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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = TD

Found in 4 Collections and/or Records:

22.28 Female, Single, 14 yrs and under, High grade mental defective, November 1945

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S2/17/1/21
Scope and Contents

'This child is a Mongol. she also has a deformed hand. Nurse thinks there were some previous miscarriages. Mother about 40, father, tractor driver, very decent, very steady. Decent, clean people, harmonious, not overcrowded.'

Dates: Other: November 1945

35.65 Female, Married, 35-44 yrs, Anxiety neurosis, May 1947

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S2/17/1/34
Scope and Contents "Diagnosis: Anxiety with neurasthenic features. "This patient has a history of lassitude, headaches, insomnia, restlessness and weakness in her throat which dates from a gynaecological operation. She had a miscarriage at 6 months and she and her husband were considerably upset because the child was a boy". Dr confirms - OK while things are going well but has had some hard knocks - developed queer ideas, stayed indoors etc. PC says she has a little girl, spoilt, bad tempered, a horrid child....
Dates: Other: May 1947

Female resident, married, corporation tenant, female interviewer, 11 September 1962

Identifier: EUA IN1/ACU/S3/4/3/5
Scope and Contents

INTVEE tells of a recent miscarriage suffered by a neighbour and how all have pitched in to look after the children and do the washing. Discussion about how it would be wrong to try and bring about a miscarriage. Discussion how they are always joking about sex but one neighbour takes it too far. INTVER observes amount of gossip that goes on between neighbours about each other. INTVEE glad of company while she was knitting as she gets lonely and it bothers her more than it used to.

Dates: Other: 11 September 1962