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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = NAHSTE

Found in 16 Collections and/or Records:

45.7 Female, Married, 45-54 yrs, High grade mental defective, October 1946

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S2/17/1/42
Scope and Contents "This woman is backward according to Dr. Nurse finds her unco-operative - will not let her visit the baby, seems to be keeping it in the background. There are hints (unfounded) of VD."
Relatives in survey: 45.8, 45.10
Dates: Other: October 1946

5.12 Female, Married, 45-54 yrs, Dull and Backward, Physical illness or invalidism, January 1946

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S2/17/1/5
Scope and Contents This woman is said to look subnormal, apt to write letters complaining about things. She is thought to have had a very unhappy life, was brought up in an orphanage. Diverse opinions about her morals, but she was treated for V.D. Nurse confirms - this woman is a nuisance and won't take advice. She looks ill. Said to have infected [5.13].
Relatives in survey: Children 5.8, 5.13
Dates: Other: January 1946

13.32 Male, Married, 45-54 yrs, Suspected psychiatric illness, September 1946

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S2/17/1/12
Scope and Contents "This is said to be an awful man, shepherd. He is said to have had an acute form of VD? first wife died, remarried. Is rumoured to have acquired VD from second wife. Children came out in sores. Fair-sized house. Fairly clean. Dr says this man is decent and honest and should not be included. Inspector confirms - soft."
Relatives in survey: children 13.31, 13.34, 13.35, 13.36, wife 13.33
Dates: September 1946

18.73 Female, Married, 35-44 yrs, High grade mental defective, June 1947

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S2/17/1/17
Scope and Contents "Very dull, mental, has been in an institution - full of tales about it. Illegitimate. [Female informant]: definitely mental, a slut, both children defective, husband very decent. Dirty home. Nurse confirms: Never off her doorstep, won't carry out her advice. No PA. The children are all illegitimate. Dr confirms, the children are all MD. Gonococcal infection."
Husband: 18.74 Children: 18.75
Dates: Other: June 1947

22.53 Female, Married, 15-24 yrs, Psychopathic personality, January 1946

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S2/17/1/21
Scope and Contents 'This girl has had both kinds of VD, had an illegitimate child which died, was formerly a maid.'
Relatives in survey: siblings 22.52, 22.50
Dates: Other: January 1946

16.177 Female, Separated or divorced, 15-24 yrs, High grade mental defective, Head injury, January 1947

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S2/17/1/15
Scope and Contents "IQ of 70. Definitely defective. Married a soldier, no children, is attending VD clinic. Illegitimate. She has a bad leg. Husband was a soldier, deserted from the army, deserted her. Dr says this woman had a head injury while working. No PA."
Relatives in survey: Mother [16.245]
Dates: Other: January 1947

16.222 Male, Separated or divorced, 15-24 yrs, Psychopathic personality, Alcoholism, December 1946

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S2/17/1/15
Scope and Contents "Aggressive, not dull. Was in the Navy but was more at home than at sea. Now a labourer. Married, separated, now living with parents. Dr confirms - a nasty bit of work, always overstaying his leave, simulated heart trouble - ate tobacco to avoid going to sea. Went round all the doctors for certificates. Now being treated for both kinds of VD. Married, had one child which was sent to an aunt. The aunt married an Indian and the family took the child away."Relatives in survey: Siblings...
Dates: Other: December 1946

Cure for syphillis, 1884

Identifier: Coll-97/CW120/303
Scope and Contents Cure for syphillis given as 'Sugh brist lus-nan-laogh and the Meacal' [the sap from bruised golden saxifrage and its root] 'ordered by' Father MacGregor, Iocar, South Uist [Iochdar, Uibhist a Deas].
Dates: 1884

Gray, James Allan

Identifier: GD1-81
Scope and Contents Lecture notes of [father] James Douglas Allan Gray 1925; lecture notes of James Allan Gray 1954-1959; letters from J. A. Gray regarding lecture notes 1999
Dates: 1925-1999

HIV Oral History Interviews

Identifier: GD60
Scope and Contents A series of oral history interviews with ex-Lothian Health Board staff on the history of HIV treatment and care in Edinburgh, recorded by Lothian Health Services Archive staff from 2015 to 2018. Please note that this catalogue is in progress, and more oral histories will be added over time.
Dates: 2015 - 2018