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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = CW

Found in 102 Collections and/or Records:

Story antitled 'Daoine Sith-Sithichean' about fairies [sithean] and children, 6 May 1874

Identifier: Coll-97/CW108/131
Scope and Contents Story entitled 'Daoine Sith-Sithichean' collected from Iain MacLeod, crofter, Bhaltos [Bhaltos/Valtos, Eilean Leòdhais /Isle of Lewis] in which the fairies have stolen a child and left a changeling in its place. The changeling is left at the boundary between two townships and the fairies then replace it with the real child. Iain MacLeòid [John MacLeod] saw this being done.
Dates: 6 May 1874

Story entitled 'A Bhean Nighe' about a fairy washer-woman, 1891

Identifier: Coll-97/CW108/146
Scope and Contents Story entitled 'A Bhean Nighe' about a washer-woman encountered at Lochan Dubh na Beinne by Iain Bàn Tàillear. He seizes her by her left hand and demands wealth which she grants but asks why he did not ask for children his response to which is to ask for them too but she says no and that he will never have an heir. Everything happens as the washer-woman predicted. He asks what she is washing and she tells him that she is washing the shirts of people who will drown this year in North Tolsta...
Dates: 1891

Story entitled 'A Phiob Shith' about fairy music, 1891

Identifier: Coll-97/CW108/135
Scope and Contents Story entitled 'A Phiob Shith' which tells of lively piping songs which can often be heard coming from fairy hills, one of which is given, beginning 'Am faic thu Nic dhuinn leis a chrodh laoigh'.
Dates: 1891

Story entitled 'An Gruagach'

Identifier: Coll-97/CW90/157
Scope and Contents Story entitled 'An Gruagach' about the appearance of a gruagach [brownie] in Iain Donn's father's house at night. The story notes that the gruagach visited Fiarey [Fiaraidh] where there is a leac gruagach [a large stone with a hollow] onto which milk is spilt, so that the gruagach will look after the cattle through the night, so that they do not get out.
Dates: 1870 to 1872

Story entitled 'An Leanadh Ileach', c1875

Identifier: Coll-97/CW105/27
Scope and Contents Story entitled 'An Leanadh Ileach' [An Leanabh Ìleach] about a precocious child or changeling who became 'An t-ollamh Ileach' that is a doctor probably from the Beaton family.
Dates: c1875

Story entitled 'An Sluagh', September 1872

Identifier: Coll-97/CW90/139
Scope and Contents Story entitled 'An Sluagh' in which two men coming through a cliff at Creag an La'uir [possibly on Barraigh/Isle of Barra] predict trouble from the fairy host. One man is lifted by the fairies into the air, flapping his arms like wings and is dropped into the sea but manages to make it back to shore. When asked by his companion why he went looking for the fairies he says that sometimes he lets them so that he can get somewhere else. Text has been scored through in ink as if transcribed...
Dates: September 1872

Story entitled 'Bhean Shith', 1871

Identifier: Coll-97/CW119/29
Scope and Contents Story entitled 'Bhean Shith' collected from an unnamed informant, telling how a man had courted a fairy but had married a human. His wife became pregnant and when he went to fetch the midwife, he met the fairy woman he had courted. She gave him a belt for his wife but on his way hom he tied the belt around a stone instead and it split in two. he then pulled some mungan [pearlwort] and placed it under his wife's feet and she gave birth to a healthy son and was all right. The text has been scored...
Dates: 1871

Story entitled 'Caileach Ghlinn Dorcha', 29 January 1875

Identifier: Coll-97/CW106/126
Scope and Contents Story entitled 'Caileach Ghlinn Dorcha' probably collected from John MacInnes, aged 70 years, Stadhlaigearraidh/Stilligarry, Uibhist a Deas/South Uist. The story tells how a man met an old woman who called herself 'Cailleach a' Ghlinn Dorcha'. When he asked her how old she was she replied that she was so old she could remember when there nut trees in Bornish [Bornais] and after further conversation she vanished. Carmichael notes that nuts and tree roots are found in Bornish and also that nuts...
Dates: 29 January 1875

Story entitled 'Cu Du Mhic a Phi' and accompanying alternative version, 28 October 1872

Identifier: Coll-97/CW106/97
Scope and Contents Story entitled 'Cu Du Mhic a Phi' [Cù Dubh Mhic a' Phì] collected from Archibald Currie, shoemaker, Àird na Monadh, Uibhist a Deas/South Uist. The story tells of the wife of the shepherd called Mac a' Phì who lives by Loch Ollabhat and is asked to provide cloth by a lady at Loch Olabhat/Loch Olavat and Bailemhanaich/Balivanich both Beinn na Faoghla/Benbecula. She panics that she will not be able to meet the task and summons the fairies to help. Realising that it was probably unwise to enlist...
Dates: 28 October 1872

Story entitled 'Damhsa Sith' about a fairy dance, 1891

Identifier: Coll-97/CW108/134
Scope and Contents Story entitled 'Damhsa Sith' [Dannsa Sith - Fairy Dance] about a man who spots a dance going on inside a fairy hill and goes in to join them. He dances for a year with a cask on his back when he is spotted by a neighbour passing by, who goes in to tell him he has been there a year but the man thinks he has only been there a short time.
Dates: 1891