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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = NAHSTE

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Catalogus Librorum Novorum Mathem: in Gallijs 1693, c1693

Identifier: Coll-33/Quarto A [29]
Scope and Contents List of partial titles in applied mathematics, mostly, in a hand other than David Gregory's-and one of them in Greek, not a language in which he was comfortable. 1693 was the year he made his last trip to the continent, visiting Flanders as new Savilian Professor. These varied titles consider things like the statics of exploding gunpowder and draining water, dioptrics, micromeasurement, catapults, and astrophysics. This bibliography may be part of a larger one, judging by "par le meme" in the...
Dates: c1693

Excerpta D.G. de Kepleri Dioptrica et contenta in illa, c1693

Identifier: Coll-33/Quarto A [41]
Scope and Contents A simple abstract of the contents of an uncited treatise of Johannes Kepler on dioptrics, or refraction.
Dates: c1693

Excerpta et notanda in Kepleri ... ad vitellionem, c1693

Identifier: Coll-33/Quarto A [38.1]
Scope and Contents A discussion, probably inspired by Sir Isaac Newton, of whether it was Willebrord Snell or Voss who discovered a law of refraction first, from which Rene Descartes arguably derived his version at last.
Dates: c1693

Memoranda et observata in Batavia 1693 Maio, 17 May 1693

Identifier: Coll-33/Quarto A [31]
Scope and Contents Batavia is a seventeenth-century cognomen for the Netherlands, to which David Gregory went in the spring of 1693, mostly to talk science with Christiaan Huygens. This document is a list of some books he wished to buy for himself and for friends back home, if he could find them. They covered Palladius, Thucydides, Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Erasmus, "all I can find of the Roman Authors at Amst[erdam]", and others. On the reverse is a list of topics he wished to discuss when he finally sat down...
Dates: 17 May 1693