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Mogul Empire -- History

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

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Or Ms 235: وقائع سورتهه Waqāʼi‘ Sūrath, 1287 A.H., 1870 C.E.

Identifier: Or Ms 235
Scope and Contents

A history of Surat (ancient Sūrāshtara) in Gujarat, compiled by the author, Ranchūrjī, son of Amarjī, Dīwān of Junagadh (the largest state in Kathiawar), for his son Sunkar-Parshād, from official sources and his own observations.

It is also known as the Taʼrīkh-i Sūrath. All the dates given are in the Samwat Era.

The manuscript was copied at the request of the donor from a manuscript belonging to one of the descendants of the author.

Dates: 1287 A.H.; 1870 C.E.

Or Ms 236: تأريخ فيض بخش Ta’rīkh-i Faiz̤ Bakhsh, undated (original text compiled 18th cent. C.E.)

Identifier: Or Ms 236
Scope and Contents

A history of the Rohilla-Afghāns from their first settlement in Kāthar to their defeat in 1188 A.H., 1774 C.E., by Shiw-Parshād, who was in the service of Nawwāb Faiz̤-Allāh Khān.

Dates: undated (original text compiled 18th cent. C.E.)

Or Ms 237: انتظام راج اعظم گڙه Intiẓām-i Rāj-i A‘ẓamgaṛh, undated (original text compiled 19th cent. C.E.)

Identifier: Or Ms 237
Scope and Contents The story of the rulers of A‘ẓamgaṛh (a Ta‘alluqah in the United Provinces of India), from the time of Abhman-Singh and Sagar-Rāi, sons of Chand-Sen, of the tribe of Rajpūts and Zamīndārs of Mahnagar (in the parganah of Niẓāmābād), till the death of the Rānī, wife of the Rājah Muḥammad A‘ẓam Khān, and end of the rūj (rule).The work, which in its composition is interspersed with numerous verses, was compiled by Girdhāri (see introduction), a ...
Dates: undated (original text compiled 19th cent. C.E.)

Or Ms 238: سرگذشتِ راجهای اعظم گڙه Sarguẕasht-i Rājahā-yi A‘ẓamgaṛh, 1289 A.H., 1872 C.E.

Identifier: Or Ms 238
Scope and Contents A brief account of the rulers of A‘ẓamgaṛh by Sayyid Amīr ‘Alī Raz̤wī, who mentions several nobles of Niẓāmābād, all of whom had attained long ages, as the authority for this work. The history begins from the adventures of Abhman-Singh, son of Chandar-Sen-Rāi, of the tribe of Gūtam, who received the title of Nādir-Dawlat-Khān from the Mughal Emperor Akbar (1542-1605 C.E.), and ends with the transfer of the district in Faṣlī 1205 (1801 C.E.) by the Nawwāb Wazīr Sa‘ādat ‘Alī Khān of Awadh to...
Dates: 1289 A.H.; 1872 C.E.

Or Ms 409: پادشاهنامه Pādishāh-nāmah, undated copy (original text extant by 17th cent. C.E.)

Identifier: Or Ms 409
Scope and Contents The oldest history of the first ten years of the Emperor Shāhjahān's reign (1037-1047 A.H.,1628-1637 C.E.), by Muḥammad Amīn ibn Abī al-Ḥusayn Qazvīnī, who entered the emperor's service as munshī in the fifth year of his reign, 1042 A.H., 1632-1633 C.E.A Descriptive Catalogue of the Arabic and Persian Manuscripts in Edinburgh University Library by Mohammad Hukk et al. (1925) says, "This copy is particularly...
Dates: undated copy (original text extant by 17th cent. C.E.)

Or Ms 410: چهار (یا چار) گلشن Chahār (or Chār) Gulshan, undated copy (original text extant by 18th cent. C.E.)

Identifier: Or Ms 410
Scope and Contents

A general history and topography of the ṣūbahs of India and the Dakhan (Deccan), composed by Rāi Chaturman (fol. 15), or, with his full name, Chaturman Rāi, a Kāyath of the tribe of Saksīnah, called Rāi-Zādah, and finished in 1173 A.H., 1759-1760 C.E., a week before his death.

Dates: undated copy (original text extant by 18th cent. C.E.)

Or Ms 411: مآثر عالمگیری Maʻās̲ir-i ʻĀlamgīrī, 1161 A.H., 1748 C.E.

Identifier: Or Ms 411
Scope and Contents A history of the complete reign of the Emperor 'Ālamgīr, from 1067 A.H. (1656 C.E.) to his death, 1118 A.H. (1707 C.E.). It was compiled in 1122 A.H. (1710 C.E.), by Musta'idd-Khān, surnamed Muḥammad Sāqī, who was secretary to 'Ināyat-allāh Khān. This nobleman was the favourite record writer of 'Ālamgīr and subsequently rose to the role of Governor of Kashmir and vizier to Shāh-'Ālam. The author had thus been an eye-witness of many of the incidents recorded, as he had been connected with the...
Dates: 1161 A.H.; 1748 C.E.

احوال اولادو جائداد سید احمد ساندوی Aḥwāl-i Aulād-u Ja'idād-i Sayyid Aḥmad Sāndwī, 1230 A.H., 1814 C.E.

Identifier: Or Ms 89
Scope and Contents

This work was compiled by 'Alī Naqī Khān, under instructions from the Governor-General of India, to clear up certain complications which had arisen in regard to the disposal of the estate in Oudh in the possession of the descendants of Sayyid Aḥmad Sāndwī.

Dates: 1230 A.H.; 1814 C.E.

اقبال نامهٔ جهانگیری Iqbāl-nāmah-i Jahāngīrī, 1189 A.H., 1775 C.E.

Identifier: Or Ms 80
Scope and Contents

A history of the life and reign of Mughal Emperor Jahāngīr (1569-1627).

Dates: 1189 A.H.; 1775 C.E.

اکبرنامه Akbar-nāmah, undated copy (original text composed 16th cent. C.E.)

Identifier: Or Ms 78
Scope and Contents

The well-known history of the Emperor Akbar the Great, by his favourite Prime Minister and Secretary, Shaykh Abū al-Faz̤l " 'Allāmī " b. Shaykh Mubārak Nāgūrī. The author was in his time the most learned and elegant writer in the East.

Dates: undated copy (original text composed 16th cent. C.E.)