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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Created For = TD

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American Trotter, "Rustic Beauty", 1870s-1930s

Identifier: Coll-1434/2247
Scope and Contents Photograph of the American Trotter horse, "Rustic Beauty" harnessed to a sulky and standing in front of a brick building in the early 20th century. The horse set a record of running 10 miles in 27 minutes, 52 1/2 seconds in 1900 and was owned by T Smallwood of Manchester.
Dates: 1870s-1930s

First Prize Tandem Team - "Teuf-Teuf" and "Puff-Puff", 1870s-1930s

Identifier: Coll-1434/389
Scope and Contents Photograph of the first prize tandem team - "Teuf-Teuf" and "Puff-Puff" who were the property of James Hamilton, Aldersyde, Uddingston, N.B. This tandem team won first prize in the under 14.2 and in the double-harness at the Royal Dublin Horse Show in 1902.
Dates: 1870s-1930s

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Carl Hagenbeck, 06 March 1903

Identifier: Coll-14/9/9/30
Scope and Contents Hagenbeck states that he would like to buy some more of Ewart's zebra hybrids to get them in harness. He offers to exchange his Korea stallion for Ewart's two Shetland stallions, and asks how many mares he thinks a good zebra stallion could cover in a year. He also asks Ewart to recommend him some people who wish to buy zebras for breeding purposes and asks if Ewart could let him have 'Romulus' and the sister of an Exmoor hybrid, born 1901, in exchange for some of his zebras. He comments that...
Dates: 06 March 1903

Letter to James Cossar Ewart from Carl Hagenbeck, 08 April 1903

Identifier: Coll-14/9/9/41
Scope and Contents Hagenbeck mentions the zebras he has in exchange for 'Romulus' or the Exmoor hybrid and states that he is surprised to find that some people at the London Zoo consider the Przewalski's horse to be a mule. He states that he has sold 'Matopo' to Arthur Yates, refers to the Kiang pony and Korea stallion which he is trying to sell and writes of his anticipated delivery of East African zebras which he will train to harness.
Dates: 08 April 1903

Police Ambulance Inspanned, 1870s-1930s

Identifier: Coll-1434/989
Scope and Contents Photograph of a police ambulance inspanned [harnessed] to six [horses?] in the grasslands of South Africa in the early 20th century.
Dates: 1870s-1930s