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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = PJM

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Redevelopment of Coventry - housing, c1940-1944

Identifier: PJM/CCC/A/2
Scope and Contents

Redevelopment of Coventry - housing subseries consists of:

  1. material relating to the opening of the Canley Estate houses, 18 December 1941
  2. photographs of the Canley Estate,c1941
  3. press clippings and journal articles concerning Coventry's housing developments, 1940-1944
  4. plans for housing, a nursery and a panoramic view, c1940
Dates: c1940-1944

Report on the Argyle Brewery Site, 1973

Identifier: PJM/PJMA/EUD/B/7.3
Scope and Contents

Reports by Ian G Lindsay & Partners into the history of the disused Argyle Brewery site and a development proposal for student housing on the site. The reports were produced as part of the plans for redevelopment of areas around Chambers Street by the University of Edinburgh.

Dates: 1973

Res.1.6 Male resident, c.30 yrs, married, corporation tenant, male interviewer, 1 December 1960

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/2/1/6
Scope and Contents This visit was to arrange a date for an interview. INTVEE lives in a top flat of a three storey block with his wife and children. INTVER describes the communal entrance hall to the block as "grubby, kicked" and having "the look of the basements of public swimming baths" but notes that the outside grass plot is well kept. A short corridor at the entrance of the flat leads to the living room. The kitchen opens off the living room directly. INTVEE thinks there is nowhere for the children to...
Dates: Other: 1 December 1960

Res.2.2 Married couple, thirties, corporation tenants, male interviewer, 3 March 1961

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/2/2/2
Scope and Contents Topics discussed include: Family life; living accommodation; quality of construction; design flaws; district; shortage of shops and play areas; church; Cramond foreshore.INTVEEs have six children and have lived in their flat for four years. The husband has lived in the area from the age of 7 and knew his wife from school. He ran wild as a child round the district in the 1930s and 1940s, his father was in the army and a drunk. Their stair is nice but noisy. Their complaints are...
Dates: Other: 3 March 1961

Res.2.3 Female resident, age unknown, married, corporation tenant, female interviewer, 7 March 1961

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/2/2/3
Scope and Contents Topics discussed include: Living accommodation and furnishings; child-rearing; rent and hire purchase.INTVEE and family moved in at the end of the previous year having been on the housing list for about four years, two years before they were married - only one year prior to marriage is counted as qualifying time. She lives with her husband and 18 month old baby. The house has not long been completed and they are the first occupants. Their block houses twenty families in six flats...
Dates: Other: 7 March 1961

Res.2.4 Female resident, late twenties, married, corporation tenant, female interviewer, 9 March 1961

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/2/2/4
Scope and Contents INTVEE is a married woman living in one of the prefabs with her husband and five children. They have been there for 4 years. They previously lived in two rooms in town which she hated because it was overcrowded and dirty. She misses the town with the shops and the feeling of life going on around, things to see when she takes the children out. Her children now have wonderful tans and colour in their cheeks. She grew up in Albert Street before moving to Pilton which she never really liked. She...
Dates: Other: 9 March 1961

Res.4.8 Married couple, ages unknown, owner occupiers, female interviewer, 25 September 1961

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/2/4/8
Scope and Contents INTVEE lives with her husband and children. She has started a part time job and her husband helps to look after the children. They say their families and friends sneered at them for wanting to buy their own place, they summed up the attitude as being traitors to their class. It was the expected thing for young couples to get sub-let rooms but female INTVEE had a fear of getting a battle-axe of a landlady. When male INTVEE got an unexpected windfall from the pools he bought a dining room...
Dates: Other: 25 September 1961

Res.1.15 Female resident, c.74 yrs, widowed, corporation tenant, male interviewer, 15 February 1961

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/2/1/15
Scope and Contents Topics discussed include: Accommodation; work; leisure; finance; shops.Accommodation: INTVEE lives in one of the old people's maisonettes in Muirhouse which consists of one room with a bed annexe, a small kitchenette and a bathroom. The fire is an open hearth one with a Sofona type fire place and heated water at the back. The walls are all papered. The kitchenette has an old gas cooker and a set of low cupboards with work tops and a sink by the window. There is an airing cupboard...
Dates: Other: 15 February 1961

Res.1.19 Male resident, 62 yrs, widowed, corporation tenant, male interviewer, 28 February 1961

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/2/1/19
Scope and Contents INTVEE is a 62 year old widower who lives with his married son and daughter in law who are also present for some of the interview. Previously lived in Albert Street, Leith, where the children (all sons) slept in a bed recess off the main room. The family then moved to a four apartment house near Ferry Road. He left to live with his son on the death of his wife. INTVER wonders if the married couple are embarrassed having rows in front of the INTVEE but this is denied. The house has two...
Dates: Other: 28 February 1961