated call logging; membership matters including a resignation and concerns about that; request for training from Forth Friend; Lesbian Line report including in-service training on women's sexual health, the Social Group, and recruitment; a report from the Treasurer is provided which discusses the budget, the distribution of information...
Dates: 20 Dec 1995