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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = NAHSTE

Found in 22 Collections and/or Records:

Letter to Sir Archibald Geikie from Thomas Forster Brown, 01 July 1898

Identifier: Coll-74/11/8/72
Scope and Contents

Letter to Sir Archibald Geikie from Thomas Forster Brown of the firm Forster Brown and Rees, Mining and Civil Engineers requesting a reference or some assistance to help him ascertain whether gold or silver is mined on Islay, the annual value of such and the composition of other minerals recovered.

Dates: 01 July 1898

Letter to Sir Archibald Geikie from Thomas Forster Brown, 09 July 1898

Identifier: Coll-74/11/8/73
Scope and Contents

Letter to Sir Archibald Geikie from Thomas Forster Brown thanking him for arranging for a member of the Geological Survey of Great Britain staff to investigate his request concerning gold and silver mining on Islay.

Dates: 09 July 1898

Observations made on a boat journey between Tarbert and Isle of Taransay, 7 August 1870

Identifier: Coll-97/CW116/3
Scope and Contents Observations made on a boat journey in Loch Tarbert/Loch an Tairbeairt, Na Hearadh/Isle of Harris, describing the scenery around the loch including 'fine high mountains', the island of Iosaigh, whch is 'like Iosai at Dun an Tarcul is a high hill on the point of Loscintir' [possibly Aoineag Tarcall], that 'Boisdale on s[outh] side [of] L[och] Tarbert [is] a coire deep & pretty' [Bìtheasdail], noting 'Yo'aveag & Yo'a'vor' on each side of the corrie [Geodha Bheag and Geodha Mhòr] and...
Dates: 7 August 1870

Output of Gold, 1870s-1930s

Identifier: Coll-1434/1044
Scope and Contents

Text and figures discussing the output of gold in Souther Rhodesia between 1891 and 1907 - total of 2,601,830 ounces at a value of £9,300,000. It also notes the amounts of silver, lead, coal, copper, wolfarmite ore, scheelite, chrome iron ore, antimony, diamonds and other precious stones produced.

Dates: 1870s-1930s

Place-name and archaeological notes relating to Loisgcintir [Losgaintir/Luskentyre], 7 July 1870

Identifier: Coll-97/CW116/2
Scope and Contents Place-name and archaeological notes relating to Loisgcintir [Losgaintir/Luskentyre, Na Hearadh/Isle of Harris] made on a journey with Rev Donald MacKintosh, priest, Uibhist a Deas/South Uist and Mr Archie MacRae, Huisinis, Na Hearadh/Isle of Harris, observing a small old building on 'Tar'cul (cal?) Taigh Mhic Loaig [deleted]' noting that the place-name elements Lusk and Lisk are common in Scotland and in Denmark and how Mr Don[ald] MacRae remembers that when he was ten years old his...
Dates: 7 July 1870

Reprints, 1872-1914

Identifier: Coll-99/3/1
Scope and Contents
  1. reprints of scholarly articles by James Geikie
  2. reprint of scholarly article by John Somerville Geikie
  3. reprints of testimonials for James Geikie
Dates: 1872-1914

Sir Roderick Impey Murchison correspondence (gold), mid 19th century

Identifier: Coll-74/10/6
Scope and Contents

The Sir Roderick Impey Murchison correspondence (gold) consists of:

  1. correspondence, alphabetically arranged
  2. geological drawings
  3. notes
  4. presscuttings
Dates: mid 19th century

Story about Vikings shipwrecked on Mollacag, 23 May 1869

Identifier: Coll-97/CW150/36
Scope and Contents

Story collected from Roderick MacNeil, Miùghlaigh/Mingulay which tells how a Long Lochlannach [Viking ship] was broken on a rock called Mollacag at Airghrian [possibly Àird Ghrèin] about '120 or 60 years ago' [c1750 or c1810 or c1710, if 160 years ago is meant]. The gullies filled up with the bodies. The females were drowned, their gold taken away and they were refused permission 'to build in the sea'. The text has been scored through in ink as if transcribed elsewhere.

Dates: 23 May 1869

Story relating to Fuday, 24 September 1872

Identifier: Coll-97/CW90/107
Scope and Contents

Story relating to Fuday [Fuideigh] in which the illegitimate son of MacNeil of Barra, Mac an Amhuris, avenges the abduction of his daughter by Lochlannaich [Vikings] by going to Fuday and killing them all. The remains of the Lochlannaich periodically washed up on shore. Two boys found gold on Fuday, which, after the death of their father, who had persuaded them to keep the gold, they used to buy property in Cape Breton, Canada following their emigration.

Dates: 24 September 1872

Summary of Gold Raised in Australasia, 1851 - 1903, 1870s-1930s

Identifier: Coll-1434/3019
Scope and Contents

Table summarizing the ounces of gold raised in Australasia between 1851 to 1903.

Dates: 1870s-1930s