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Edinburgh -- Scotland

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

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26 (37), Thomson to Ledermann, 8 Oct 1937

Identifier: Coll-1064/24
Scope and Contents

Postcard acknowledging Ledermann's letter regarding Bartlett's estimates, which Thomson doubts have the minimum standard error. He discusses the error variances of the regression estimates, referring to a numerical example he has sent.

Dates: 8 Oct 1937

27 (37), Thomson to Ledermann, 16 Oct 1937

Identifier: Coll-1064/25
Scope and Contents

Thomson asks Ledermann for his opinion on Thomson first draft of his section of their multivariate paper. He asks for Ledermann's advice on a few areas in particular, listing them and any potential problems he thinks may arise.

Dates: 16 Oct 1937

28 (37), Thomson to Ledermann, 25 Oct 1937

Identifier: Coll-1064/27
Scope and Contents

Thomson outlines his interpretation of Bartlett's work, referring to a letter he sent Bartlett the previous day, for Ledermann's consideration.

Dates: 25 Oct 1937

29 (37), Thomson to Ledermann, 5 Nov 1937-7 Nov 1937

Identifier: Coll-1064/28
Scope and Contents In his letter, dated 5 Nov 1937 and numbered 29 (37) Thomson discusses two papers on boundary conditions he and Ledermann contributed to Psychometrika in relation to orthogonal and oblique factors. He refers to the work of Holzinger and Harman in their article from the Journal of Educational Psychology, specifically in relation to their analysis of a...
Dates: 5 Nov 1937-7 Nov 1937

30 (37), Thomson to Ledermann, 8 Nov 1937- 12 Nov 1937

Identifier: Coll-1064/29
Scope and Contents Contains a letter from Thomson, dated 8 Nov 1937 and numbered 30 (37) in which he asks Ledermann to post an enclosed letter to Dr Horst if he thinks it correct; the enclosed letter to Dr Horst, dated 8 Nov 1937 and numbered 30a (37); and a further letter from Thomson to Ledermann, dated 12 Nov 1937 and numbered 30b (37) which asks him to obtain details of translations of Pliny’s letters held at Edinburgh University...
Dates: 8 Nov 1937- 12 Nov 1937

31 (37), Thomson to Ledermann, 14 Nov 1937

Identifier: Coll-1064/30
Scope and Contents

Thomson thanks Ledermann for his letter regarding minimum trace and minimum Thorstone [sic] rank which showed they do not always occur together, but Thomson argues that they usually do.

He discusses matrices, referring to the work of Heywood, Spearman, and Thurstone; as well as an article that he would like to write.

Dates: 14 Nov 1937

37 (38), Thomson to Ledermann, 6 Sept 1938

Identifier: Coll-1064/71
Scope and Contents In the first letter, dated 6 Sept 1938 and numbered 37 (38), Thomson informs Ledermann of his plans for the next few weeks, which include going to London and to a Carnegie conference in Dinard. He reassures him that he will have an advocate in the Faculty of Science in Edmund Whittaker, and tells him he hopes the decision of the Senate with regards to his DSc will be a positive one. Thomson also asks Ledermann to send his Note on Sampling...
Dates: 6 Sept 1938

38 (38), Thomson to Ledermann, 22 Oct 1938

Identifier: Coll-1064/73
Scope and Contents Thomson expresses his disappointment over the decision of the Faculty of Science not allowing Ledermann to submit his DSc. He encourages him to speak to staff at St Andrews and make a formal application, and tells him he will speak to both Edinburgh University and St Andrews University if this is unsuccessful. Thomson comments that C Spearman has written an Anti-Thomson article in the British Journal of Psychology, and tells him...
Dates: 22 Oct 1938

39 (38), Thomson to Ledermann, 31 Oct 1938

Identifier: Coll-1064/74
Scope and Contents

Thomson informs Ledermann that Ledermann's two articles, The Orthogonal Transformation of a Factorial Matrix into Itself and On a Shortened Method of Estimation of Mental Factors by Regression have been accepted for publication in Psychometrika.

Dates: 31 Oct 1938

40 (38), Thomson to Ledermann, 25 Nov 1938

Identifier: Coll-1064/75
Scope and Contents

Thomson asks Ledermann if he will look at Burt's article, The Unit Hierarchy and its Properties, and give his opinion. He also refers to the work of Ledyard R Tucker, and Aitken. He informs Ledermann that he will hopefully have the services of Lawley as Ledermann's replacement.

Thomson and asks Ledermann if his family are OK, telling him they are in his thoughts.

Dates: 25 Nov 1938