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Archaeological note relating to a stone found on Beinn na Faoghla/Benbecula, 29 August 1870

Identifier: Coll-97/CW116/108
Scope and Contents Archaeological note relating to a stone found on Beinn na Faoghla/Benbecula by Archibald MacRury, Bailevanaich [Baile Mhanaich/Balivanich] described as being a small stone with a hole and found in the strand at half-tide 'just below tunga' that summer at Ua Oirisy Mianaish an underground cave between Roisnish and Scarigleoid [Uamh Orasaigh Mheanais, Orasaigh, Meanais, Ròisnis/Rossinish and Sgaraileòd]. There is also a sketch of the stone. MacRury also states that he 'Got bra [quern] found at...
Dates: 29 August 1870

Charm for getting fish and shellfish, c1869

Identifier: Coll-97/CW150/73
Scope and Contents

Charm for getting fish and shellfish which reads 'Air sealbh bhairneach said the old man throw[in]g the ord bhair[neach] behind his back. This was the way to get fish and shellfish the next day.'

Dates: c1869

Description of land near the Eala, September 1870

Identifier: Coll-97/CW106/72
Scope and Contents

Description of land near the Eala [Clach na h-Ealaidh, Lios Mòr/Lismore, Earra Ghàidheal/Argyllshire] including the 'gravel walk' between it and the smithy on either side of which is a bog and below it is a circuit of stakes like ploughshares embedded in the ground at regular intervals.

Dates: September 1870

Field notebook belonging to Alexander Carmichael, 2 September 1870 to 7 October 1875

Identifier: Coll-97/CW106
Scope and Contents Field notebook belonging to Alexander Carmichael. Written on the inside front cover is '2/9 1870. Oban' and on the flyleaf is '[deleted: Twas] Friday 2 Sep[tember]. 1870. 12 noon from Ob[an]'. Folios 1-3r and 75r to 117v are blank. The text on folio 3v and 4r and 4v is written updside down and is later text (29 January 1875). The contents are in two distinct sections, the first being material collected on Lios Mòr/Lismore and the second being material collected in South Uist. Much of the...
Dates: 2 September 1870 to 7 October 1875

Instruments used by Brazilian Rubber Collectors, 1870s-1930s

Identifier: Coll-1434/70
Scope and Contents

Illustration of instruments used by Brazilian rubber collectors: a) a 'Machadinha' (small axe) for tapping; b) collecting cup; c) collecting vessel intowhich contents of cups are poured; e) saucer by means of which latex is poured over paddle f during smoking process. The paddle f (to the left) is shown covered with a layer of rubber.

Dates: 1870s-1930s

Note about archaeological finds at Iocar a chlachain, September 1870

Identifier: Coll-97/CW106/73
Scope and Contents

Note stating that skewers or dealga fionntrain and stone needles were among the many archaeological finds uncovered while digging drains at Iocar a chlachain [Ìochdar a' Chlachain, Lios Mòr/Lismore, Earra Ghàidheal/Argyllshire].

Dates: September 1870

Note containing vocabulary for 'foireich' [upper side of a quern], 1884

Identifier: Coll-97/CW120/270
Scope and Contents

Note which reads 'Foirich [scored out] Foireich = Upper side of a quern Mairi niean Alastair Ruai [supra: snuff] bra now'.

Dates: 1884

Note entitled 'Coithean or Cuman', 1894

Identifier: Coll-97/CW1/50
Scope and Contents Note by John Ewen MacRury, Beinn na Faoghla/Benbecula entitled 'Coithean or Cuman' about making pails for milking. The size of the 'bleoghean' varied according to the number of cattle to be milked in the fold. 'There were twelve staves in it a black and white in succession and the twelveth (sic) was five or six inches higher and thicker at the top. It was the handle.' If the staves of a 'Coithean' showed their original colour then the milkmaid was deemed 'clean and tidy and qualified to make...
Dates: 1894

Notes about Gill odhar, September 1870

Identifier: Coll-97/CW106/69
Scope and Contents

Notes probably collected from John Black, aged eighty-six, Killean, Lios Mòr/Lismore, Earra Ghàidheal/Argyllshire about Gill odhar [Clach Gille Odhar] that it was the only place where there was an echo but that it was now broken. He also describes metal archaeological finds he found while making a drain at Aoine Port an Daimh in Achadun.

Dates: September 1870

Notes on tools, crops and cattle, 28 May 1869 and 16 June 1869

Identifier: Coll-97/CW150/63
Scope and Contents Notes on tools, crops and cattle including that Carmichael had got an 'ord bhairneach' from Aonas Mac Phi [Angus MacPhee or MacPhie] Càrnan/Carnan, Uibhist a Deas/South Uist which he had found among old ruins; that froisgeir was found out from Aird a vachair [Àird a' Mhachair/Ardivachar]; that Duncan MacLellan's wife['s] great, great grandfather used to distribute froisgeir and welks with a peck and that brisgeir used to be taken up 'most carefully' and how cattle were [driven to bogs and...
Dates: 28 May 1869 and 16 June 1869