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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = NAHSTE

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Letter to James Cossar Ewart from John Malcolm Farquharson, 07 May 1902

Identifier: Coll-14/9/8/33
Scope and Contents

Farquharson asks Ewart what should be done with the balance left from paying the MacGillivray Memorial Fund. He proposes expending it on the Class of Botany at the University of Edinburgh in some way.

Dates: 07 May 1902

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from John McDonald, 30 May 1904

Identifier: Coll-14/9/10/58
Scope and Contents

McDonald proposes to give Ewart a grant of £10, on top of any grant that may be obtained from the Congested Districts Board, to pay the carriage of the pony to Keppoch and back, and for a man to attend him. He invites Ewart to his camp near Tain to see 'ponies from all parts'.

Dates: 30 May 1904

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Lord Arthur Cecil, 16 July 1908

Identifier: Coll-14/9/14/19
Scope and Contents

Cecil makes arrangements to stay with Ewart and reports on his meeting with Schofield and his critique of the latter's report. He suggests that the government funds a horse-breeding scheme, purchase the offspring and encourage landowners to breed army horses from selected native mares.

Dates: 16 July 1908

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Professor Sir John Halliday Croom, 23 December 1910

Identifier: Coll-14/9/16/47
Scope and Contents

Croom writes that he will do his best in support of Ewart, and remarks how wrong it is that men of science should not only have to do the work, but also to find the means. He states that he will write to the Duke of Portland and any others who may be able to help, and asks for a few copies of Ewart's appeal.

Dates: 23 December 1910

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from R.B Greig, 11 February 1913

Identifier: Coll-14/9/19/7
Scope and Contents

Greig writes that the Development Commissioners are to meet the Board of Agriculture and representatives of the cattle breeding societies to discuss their scheme. They are proposing to set aside £200 a year to pay for Ewart's travelling expenses and for small experiments which he might conduct for the Board with cattle and sheep. He also proposes to name Ewart as an adviser.

Dates: 11 February 1913

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Sir Edward Albert Sharpey Schafer, 28 March 1915

Identifier: Coll-14/9/21/7
Scope and Contents

Schafer writes that they ought to come to a decision about the directorship as soon as possible, and that Ewart was to have written a proposed scheme. He emphasises that the Committee would push for a full time director and doubts if the University would relieve Ewart of his duties sufficiently to allow him to take over the directorship.

Dates: 28 March 1915

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Sir Thomas David Gibson-Carmichael, 01 June 1900

Identifier: Coll-14/9/6/16
Scope and Contents

Gibson-Carmichael states that he is enclosing a cheque to enable Ewart to pay for an assistant for the year.

Dates: 01 June 1900

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Sir William Ridgeway, 26 October 1904

Identifier: Coll-14/9/10/112
Scope and Contents

Ridgeway apologises for losing Ewart's manuscript. He reports on his visits to potential funders in Ireland and describes 'a young Mendelian' called Lock who has just been elected a fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge,

Dates: 26 October 1904

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Sir William Ridgeway, 11 August 1904

Identifier: Coll-14/9/10/88
Scope and Contents

Ridgeway reports that he has seen Shipley about the ponies and encloses his letter (not present). He arranges to meet Ewart in London and hopes that he will get a grant from the London committee.

Dates: 11 August 1904

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Sir William Ridgeway, 05 September 1904

Identifier: Coll-14/9/10/95
Scope and Contents Ridgeway writes that he is pleased that Ewart plans to go to Mexico to see the mustangs and states that he has full historical details about the horses which the Spaniards took to North America. He will insert Ewart's remarks regarding 'stockings' colouration into the draft of his book and refers to the death of Matthew Horace Hayes. Ridgeway states that while he is happy to write in support of Ewart's application for £300 from the Carnegie Institute, he recommends that his case...
Dates: 05 September 1904