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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = Tovey

Found in 335 Collections and/or Records:

Letter to Sophie Weisse from William Strecker, 21 May 1913

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L2502
Scope and Contents

Letter, 21 May 1913, London, William Strecker to Sophie Weisse. Enclosing the account of the Chelsea concerts, which is deficit by sixty pounds, discussion of the unnecessary expense of the concerts. Typescript signed.

Dates: 21 May 1913

Letter to Sophie Weisse from Wilma Halle, 27 October 1908

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L2203
Scope and Contents

Letter, 27 October 1908, London, Wilma Halle to Sophie Weisse. Thanking Miss. Weisse for sending a letter and cheque, praising Tovey's playing of Mozart. Holograph signed.

Dates: 27 October 1908

Letter to Unknown from Clement Templeton, c1900

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L2509
Scope and Contents

Letter, [n.d], Clement Templeton to Unknown. Informing the recipient that Joachim was so impressed by a musicians [Tovey's] playing and that Templeton was impressed by Tovey's playing Brahms. Holograph signed.

Dates: c1900

Letter to Unknown from Joseph Joachim, c1907

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L2259
Scope and Contents

Letter, c1907 , London, Joseph Joachim to Unknown. praising Toveys performance and expressing pleasure at being able to play with him. Dictated signed.

Dates: c1907

Letter to Unknown from Joseph Joachim, 11 February 1905

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L2260
Scope and Contents

Letter, 11 February 1905, Berlin, Joseph Joachim to Unknown. Discussing plans for Tovey to attend Joachim's London Concert and to visit him at his sister-in-laws. Dictated signed.

Dates: 11 February 1905

Letter to Unknown from Joseph Joachim, 17 June 1905

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L2262
Scope and Contents

Letter, 17 June 1905, Berlin, Joseph Joachim to Unknown. Expressing pleasure at Tovey's success, planning concerts with Tovey of Lauckner' music.. Dictated signed.

Dates: 17 June 1905

Letter to Unknown from Thomas Barclay, c1920

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L2022
Scope and Contents

Letter, [n.d], Edinburgh, Thomas Barclay to Unknown. Praising an orchestral concert in detail. Holograph signed, incomplete.

Dates: c1920

Playing the third sex (The Scotsman), 22 Mar 2002

Identifier: GD61/11/2/6/16
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Series:

A collection of newspaper and magazine cuttings covering issues relating to the LGBTQ+ community.

Articles cover local, national and international news, however Scottish publications have the strongest representation with Edinburgh and Glasgow based publications being a specific strength within this sub-series.

Dates: 22 Mar 2002

Postcard to Anna Walter Thomas fromSir Donald Francis Tovey, c1916

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L220
Scope and Contents

Postcard, 1916, Amsterdam, Donald Tovey to Anna Walter Thomas. Describing a successful concert at the Hague and enclosing a magazine article. Holograph signed, black and white picture of ' The American Hotel ' , Amsterdam.

Dates: c1916

Postcard to Edward Speyer from Sir Donald Francis Tovey, 03 November 1902

Identifier: Coll-411/1/1/L148
Scope and Contents

Postcard, 3 November 1902, Surrey, Sir Donald Francis Tovey to Edward Speyer. Concerned with the layout of the Meiningen concert programmes. Holograph signed, L145 - L149 sewn together.

Dates: 03 November 1902