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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = CW

Found in 6 Collections and/or Records:

Note about Iseabeal ni Raoil [MacDonald], 1892

Identifier: Coll-97/CW126f/16
Scope and Contents

Note about Iseabeal ni Raoil [Isabel Ross née MacDonald], daughter of Ranald MacDonald who was reported to be well over one hundred years old with 'all her faculties' when she died in 1866. She died in Archibald Morrison's house at Snaoisval [Sniseabhal/Snishival, Uibhist a Deas/South Uist]. It also notes that she [worked with] Flora MacDonald when she returned from America. Text has been scored through as if transcribed elsewhere.

Dates: 1892

Note entitled 'Nine, Naodh', 14 January 1895

Identifier: Coll-97/CW1/71
Scope and Contents

Note written down by John Ewen MacRury, Beinn na Faoghla/Benbecula entitled 'Nine, Naodh' describing how the fairies are said to be 'nine nines of years sucking the breast' and the same number of years each at boyhood, young hood, middle manhood, old manhood and at 'the bre[a]st of death "ri uchd bais"'.

Dates: 14 January 1895

Saying entitled 'Fairies', 1895

Identifier: Coll-97/CW1/72
Scope and Contents

Saying entitled 'Fairies' beginning 'Naogh naoghanan a deol nan cioch'. The saying attributes nine nines of years [eighty one years] to each stage of life. Carmichael sums up that the lifespan for fairies would be 567 years. Text was written in ink and scored through in pencil as if transcribed elsewhere.

Dates: 1895

Song entitled 'Laoidh Na h Inghinne' and accompanying note, 22 October 1864 and 10 April 1866

Identifier: Coll-97/CW112/58
Scope and Contents Song entitled 'Laoidh Na h Inghinne' collected from Alasdair Donullach [Alexander MacDonald], Port-righ [Port Rìgh/Portree, An t-Eilean Sgitheanach/Isle of Skye] beginning 'La dhomh romh 'm Fheinn a muigh, 'S mi na m' shuidhe air Tulach-coire-ciar'. The song is composed of twenty-four lines. The text has been written across transversely with a note from the Inverness Courier of 19 March 1866 stating that four of the oldest inhabitants of Portree had passed away in the course of a month, to...
Dates: 22 October 1864 and 10 April 1866

Story about an old seal on Haisgeir [Heisker] and accompanying vocabulary note, c1875

Identifier: Coll-97/CW112/43
Scope and Contents Story about an old seal on Haisgeir [Theisgeir/Heisker/Monach Isles] collected from Doul Donnullach [Donald MacDonald], tailor, aged 75 years at Cladach-Chircebost, Uist a Chinne Tuath [Cladach Chirceboist/Claddach Kirkibost, Uibhist a Tuath/North Uist] on 6 July 1866. Donald went hunting on Heisker every year for seven years and his father had been every year for thirty years before that. There was one seal which was seen every yearfor forty years on Staca Mhic Iain Mhaoil and was never...
Dates: c1875

Story relating to George Munro, John Munro, Hugh MacEachen and Father Ranald MacEachen and accompanying poem, 1892

Identifier: Coll-97/CW126f/22
Scope and Contents Story relating to George Munro, John Munro, Hugh MacEachen and Father Ranald MacEachen. The story tells how George Munro lived until he was ninety-one years old and was the son of John Munro, minister of Duirinish, Skye [Diùirinis, An t-Eilean Sgitheanach/Isle of Skye]. Once when Clanranald was on the Isle of Skye, he asked John Munro what favour he could do him and the reply was to give Uibhist a Deas/South Uist to his son George. On another occasion George 'showed kindness' to Father...
Dates: 1892