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Postwar Reconstruction

Subject Source: Local sources
Scope Note: Created For = PJM

Found in 163 Collections and/or Records:

Photographs of Stepney / Poplar: east end before and after reconstruction, c1947-1961

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/2.1.4b
Scope and Contents Mixed collection of black and white photographic prints. 53 of the prints (max 24cm x 30cm, min 11cm x 17cm) show old or derelict buildings and waste land before reconstruction, some of which have a location, date or London County Council Architect's Town Planning Division stamp on the reverse. The remainder (21cm x 25) are of completed building projects by London County Council Architect's Department, including flats and housing in Stepney / Poplar, a children's play area, Lansbury market,...
Dates: c1947-1961

Plans: annotated plan of the area, c1953

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/1.2.5d
Scope and Contents Copy Ordnance Survey plan 1:1250 scale mosaic (100cm x 111cm) of the Barbican area of London from 1916 with possible new buildings for the redevelopment of the area overdrawn in blue pencil.
Dates: c1953

Plans: Area of comprehensive development no 2 - Stepney / Poplar, 1950s

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/2.4.3
Scope and Contents 38 copy plans by the Reconstruction Areas Group of the Town Planning Division of London County Council's Architect's Department comprising plans of the neighbourhoods of Comprehensive Development Area No 2: Stepney and Poplar. The plans comprise: 16 Ordnance Survey base plans (69cm x 102cm) at 1:1250 scale for each neighbourhood unit in Stepney / Poplar with a location plan indicating which neighbourhood is...
Dates: 1950s

Plans: Areas in the Stepney / Poplar neighbourhoods, 1949-1958

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/2.4.4
Scope and Contents 18 copy plans (approximately 55cm x 80cm) by the Reconstruction Areas Group of the Town Planning Division of London County Council's Architect's Department. The plans are development details for discrete areas of different neighbourhoods in Comprehensive Development Area no 2: Stepney / Poplar at 1" to 88' scale. Some of the plans are hand-coloured and 1 is on transparency. The majority have information concerning the proposed land use and housing density in the developments.
Dates: 1949-1958

Plans: Barbican "appendix" plans, 1954

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/1.2.5a
Scope and Contents Set of 7 copy plans relating to the Barbican Area of London, each with a red star shaped sticker giving an appendix number. The plans are: Appendix 1: "Barbican Site Plan no 1" - site plan at approximately 1:1250 scale giving details of planning permission for 27 numbered sites, 31 July 1954 Appendix 2: - "Barbican Site Sections no 2" - 3 sections across the site as marked on plan above, 2...
Dates: 1954

Plans: Bermondsey CDA and supplementary town map, 1950s

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/3.2.2
Scope and Contents Copy sketch plan (56cm x 103cm) probably by the Town Planning Division of London County Council's Architect's Department showing Bermondsey Comprehensive Development Area (CDA) and supplementary town map. The plan shows development status of areas within the CDA boundary.
Dates: 1950s

Plans: Caledonian Market, 1958

Identifier: PJM/LCC/F/2.1
Scope and Contents 7 copy plans (69cm x101cm) by the North East Group of the Town Planning Division of London County Council's Architect's Division showing plans for the redevelopment of Caledonian Market in London. There are 3 alternative suggested layout plans at 1:1250 scale with hand colouring; an architectural plan of the abattoir in Maiden Lane at 1' to 32" scale; a hand coloured 1:1250 Ordnance Survey plan of the area hand coloured to show land-use (no legend attached), a 1:2500 Ordnance Survey plan marked...
Dates: 1958

Plans: CDA no 5 - Elephant and Castle, 1955

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/5.2.1
Scope and Contents 2 copy plans (76cm x 131cm and 38cm x 51cm) by the Reconstruction Areas Group of the Town Planning Division of London County Council's Architect's Department. The plans show the layout of Comprehensive Development Area no 5: Elephant and Castle. One plan shows the detailed layout of "Scheme A" at 44" to 1' scale. The other shows the same layout in a smaller scale sketch plan.
Dates: 1955

Plans: Development of Prince's Meadow South Bank, c1960

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/4.8.18
Scope and Contents 18 copy plans (58cm x 58cm) by Russell Diplock Associates and Robert Matthew, Johnson-Marshall and Partners forming a tender portfolio for a site at Prince's Meadows on London's South Bank. The tender is for a complex which would incorporate a number of leisure facilities including an hotel, a theatre, a conference hall, a bowling alley, cinema, restaurants and an art school. This building was never built and the site is now occupied by the National Theatre. The portfolio comprises a cover, 11...
Dates: c1960

Plans: Elephant and Castle site no 1, c1955

Identifier: PJM/LCC/E/5.2.2
Scope and Contents 9 copy architectural plans (77cm x 128cm) by the Ardin & Brookes Partnership. These form a portfolio of plans for the construction of a development which combined shopping, offices, car parking and a cinema at Comprehensive Development Area no 5: Elephant and Castle in London. The plans are comprise: a site plan at 44' to 1" scale; floor plans, elevations and sections at 16' to 1" scale and a perspective drawing. The portfolio originally had 11 sheets but sheets 2 and 7 are missing.
Dates: c1955