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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
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Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Alfred Mathieu Giard, 06 May 1894

Identifier: Coll-14/9/2/4
Scope and Contents

Giard, writing from the Sorbonne, replies to Ewart's request for information about French publications on the hybridisation of the horse and zebra.

Dates: 06 May 1894

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Alfred Russel Wallace, 07 March 1899

Identifier: Coll-14/9/5/16
Scope and Contents Wallace thanks Ewart for sending a copy of his Penycuik Experiments. He considers that Ewart does not emphasise the importance of breeding in telegony tests from pairs of animals of the same colour as well as the same breed. He believes it a shame that he has given so long a list of suggested experiments, as the greater the variety of single experiments, the less their cumulative effect. He gives advice on the procedures he should adopt for the hybridisation of...
Dates: 07 March 1899

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Alice Blanche Balfour, 09 November 1900

Identifier: Coll-14/9/6/33
Scope and Contents

Balfour writes that she is enclosing some pages of a pamphlet relating to the hybridisation of plants and the connections with animal cross-breeding (pamphlet not present). She also mentions hearing that 'Romulus (Ewart's first zebra hybrid foal) has been taken away from you under rather trying circumstances.'

Dates: 09 November 1900

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Alice Blanche Balfour, 21 March 1898

Identifier: Coll-14/9/4/7
Scope and Contents

Balfour writes regarding the possible publication of a German pamphlet by Professor Von Nathusius in the Veterinarian. She now believes she can have it translated by Sir Walter Rothschild at Tring in Hertfordshire. She goes on to discuss the markings of a particular breed of zebra from Zululand, and whether its unusual pattern has any bearing on the history of markings in general.

Dates: 21 March 1898

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Alice Hayes, 04 November 1905

Identifier: Coll-14/9/11/40
Scope and Contents

Hayes writes that the translation Ewart has written to her about should not take long to complete, as most of it has been completed by her late husband. She asks if she should send the book for Ewart to complete. Hayes wonders what to do with her husband's favourite horse and asks Ewart to let her know if anyone would like to have it.

Dates: 04 November 1905

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Alice Hayes, 10 November 1905

Identifier: Coll-14/9/11/41
Scope and Contents Hayes writes that she is glad that Professor Bradley will complete the translation of her husband's work, and that Professor Ridgeway has sent her a copy of his book The Origin and Influence of the Thoroughbred Horse (Cambridge, 1905). She observes that Professor Axe is bringing out a nine volume history of the horse (The Horse : its treatment in health and disease, with a complete guide to breeding, training and management), but that she...
Dates: 10 November 1905

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Arnold Lang, 21 April 1914

Identifier: Coll-14/9/20/6
Scope and Contents

Lang asks for permission to publish some figures from Ewart's work in his own forthcoming volume on heredity and to borrow some of Ewart's papers, including The Penycuik Experiments. He also asks for advice on where to purchase good photographs of equidae-hybrids.

Dates: 21 April 1914

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Arthur J. Balding, April 1906

Identifier: Coll-14/9/12/12
Scope and Contents

Balding provides detailed notes on various points arising in Ewart's book The Penycuik Experiments, based on his own experience of animal breeding. The main points he discusses are: delicacy from inbreeding, science in breeding and reversion and infection in telegony. He also provides some information concerning the provenance of the term 'quagga' and observations on white colouration in breeding.

Dates: April 1906

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Arthur Samuel, 31 January 1902

Identifier: Coll-14/9/8/6
Scope and Contents Samuel is asking for some advice as to whether the offspring of consanguineous relationships are more likely to be mentally and physically impaired than the offspring of unrelated parents. He has in his possession correspondence with the Zoological Society in London (of which he is a Fellow) regarding the practice of inbreeding amongst the animals, while his interests lie more with inbreeding in consanguineous human relationships. He questions whether they are not a violation of nature and...
Dates: 31 January 1902

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from B. Worthington, 07 October 1929

Identifier: Coll-14/9/35/6
Scope and Contents

Worthington asks where he can procure a copy of Ewart's book The Penycuik Experiments.

Dates: 07 October 1929